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Serving Humanity

Serving Humanity - paper

Service can be briefly described as the spontaneous effect of soul contact. This contact is so definite and fixed that the life of the soul can pour through into the instrument – the personality – which the soul must perforce use upon the physical plane. This book contains a comprehensive collection of quotations to stimulate thought and increase our understanding of service and its vital importance at the present time.

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The True Server, A Challenge, A call To Service, The Inertia of the Average Spiritually-minded man, The Law of Service, The Need for Servers, What is Service, The Urge to Serve, Characteristics of the Server, Learning to Serve, Serving Humanity, Divine Inspiration, Forces of Enlightenment, Mystical Perception, Preparing for the Reappearance of the Christ, Overshadowing by the Avatar, The Plan for Human Evolution, Humanity, Human Relationships, Control of Speech, Criticism, The Service Rendered to Humanity, Energy, Telepathy, Impression, Occult Blindness, Revelation, Illumination, The Intuition, Soul Awareness, Meditation, Discipleship, Requirements needed by Aspirants, What is a Disciple, Status of Disciples, Requirements of the Disciple, Equipping for Service, Control of the Mind, Purification of the Vehicles of Service, Care of the Physical Body, Diet, The Power to Heal, Healing Work, The Evolving Form, The Life Span, Death, The Unfolding Disciple, Choice of Path, Right Decision, The Probationary Path, The Treading of the Way, The Immediate Goal for Disciples, Working under existing conditions, Standing Alone, Loneliness, Accepted Disciple, Sonship to the Master, Masters and Disciples, Occult Obedience, Free Will, Freedom, Age of the Disciple, The Sannyasin, Old Age and service, The New Group of World Servers, The Serving Hierarchy, Externalisation of the Hierarchy, A Master’s Ashram, Disciples preparing for the New Age, Service as Approach to the Great Ones, Channels for Service, Light Bearers, The Joy of Service, The Life of Service, Dangers in the Life of Service, Service to Individuals, Motives for Service, Loving Service, Selfless Service, Scope of Service, Money in Service, Creative Service, Limitations, Irritation, Points of Tension, Points of Crisis, Losing Time for Service, Master of Time, The Future, The Law of Rebirth, Factors Governing Incarnations for Service, Incarnating Souls affecting Civilisation, Karma, Knowledge, Responsibility, Sacrifice, Pain and Suffering, Glamour and Illusion, Success, Failure, Recognition, Relaxation and Recreation, Consciousness, Training, Teaching, Transmission of Teachings, Esoteric Studies, Education, Group Aspects, Initiation, Dark Forces, The White Magician, Mantrams, The pilgrim, An Esoteric Catechism, Some Words of Cheer, Conclusion.