From time to time World Goodwill conducts interviews with people whose life and work reflects a spiritual vision that we think will be of interest to many. Some of these individuals will have a conscious spiritual orientation in their lives and work, while others may be more outwardly focused but demonstrate lives of real service.

We plan to interview people from all the many fields of human interest—for example, politics, diplomacy, economics, science, the arts, religion, spirituality, academia, the media and others. We hope to focus not only upon the individual’s outer life and work but also, if possible and appropriate, upon his or her inner, spiritual life. In this way, we think we can help to shed light upon the means by which the two arms of the even-armed cross of service are balanced in the lives of today’s servers. Through these interviews we believe we are helping to subjectively strengthen the work of all who are seeking to serve humanity at this difficult time of transition into a new age.

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Dr Corinne Kumar is Secretary General of El Taller International, a Tunisian based International NGO with over 500 partner organisations particularly in the global south. El Taller seeks to be a space for reflection, exchange and networking for a wide spectrum of civil society organisations and social movements. She is also a founding member of the Asian Women’s Human Rights Council – a network of human rights groups in the Asia Pacific region – and founder of the International Courts of Women. She describes herself as a pilgrim of life – sometimes a philosopher, poet, human rights theoretician and activist.

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Diana Schumacher is a pioneering social entrepreneur and writer, a co-founder of the Environmental Law Foundation, a co-founder of the New Economics Foundation, and a co-founder of the Schumacher Society. In a wide-ranging conversation, she reflects on her experiences, considers the principles that underlie sustainability, and discusses the importance of action at the local level.

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Chintamani Yogi is a citizen of Nepal who is actively engaged in seeking to better conditions in his homeland. He is the Founding Principal of Hindu Vidyapeeth-Nepal (schools), the Founding Chairperson of Shanti Sewa Ashram (a voluntary service organisation), the Patron of the Youth Society for Peace, the Founder of the Society for Value Education, the Chairperson of the National Inter-faith Coordination Movement, and an Ambassador for the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions. He describes himself simply as a "volunteer".

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John Bunzl is a businessman who, in 1998, was inspired to come up with the Simultaneous Policy, "a peaceful political strategy to democratically drive all the world's nations to apply global solutions to global problems". He discusses the Policy and the organisation he has set up to promote it, and reveals why he believes there is a spiritual basis to the current economic and political challenges that face humanity.

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Don Conreaux, Gongmaster, tours worldwide, offering instruction, discourse, retreats, and full-evening concerts. He explains that, "The thrust of my work is to demonstrate and explain the importance of the ancient gong in today's world, not only through the diversity of its powerful entertainment value, but by introducing its philosophy, relevance, and application to musicians, therapists, scientists, educators and the general public.".

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Jayantha Dhanapala, former Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament Affairs at the UN, considers why comprehensive nuclear disarmament did not materialise at the end of the Cold War.

A selection of his other writings and speeches can be found at


Jane Goodall, scientist and conservationist, reflects on her years of work with chimpanzees in Africa, and discusses a number of her ongoing environmental and development projects.

Further information on Jane Goodall’s work and writings is available from and

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Satish Kumar, editor of "Resurgence" magazine, and programme director of the Schumacher College, discusses his world-view of reverential ecology, and highlights the importance of developing intimacy with the natural world and with others.

"Resurgence" is accessible at and the Schumacher College at

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Rabbi Michael Lerner, founder of the Tikkun Community, editor of "Tikkun" magazine, and author of "Healing Israel/Palestine", shares his thoughts on how the crisis in Israel/Palestine can be creatively resolved to the mutual benefit of both sides.

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Dr. Desmond Johns, Director of the UNAIDS office in New York, shares his thoughts on how the global HIV/AIDS crisis can be addressed.

Further information on UNAIDS, a joint programme involving seven UN bodies and the World Bank, can be found at

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