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The Labours  of Hercules



Andrew Nellist


Hercules was assigned one more labour,

To travel to the land of illusion, Erytheia,

And rescue the dark-red cattle from Geryon,

The three-headed monster, and their guard

Eurytion with his two-headed dog.

After time spent in prayer to the sun,

He was guided safely across the sea

And, after overcoming the guard and his dog,

Reclaimed the herd, then slew the monster

With one arrow through all three bodies.

Righting many wrongs upon his homeward way,

He found his place in legend and the stars.

Still the stars shine down upon a world

Of monsters and heroes, the herculean

Task of working in the world goes on,

Labours of rescue and salvation lie ahead.

If we choose to work with the universal sun

Which flows through every human heart,

The Son can walk with us again and we

Will live and serve within a greater light.

We meet monsters and problems many times,

But with changed and unfamiliar faces.

Not long ago we stepped behind Hercules

In the dust of Greece, drew near the feet

Of Christ upon the cross, following after

The lead and light of the risen master.

Now Hercules watches from the stars

As we set about the tasks assigned to us.

On a headland, overlooking the sea,

Ages ago, these words upon the wind

Came close in confirmation;

Do not be afraid, for I am with you.

Heal the hurting land for all life and men.

Work with the soul which guides you on.

One day I will walk with you again.




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