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Concetti chiave

Valori da vivere Oggi

Il destino degli uomini e delle nazioni è determinato dai valori che governano le loro decisioni.

Human Rights and Right Human Relations

The great keynote of freedom which signifies our modern era has been embodied in revolution, the rejection of orthodoxy and the urge for change, experiment and for direct experience, but above all in humanity’s struggle for human rights.

Education in the New Age

Education has become of major importance today in all parts of the world. The requirements of education under modem conditions of international relationships and in the light of an emerging new civilisation, are occupying the attention not only of those countries now providing education for the masses of their peoples for the first time in history, but also of countries where a form of compulsory education has been in existence for some time. What should be the principles and purposes underlying new educational techniques? What should these techniques be?

In this pamphlet certain ideas and concepts fundamental to education in all its aspects, and in the many different circumstances of the modern world, are presented.

International Unity

The key to humanity's trouble has been to take and not to give, to accept and not share, to grasp and not to distribute. This is contrary to all accepted standards of behaviour in an increasingly interdependent world.

Il Nuovo Gruppo dei Servitori del Mondo

Lavorando in tutti i maggiori campi dell'attività umana e in tutti i paesi del mondo, il Nuovo Gruppo dei Servitori del Mondo agisce come fattore sintetizzantenell'umanità, pone le basi per i giusti rapporti umanie finalizza l'unità mondiale.

The New World Religion

The truly religious spirit is more fundamentally alive today than at any previous time. Everywhere people are ready for the light and expectant of a new revelation.
Only great and fundamental principles of living can really meet mankind's need. Religion in the new age must be based on truths which are universally accepted.