On the Threshold of a New Energy Era

Three Spiritual Festivals 2016

The fusion of heart and mind is the subjective purpose of manifestation – A.A. Bailey

Dear co-worker,

Each year the higher interlude brings us together to participate in the ceremonies of Love, of Enlightened Purpose and of Goodwill at the time of Easter, Wesak and of the Festival of Humanity. These ceremonies enable the transmission of light and love into hearts and minds, and as annual events, they stand like beacons of stability in these times of dramatic change. They allow for a replenishment of energy as well as a vision of a new reality. As we consider the changes that have occurred over the past 100 years, we are struck by the symbolism of one particular event that Alice Bailey wrote about, which we think has great relevance for the immediate future and which we would like to expand upon for your consideration.

It was the pioneering work of Ernest Rutherford, the “father of nuclear physics”, that led to the splitting of the atom in the late 1930’s – a hugely symbolic event that marked the end of one era and the beginning of another. Alice Bailey wrote that “The splitting of the atom demonstrated that “humanity had ‘encompassed’ the divine Mind” with its ability to discriminate, separate and analyse, and could move on to the next evolutionary goal – the ‘encompassing’ of divine love.”1

As a symbol of this latter ‘encompassing’, we would expect a less destructive process than nuclear fission – something more in keeping with the qualities of the heart which radiates its love to all.  The energy of divine attraction that pours through the heart purifies and simplifies, fusing all disparate parts into a unified whole. So what would be a more fitting symbol of progress towards this goal than a simple magnetic process that heralds the advent of free energy for all? 

A cursory glance at world affairs would suggest that humanity is still far away from this goal. Acts of separatism, hatred and greed dominate the news headlines, and the quest for harnessing energy from thermonuclear fusion remains a long way off, despite the billions of dollars that are funding one of the biggest international scientific collaborations on the planet in southern France.2 The immense and complex machine that is being built in the attempt to emulate nuclear fusion processes seen on the surface of the sun, requires the generation of equally immense temperatures and pressure to have any chance of success.

While this laborious quest aptly symbolises the intellectual prowess of the concrete mind, from behind the scenes another scenario is emerging. On the fringe of conventional science and following the work of Keely and Tesla, research has been taking place into new energy sources through simple processes based on magnetic resonance. Different pioneers are claiming success with various technologies rather than just relying on theories.3 The signs are that humanity’s entry into the free energy era could be imminent and if so, this will represent an unmistakeable symbol on the physical plane that humanity is starting to ‘encompass’ divine love – the attractive energy of divinity. It will also mark a tremendous point of crisis in planetary evolution, opening up wonderful opportunities as well as attendant risks and dangers. An inexpensive new energy source could cause a galvanic upheaval in the political and economic landscape along with the opportunity for a quantum leap towards a more equitable world based on love and sharing.

The possibilities of a free energy era might be related to the recently discovered behaviour of natural life processes at the nanoscale level. Here, nature’s catalysts – enzymes – are able to localize copious amounts of energy from an unknown source through cooperative group oscillation. The discovery has been made that magnetic powders processed at this size range display similar cooperative oscillations. Vortices appear in their lattice like structure through which energy pours in – again, from an undetermined source.

Here we have wonderful analogies in Nature and technology to the way in which cooperative oscillations are set up by meditating groups – the Triangles network being an outstanding example. Within this lattice of light, thousands of people subjectively link up through harmonic vibration, allowing light, love and power to pour through the magnetic vortices that are thereby generated in the ether.

Both the human and deva kingdoms have reached a stage in evolution where their mutual activities are creating rents in the etheric veils of the planet. Both nuclear fission and fusion are misnomers to the esotericist, who understands these processes in terms of the activities of the deva hierarchies in the transition zone between the physical and etheric planes. Their changing behaviour patterns and energy transmission are part of the coming science that will no longer regard the manifested universe as being constructed of particles of dead matter, but will recognise the amazing truth that everything in existence is alive and conscious.

The interesting developments that are currently taking place mark the beginning of humanity’s “Birth into the Deathless Race”4 – a transition period characterised by a trend towards fusion and synthesis in human affairs and culminating in the realisation of immortality. There is reason for much joy and optimism despite the turbulence of these times, and the period of the three spiritual festivals is a marvellous opportunity to evoke divine energy in furtherance of this cause. As always, you are warmly invited to join the Arcane School conferences, details of which are enclosed.

In the light, love and power of group service,

Headquarters Group
Lucis Trust

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