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An exploration into the inner world of the soul, of self-knowledge, of the energies of divine Light and Love, of life and death, of consciousness and meditation, of achieving goals and finding life’s inner meaning. Host Robert Anderson and Sarah and Dale McKechnie of Lucis Trust discuss spiritual and metaphysical topics essential for everyday life on Inner Sight.

Listen to 30-minute discussions of many aspects of the Ageless Wisdom.

Status of Inner Sight radio broadcast

Many of you have written or phoned to ask why Inner Sight is no longer on WOR.

Inner Sight broadcast schedule

Inner Sight radio programs are now playing over the web via BlogTalkRadio.

Inner Sight on YouTube

A selection of Inner Sight radio programs is available on YouTube

Programs Related to World Goodwill

“Inner Sight” radio programs related to the work of World Goodwill:

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