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Divine Disciple


Nancy M Davison


Divine Disciple - master of your fate,

enlighten darkness with your rainbow bridge.


No blueprint of your journey yet exists -

you build, destroy, re-form and reconstruct.


The Entity of Space supports your fragile path,

sends out a rhythmic thrill across its tenuous strands,

while lifetimes pass by in a reverie of work.


The invocation of your task resounds

throughout the vast, organic reaches

of the Life who is your Goal -

and in response, the cold, clear fire of Soul

rekindles and maintains the faith

that keeps your feet upon the Self-made path.


Then, suddenly - it seems -

though after aeons of immeasurable time -

the silent Voice, from deep within that fire,

is heard in glorous hues, pours forth Its power

and lo, the bridge is done, the web complete.


You - Weaver, Traveler,

Initiate into radiant perfection -

are now at one with Light,

each cell transfigured,

streaming Life into the darkest night.

You've reached your goal....


...but no - for there, across uncharted reaches of the One,

you sense another shore,

another aspect of that Life to seek and to explore.

And on a higher spiral then,

the work of weaving toward a greater light begins.




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