Aligning with the Rhythm of the Planetary Heart

Just as in the case of an individual, so too in the case of the planet--progress on the spiritual path is made through establishing alignment--which involves preparation of the form for the influx of higher energies.  Triangles workers, through our collective alignment, bring through and release those energies into the body of humanity, preparing the field for the coming events. By establishing this collective spiritual tension we become like an athlete   poised before a competition or a musician preparing for a performance, understanding that preparation period is all important for the success of the work to be done.

Triangles work begins by establishing our individual alignment with our own soul, then we extend that alignment to include our Triangles partners. This is followed by a link with the entire network of Triangles workers throughout the world. Identified with the planetary network we then call upon the energy of the planetary heart, the World Teacher, which in turn fosters the ability to imagine the group extending the alignment right into the highest center, known in the East as the center Shamballa, and often referred to in the West as the Father’s House.  

Triangles work, culminating in  the use of the Great Invocation give us the opportunity to aid the growing planetary alignment that is being established at this time—an alignment between Humanity, and the Spiritual Hierarchy (the centre of Love within the Heart of God).As we imagine these two energy fields blending and merging then, through the instrument of the group of world servers, the alignment can be extended to the center Shamballa.  This highest planetary head center is preeminently available for our touch during this time when the sun is in the sign of Capricorn and its qualifying light of initiation itself, the light supernal, can be known.  

This alignment which we are helping to foster could be viewed as an alignment of hearts--between the Heart of God, the Heart of the World Teacher, and the heart of Humanity itself.  Understood in other terms, this alignment could be viewed as between “the cosmic heart [our Logos with the aid of the Buddha], the heart systemic (the World Teacher) and the little hearts of men (all human hearts),” visualizing them as beating in rhythmic unison, gradually lessening the note of fear that abounds at this time and gradually establishing a beating that mirrors the human heart. The Buddha and the World Teacher, the two greatest Teachers on the line of love, form part of the heart of the Logos himself, standing as they do as linking agents between Shamballa and Hierarchy.  The Buddha forms part of the twelve-petalled lotus within the head of the Logos while the Christ or World Teacher is said to stand as his twelve-petalled heart center, also of the Logos.  The third point of this triangle, representing Humanity, is said to be formed by the important world leaders who are moving the planet forward. (Alice  Bailey, The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p.87)

As we link with this alignment it holds forth an opportunity for the Triangles Network to collectively draw upon the very heart of the Logos himself and become distributory agents of the pure energy to which He responds and through that means to evoke a response from the collective heart of humanity.   The Logos, the God of our planet, is the cosmic heart in the sense that He is responsive to energies pouring into Shamballa from the many gradations of hearts that exist in the great body or entity called space--from the heart of distant constellations and the many stars.  Then the Logos transmutes the energies and pours them out through the cooperative effort of all those alchemists who form part of what is known as the great “chain of Hierarchy,” of which we are a part.