Juan Carlos Garcia's music THE LABOURS OF HERCULES

a symphonic-electronic suite of pieces specially composed by Juan Carlos Garcia for the "In the Tracks of Hercules" event.

Juan Carlos Garcia is a Spanish writer, composer, musician, computer technician and graphic designer. His metaphysical books are to be found in many libraries around the world including Caracas Venezuela, Oxford England, United Nations New York, Theosophical Society Library, Adyar India.  Juan Carlos is a studious investigator of the Great Religions and Philosophies and has worked as a guide of metaphysical iconology of Art in centres and museums around the world.

Juan Carlos has created many CDís of music and a compilation album entitled Musica Sagrada has been broadcast internationally on the radio. Travelling extensively he gives lectures and seminars about Metaphysics and symphonic-electronic Music. In 2005 The Bridge to Freedom in Venezuela (I.N.E.C.) requested music for the Temple of Pallas Athenea which was premiered simultaneoulsy in Caracas and in the Acropolis of Athens.

Juan Carlos has travelled recently to Greece where he was inspired to create the musical suite The Labours of Hercules for the "In the tracks of Hercules" event.


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