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Articles sur les Champs de Service

Les articles ci-dessous sont des expressions de collaborateurs, dont les efforts visent à réaliser les objectifs énoncés par le Maître Tibétain, comme décrit dans l'Introduction de la présente section.

Le service commence là où nous sommes, et la formation d'une unité de service est un processus organique. Quand une personne est inspirée par la vision d'un service désintéressé pour le Tout, alors le germe d'une unité de service prend racine.

Wesak 2015 in Athens, Greece

A co-worker describes her experiences in holding a Wesak meeting in Athens, Greece.

Ageless wisdom video with Czech captions

A Czech co-worker has transcribed into Czech the English audio from a 13 minute YouTube video containing some of the Ageless Wisdom teachings from the works of Alice Bailey.

Adelaide Unit of Service Discussion Group

Adelaide Unit of Service holds Full and New Moon Meditation meetings, and a Study Group on relevant spiritual themes.

Triangles Information Evening in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide Unit of Service in Australia plans to hold an informal Triangles Information Evening on February 11, 2013 to introduce people of goodwill to the work of Triangles.

A spiritual initiative in Mexico

The "Psicoactiva" Unit of Service from Tecamac, México, aligned with the work done at the Arcane School Conference and Wesak Festival with a 3 day event on May 4th, 5th and 6th 2012.

A Presentation on Triangles in Australia

In February, 2012 a presentation on Triangles was given by a co-worker in the Adelaide Unit of Service in Australia to highlight the importance of the work.

Distributing the Mantram of Unification (Cameroon)

A co-worker in Cameroon was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the unification of Cameroon (1 October 2011) to print and distribute the Mantram of Unification card in his country.

Une initiative de bonne volonté en Afrique

Nous ne vous demandons pas de laisser votre religion, votre emploi, votre maison ou votre pays, mais nous vous demandons de franchir les frontières de la séparation, de nous tendre la main à travers l'Afrique, du Nord au Sud, d'Est en Ouest, de respecter et honorer l'esprit humain, de créer une atmosphère et une attitude de bonne volonté afin de nous acheminer tous vers un monde meilleur.

Cooperation with the Symposium work

A group which recently formed in Colombia held a meeting in cooperation with the 2010 Symposium theme, The Spirit of Money and the Divine Circulatory Flow.

Story of the Development of a Full Moon Meditation Group

Service through full moon meditation is a selfless esoteric service that is direly needed.

World Invocation Day And Full Moon Work

This work has been a natural part of my life for many years. When I first entered the Arcane School I did so through a unit of service.

Sounding a note of goodwill at a conference in Australia on cultures and religions

The paper I presented seemed to be received in good tone. World Goodwill/Triangle pamphlets and the Triangle postcard was made available at that time, and I notice people picking them up at the conclusion of the talk.

The Challenge of Starting a Meditation Group

Holding the Full Moon meditation at my flat seems to be progressing well. I have two people attending on a regular basis ....

A Creative Way to Distribute the Great Invocation

Using the opportunity of the World Cup in South Africa, a co-worker distributed the Great Invocation via Facebook...

The Great Invocation slide show

A co-worker in Australia has created a Powerpoint presentation - a slide show - of the Great Invocation, which includes beautiful images of the natural world and of the cosmos. The slide show lasts for about 3 minutes. Sound is available if it is played in Powerpoint 2007.

Greek goodwill unit of service initiative in support of the G20 Summit

In support of the Cycle of Conferences initiative which put a focus on the recent G20 summit held in London in early April 2009, a number of local goodwill units of service organized a workshop at a central hotel in the city of Athens...

World Invocation Day Vigil

Every year, since 1952, people in all parts of the world have celebrated World Invocation Day on the day of the Gemini full moon. It is a global day of prayer and meditation when people of different spiritual paths join in a universal appeal to divinity, using the Great Invocation.

Bolivia Unit of Service

Grande Invocation Banner en espagnol

Creates Banner for the Great Invocation