Noontime Recollection

I know, O Lord of Life and Love, about the need.

Touch my heart anew with love,

That I too may love and give.



Meditation groups perform an invaluable service. What more can be done during the present world emergency? Let us touch all human hearts anew with love, so that those who know will love and give. Let us give love ourselves. Let us join in the common task of leading humanity into the fields of peace. The white magic of group work can use mantric sound to attract money for spiritual work. In the past, crude forms of mantrams have been used to get money for individuals. Because of developed mental power we can now use mantrams for group purposes, to meet the need of humanity as a whole.

One of the more recent groups in the Hierarchy for a specific purpose has been called the financial group. This group has been an outstanding success, inspiring the use of money for philanthropic work all over the world. Here we have humanity aiding humanity, a great spiritual step forward. Now we are entering a new cycle of action by this financial group. There are now enough disciples exemplifying selflessness, harmlessness and right speech so that they can be trusted to use money rightly for spiritual purposes.

We are entering a new age of abundant money for the work of Hierarchy and the Christ. The evil result of misuse of money is one of the main causes of the death of our civilisation. Our continuing world crisis is more and more focussing on economic factors. The door is now wide open for each one of us to cooperate with this new age action by the financial group in Hierarchy.

It's said that the motivating purpose behind the use of this mantram is the free circulation of energy between the three planetary centres Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa. And it is free circulation of energy which can break up the crystallised money energy in the world, passing it out of the control of the forces of Materialism and into the control of the Forces of Light.

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