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Ponder on This

Ponder on This - paper

Throughout the books of Alice Bailey we frequently come across arresting suggestions and ideas. Many of these are brought together in this book. Arranged in alphabetical subject order they form an ideal introduction to the books as a whole. Topics include: The Ancient Mysteries; Courage; Crisis; Guidance; Joy; Mind; The New Age; Visualisation.

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Some Basic Assumptions, Food for Thought, Abstruse Teachings, Age of Disciples, Agni, Alignement, The Ancient Mysteries, Antahkarana, Aspirant, The Astral (Emotional) Body, Astral Phenomena, Astral Plane, Astrology, Aura, Breathing Exercises, The Buddha, The Causal Body,Centres (Force), A Challenge, The Christ, The Christ: Reappearance of , Colour, Consciousness, The Constitution of Man, Courage, Cremation, Crime, Crisis, Criticism, Cycles (Cyclic Impulses),The Dark Forces, Death, Death: The Art of Dying, Death: Restitution, Death: Sequence of Events,Detachment, Devachan, Devas, Diet, Disciples: Acceptance of, Disciples, Discipline: Physical, The Dweller on the Threshold, East and West, Education, The Ego (Soul), Electricity, Elementals, Elimination (After Death), Energy and Force, Energy in the Universe, Esotericism, Etheric Body (Vital Body), Failure, Fear, The Fifth Kingdom (The Kingdom of God), The Four Freedoms, Free Will, To Give, Glamour, Glands, God, Goodwill and Will-to-Good, The Great Invocation, Group Relationships, Guidance, Harmlessness, Healing, Health and Disease, Hell, The Hierarchy, The Hierarchy: Externalisation of , Horoscope, Humanity, Human Races, Humility, Hylozoism, Ideas and Ideals, Identity, Illumination, Illusion, Immortality, Impersonality, Incarnation, Incarnation: Intervals Between, Indifference, Initiation, Initiation: Applicants for First Initiation-Second Initiation- Third Initiation- Fourth Initiation, Inner Training, Inoculations, Inspirational Writing, Intuition, Joy, Karma, Knowledge, Law, Law of Loving Understanding, Leadership, Light, Limitation of Words, Lost Souls, Love, Magic: White and Black, Man as Creator and Builder, Masters, The Master Djwhal Khul, Maya, Medical Science, Medicine: Mineral Drugs, Meditation, Mind (Manas), Money, The Moon, Motive, Nature of Man, The New Age, The New Generation, The New Group of World Servers, New Teachings, The New World Religion, Obedience, Occult Blindness, Occultists and Mystics, The Old Commentary, Overpopulation, Pain, The Personality, The Physical Body, The Pilgrim, The Plan, The Planets, Prana, The Probationary Path, Prophecies, Psychic Powers, Rays, Recognition, Reincarnation, Relinquishing, Revelation, Ring-Pass-Not, Sanat Kumara, The Sannyasin, Schools of Occultism, Schools of Thought, Sense of Humour, Sensitivity, Serenity, Servers and Service, The Sex Problem, Shamballa, Sight, Solitude, The Soul, Sound, Space, Speech, Spirit, Spiritual Evolution of Man, Spiritual Man, Spiritualism, Stage, Reached on Evolutionary Ladder, Symbols, Synthesis, Teaching, Telepathy, The Third Eye, Thought-Forms, Thought-Form Building: Rules, Thought Power, Time, Triangles of Light, Truth, Virtue, Visualisation, War, The Wesak Festival, Wisdom, Words of Power, Worry and Irritation, Zodiac. Conclusion