2007#1 - Servers: Diverse in Method, United in Purpose

From time to time, we place a special focus on the theme of service, and on the vast number of service groups that are active throughout the world. From the sample chosen for this issue, it is clear that service comes in a dazzling variety of forms. Yet the groups are united in their purpose of service – and also, in another way, by their use of the World Wide Web to spread their message, a technique that is becoming more and more common. The World Wide Web is a binding force for service groups: it provides a powerful platform for advocacy of the ideal of service, and acts as a public advertisement for that ideal, or better, as a declaration of common intent. The Web is a symbol of interconnectedness, and the groups listed here are all working with the issue of interconnectedness, some explicitly, some implicitly.

The fact of radical interconnectedness is underlined by many of the challenges facing humanity. Three of the most significant are world trade, international relations, and climate change. At the moment, World Goodwill is placing a special focus on climate change, and all the other ecological issues that are embraced by the theme of Earth Stewardship, through its Cycle of Conferences initiative. Please write to us, or follow this link for further information.

As well as the service groups listed inside, which are predominantly concerned with outer forms of service, there are groups around the world whose activities are inspired more specifically by the work of Alice Bailey. The Worldwide Network section of our new website provides contact information for these groups.

Groups like these, that place a greater focus on the inner dimension of service, through meditation and prayer, are not usually as visible to the public eye. The work they do is a clarification of the mental atmosphere, and a purification of the emotional climate, that is essential, yet little appreciated. In a sense, they act as protection and support for all those whose service engages with the outer world. The Cycle of Conferences initiative mentioned earlier bases its meditative work on this premise, seeking to clarify the mental atmosphere within specific areas of human thinking where the need for solutions is especially urgent.

Another WG project which takes a broader look at the challenges facing humanity is the Problems of Humanity Study Course, available as seven study sets, for individual and group use. We are pleased to announce that there are now forums available on our web site for online discussion of these problems – further information is in the next article.

Finally, an annual event which provides a significant opportunity to engage in the inner service of shared prayer and meditation is World Invocation Day, details of which are given here.

Building a thoughtform of solution to world problems

Describing the purpose of the Problems of Humanity Study Course, and the new online discussion forums.

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Transition Activities

A selection of service initiatives, showing their wide diversity.

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Bleiben Sie in Verbindung

Weltweiter Guter Wille in Sozialen Medien