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July—September 2015

The Changing Sense of Self — Editorial
Any spiritual exploration of the Self must therefore, at some stage, involve an opening of the heart and the expression of its essential nature. Two articles – “The Passage of the Heart” and “Experiments and Experience in Transmutation and Radiation” – focus on this with testimonies of the qualities of the heart in relation to personal crisis, pain and detachment.

April—June 2015

Displaying LivingnessEditorial
This issue of the Beacon contains articles which express this theme of resurrection in a variety of ways: the Levity which Easter brings; reflections on the nature of synthesis; a practical expression of the Will in a military forerunner; a scientific look at the dying process; and a creative approach to the problem of fear.

January—March 2015

Exploration, Linking the Past to the Future. Editorial

. .the current Rosetta may bring us important clues and new understandings about the origin of our planet and solar system, and in particular about the origin of life here on earth. The whole project provides us with a vision of hope and accomplishment amid the many conflicts and problems of our times.

October—December 2014

Right Forgetting – Editorial

Against a backdrop of renewed violence and conflict, this year’s centennial anniversary of the outbreak of the Frist World War is being observed and its call for remembrance may seem to go against the spiritual injunction: “Forgetting the things which lie behind, we will strive towards our higher spiritual possibilities.” However, right forgetting is a crucial stage on the spiritual path in terms of our ability to forego everything we have known and it empowers us to eliminate all those forces that veil the real self.

July—September 2014

Editorial – Symbols of Meaning

SYMBOLS ARE OMNIPRESENT, for they are a main ingredient of the world of form. They both veil and reveal meaning and significance.

April—June 2014

Revealing Light — Editorial

It has frequently been noted that the theme of light and revelation underlies all human aspiration and progress.This is of particular relevance now, at the high spiritual point of the year, when the ability of humanity to reach up, touch, and embody the descending spiritual energies can result in light and life in greater abundance than at other times.

January—March 2014

THE START OF A NEW YEAR always brings the possibility of renewed hope, of taking charge

again and leaving the past behind.

October—December 2013

Editorial ‑‑ The Emerging Plan
The battle for the soul of humanity is being waged as a new civilisation struggles to emerge – a struggle which will continue while the personality relinquishes those attachments which imprison the soul. It is this liberation which is changing our understanding of what it means to be civilised.

July—September 2013

EditorialDiscovering Spiritual Structure
Now in the twenty-first century, the outlines of this new world, this new humanity, are still unclear to many. Although there is so much promise and ground breaking thinking in all departments of life, we still have to redeem planetary hotspots of tragic civil war, acts of terror and the grotesque antics of rogue states. The longing for a world of right human relationships and the hope—indeed determination—of so many that we should materialize this vision is paralleled by an all too prevalent despair for the future.

April—June 2013

Joy & Achievement — Editorial
The time of the three major spiritual festivals brings renewed hope, resurrection into new life and vision at this crisis point of human civilization. Amidst the death throes of outmoded ideas and ways of living, it is the necessary destruction and disorder that is painfully stark and uppermost in the mind of humanity, Yet in contrast to this, we also recognise the spiritual reality of an unprecedented opportunity for building anew.

January—March 2013

A Time for Sharing — Editorial
The outer world today is a perfect representation or symbol of the collective body, heart and mind of humanity. The dross which is rising to the surface for resolution is leading many to search for a deeper meaning and purpose beyond the strictly material life.

October—December 2012

Service Through Being — Editorial

Service is one of those words we think we know, until we realise we don’t! Of course, the commonly understood definitions of service still hold good, on their level, but the service of the soul is of a different realm altogether. Not realizing this fundamental difference causes many aspirants to flounder and cast about for a way to serve, often leading to a misapplication of time and energy.

July—September 2012

On the Virtue of Persistence — Editorial
In terms of the spiritual impact of the inpouring energies, many seekers seem unable to summon the focus necessary to sustain an in-depth approach to the spiritual Path. The many diverse opportunities for development, which manifest as a kind of spiritual cornucopia, capture aspirants’ attention for a moment, until the next option appears and beckons their investigation. In such an atmosphere, the necessary persistence suffers.

April—June 2012

The Growth of the "Group Idea" — Editorial
If we find ourselves becoming discouraged at human progress, or perhaps questioning whether human evolution is progressing as rapidly as we might hope, it is helpful to remember that the existence of this subjective network known as the new group of world servers was not notable until 1933. Before then, there had been outstanding individuals here and there who served and contributed to human progress, but no real groups dedicated to the liberation of humanity existed.

January—March 2012

The Creative Power of Cycles — Editorial

The ebb and flow of cycles, which was innately understood by the ancient Mayans, is a directing power with which all disciples must learn to work. It governs not only the expenditure of physical-etheric force but also of mental energy, and operates according to laws quite different than those that seem to dominate the present times of "hyper-communication" and time increments measured in "nano-seconds".


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