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The Labours  of Hercules



Andrew Nellist


Born in a manger, Jesus allowed

The life and love of universal light

To enter our dark world, as Hercules

Diverted the course of two rivers

To cleanse the dark stables of Augeas.

This is the muck of millennia,

The selfishness and hate, the pride

And separation, connivings of fate,

The squalor of centuries, the cause

Of our condition and discontent.

In spite of Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster,

The prophets, Christ and Mohammed,

We worked our disruption in the world,

Filled the vessel of compassion with filth.

Heroes today should strive and work together

To make this fractured world whole,

Allowing the frightened and hungry,

The bewildered and battered, the oppressed

To find strength and sustenance from the cup

Of the water-carrier. The last supper

Of millions has been made by betrayal

Or indifference. Different tribes

Have varying habits, but breathe

The same air, bleed the same blood.

As guru and avatar, as the prophet,

As the compassionate Maitreya,

Christ works for past, present and future,

Cleaning our stables with water

Of universal understanding,

That all may eat from the manger

And grow in light. Now let all disciples

Pour this energy throughout the world

Of finger, feather, frond and earth.




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