Dear friends,

Now that our new website is functioning (with some glitches still to be worked out), it seems appropriate that we step back for a moment to reflect on what our vision for our website is.

Since we first created our website(s) (initially two, one for London, one for New York) some twelve years ago, the Internet has become a global means of communication and a global resource. It is used so frequently for so many different purposes that our website seems now to be a thoroughly intrinsic aspect of our work, rather than another department in addition to the School, the Service Activities and the books. The website is a medium through which all aspects of our work can present their values, and one which needs the vision of all of us.

Now we have the opportunity, on our website, to share our views in a collective forum, rather than each of the three headquarters discussing amongst themselves and then someone writing up the general results of the group discussion. Each of us can go to our website, log in, visit the office section at http://www.lucistrust.org/office, and click on Forums. That opens up to a “Lucis Trust website” forum where each of can post our comments and hopes for our website. I’ve posted some thoughts there, and I hope all of us will participate, so that we can see if a general consensus emerges about what we envision for our website. As in a face-to-face discussion, of course, we need to remember that our views may not be adopted by the larger group, but this offers an opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts.

At present, as far as Daniel can tell, only some of the group have registered, so if you haven’t done so please do, and that will admit you to the Forum discussion section.

This will be an interesting experiement, since it provides us with an opportunity to communicate directly with the whole headquarters group rather than only with one’s immediate part of the worldwide headquarters group. If it proves to be a comfortable and useful way to share ideas for the work, then we can think about other topics for discussion on the Forums site. Under Forums is “Files”, where we could post articles or documents for group review and comment; perhaps a Cycle of Conferences commentary or an Occasional Paper? This would also probably speed up the group review and comment process, as everyone would have simultaneous access to the document or article under consideration. So let’s see how this develops as a means of group communication.

With love to everyone,