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Hercules’ Evolution – The Return to the Sacred

Ekene Atusiubah

This poem is a love story between my muse and I, (mother and son) here the United Nations represents my mother. It's about my search for my own purpose which I finally find in the purpose of the Lucis Trust. It's about the pains that I experience while trying to satisfy my basest desires, and the final triumph into light.

... Home sickness

     my present pain

how ill I have become

how home sick

itching for your sea-blue smiles

I remember the silky texture of your flaming white cloak

I thirst now for your fresh milk dear Mother.

I see you now in my inner eye, peeling melon seeds, boiling yams, chopping

vegetables, slicing meats, mixing spices, painting the moon

Your ancient pot and flames; great in my eyes

How you take your time, preparing tomorrow's meal

to feed hungry souls, to teach, to inspire, to restore, to separate wheat from

chaff, to seek and gather your children to oneness.

I remember the smell of our kitchen

the light of your full moon

the restoration of enlightenment.

I remember deep truths you sowed into my fertile soil

I remember this timeless shrine, where

brotherhood, sharing, illumination, peace, meditation, service and goodwill

were as seven candles

I remember sacred texts you gave me, of the great invocation that guards

our future

I remember ... yes I do oh thou greatest muse

I remember this ever-fertile garden of light

where you showed me how to pour consecrated waters, freely ... abundantly

I remember these overwhelming scents of our flowers and plants, of roses

and lotuses that we tended

I remember the sound of your awesome light, of sublime rhythms from your

nine stringed harp

and may the hierarchy be my witness.

Years and years have gone, and many, to this purpose, have returned

I remember with pain that dark day, when I left this pyramid

when I thought I'd grown

when I wanted to say good-bye to my big sister Alice.

I wanted to explore dear Mother

to know the world and the wild, to drink of Earth's red wine

to indulge wanton passions

to caress the nine strings of my own harp

to seek my fortune, to go beyond your eye, flames and harmony

to seek apples beyond your garden

to not be in your care

you let me go, to learn all my lessons, hurting like any mother would

you sent your Morning star to be my guide

Oh thou celestial light of new warriors

you said I should walk the way of the ancient, my eyes to the east

you told me great mother, to remember the gates of Hercules, to tread

carefully to liberation

to caress patience, to know thrift, to practice divine will, to be

strong, loyal to true plans and purposes, to know the flames of silence, to

walk were the Master leads

To remember Gaia, and my cousin Karma

to leave the mire of Maya


I left like Hercules I jouneyed forth

Oh Shamballa... I journeyed forth like Hercules

Travelling twelve mystery gates, through heat, light and fire

Oh Mother...

the journey was prolonged, and the tasks and trials were as thorns in my crown

Pain smiled inside my bones, my cross weighed like Earth's flesh

Hunger was my friend, darkness and loneliness did bring forth their gifts

How I thirsted like lions in drought

Scratching Earth, seeking water, honey and milk

I found me the pains and gains

But I felt lost, homesick, soul sick

lost without your flames

lost without your divine soup and milk

lost without your mind and plan

lost without your magic and legend

I return now dear Mother

I return to you oh thou Celestial virgin

Back to our kitchen and altar

back to our full-moon rituals

back to sacred secrets of Mother and son

back to serve the purpose of the Ancient

Back to your many breasts, dripping with the milk of beauty in oneness

back to these lotuses, roses and lilies

back to my big sister Alice

back to these ancient curators of oneness

back to my Master's Ashram, holding high the torch and sword

back to this pyramid of the sun

back to this cauldron on three stones

where you craft and cook the meals of brotherhood, sharing and illumination

to the Nations

We return again, one eyed, to oneness, in this Aquarian age of Hercules

Hercules Evolution

... the return of the sacred ... to the sacred



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