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February 1937


You are awakening to reality. You are arriving at a truer estimate of yourself and your personality shell is fast crumbling. Is that not true? The way of liberation for you, however, lies not through outer activities and so-called readjustments or personality resumption of various earlier activities but through a poised attitude of mind which (sensitive to the call of the soul and the call of humanity as heard on soul levels) brings about automatically and without pressure the needed changes in the physical plane of life.

To these words of mine pay special attention or you will undertake responsibilities or take action which will be based on the reasoning of the lower, concrete mind and not on those simple impulses which bear the hall mark of the soul.

One thing I would urge upon you: Follow with great diligence the keeping of the diary to which I referred in my last [484] instruction. I am not changing your work at this time. I only seek to emphasise to you the four points of interest to be noted in your diary. Keep it in fuller detail; not only will it train you in the recognition of the essentials of the spiritual life but in their expression in words. This will carry for you much release. Otherwise, my brother, go your way for another few months and attain still greater release. What I have said to you this time, though brief, is of importance. Ponder on it.

November 1937


I write to you today to call you specifically to increased service. You are now more ready to serve than at any other time in your life. I think I might say with truth that (for the first time since you came into incarnation) you can give something to your fellow-men which will open a door for them. Your astral purification has proceeded with rapidity. This, your diary indicates. The keeping of that diary serves, and should continue to serve, a most useful purpose. Therefore, continue with it during this next year, for it will tend to stabilise in you that which we have wrestled to discover and develop during many years of difficulty. I believe that you yourself will have recognised by now the wisdom of my suggestion and that, through the medium of your spiritual diary, the true "colour" and quality of your life will emerge with significance.

Forget not, however, that the purpose of all training which I have given you and all my disciples is to produce a greater capacity to serve. I would like to see you doing some definite service in relation to your fellowmen.... I refer to that service which a disciple renders when he approaches every human being as a soul.

This type of service involves the recognition of one's own capacity, the intensification of one's ability to love one's fellowmen, the power to draw others to one with the request—spoken or implied—for spiritual help and then the power to work with the person and give him right help in the right way. This, in its turn, involves an inner brooding upon the quality and the need of the one to be served. This subjective process must precede all outer work; upon the strength and the persistence [485] of it depends the success of the attempt to help. This process of inner, brooding reflection is oft omitted through enthusiasm and self-confidence. When, however, it has been accomplished and the server stands ready to help, then he can depend upon the needy one and circumstance to indicate to him the next step. I would have you reflect deeply upon this and I would have you begin—in a new and a fresh way—to endeavour to bring light to individuals with a pure, disinterested selflessness. I would have you work with discrimination, with purity of motive and with an effort to eliminate all personality reactions, for it is upon the rock of the personality that many well intentioned servers wreck their work.

You now can be trusted. With that thought in mind I urge you to go forward. Only one other suggestion would I give. Keep yourself out of the picture altogether and your private affairs, your personal likes and dislikes entirely eliminated. Let this work with individuals and this part of your service to humanity and to me be entirely divorced from your personality life, permitting no rapport.... You are entering upon a period of fruitful service—if you so choose.

Let us now consider the rays of your threefold personality. In their right understanding will come much illumination upon the way of service. Your soul ray is, as you know, the second Ray of Love-Wisdom and your personality ray is that of Will or Power. But your astrological sign has been one of the major factors in constituting your life problem. However, this has been a blessing in disguise, for the problems that it has brought and the difficulties which you have encountered under the sign of the Bull are fitting you for the Scorpio experience in your next life—the greatest experience upon the Path.

Your mental body is on the fourth ray. Hence the conflict and hence, at the same time, the deep-seated love of harmony. These have warred together in your life. I would have you note this. It is possible to love harmony so much that you will fight to get it and struggle to achieve it; in this way you enter into a world of glamour from which it is oft difficult to emerge. Your fourth ray attributes connect you closely to several of your co-disciples. I would suggest that you avail yourself of this relationship by an intensification of rapport.


Your astral body is on the sixth ray and this intensifies your Taurian tendencies for, as the Bull rushes straight forward seeing only that which lies directly ahead, so does the sixth ray fanatic. When, however, this aptitude is applied to the path of service, much progress can be made. Herein lies a hint to you.

Your physical body is upon the third ray but so strong is your personality ray, the first (for you are an integrated personality), that it colours the nature, type and quality of your physical body which is definitely not a third ray type. Your rays, therefore, are:

1. The soul ray—second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

2. The ray of the personality—first Ray of Will or Power.

3. The ray of the mind—fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

4. The ray of the astral body—sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism.

5. The ray of the physical body—third Ray of Active Intelligence.

You have, therefore, three vehicles on the line of the second ray 2-4-6 and two on the line of the first ray 1-3. Three of your bodies are consequently governed by major lines of energy.

April 1938


I have for some time watched you with concern, not because of any failure on your part but because of the very real success of your spiritual effort. That sounds a paradoxical thing to say, does it not? But success can sometimes be bought at too high a price and a special effort, leading to success which leaves the personality in a state of complete exhaustion, must in itself be considered a problem requiring solution and—in your case—prompt solution.

So great has been your determination to purify and cleanse your lower nature that you have worn yourself out in the process; so great has been your introverted attention to the call of your soul that your "normal outer-world hearing" (as it is esoterically called) has been dimmed. So great has been your [487] determination to achieve the good way that all the forces of your nature have been expended in the work of re-orientation and now that the task has been done, it would appear (I would ask you to note the word "appear") that there is nothing left in you wherewith to serve, by means of which to express the results of achievement or to express that joy and peace which is the soul nature and of value to others.

In physical convalescence, when the patient has won the battle but is too ill as yet to know it, there comes that difficult time wherein there is no desire to return to life, no power to be or do anything, and no ability to be aught else except passive and uninterested; no capacity is left except (with the aid of some outside help) to hold the ground gained and to hope, somewhat hopelessly, that the time will come when one will feel differently. This aptly describes you. My problem is how to help you back to happy, significant living, my brother. Almost all that I can say to you at this stage will fall on listening and willing but uncomprehending ears. Should I commend you for successful work, you care not. But, my friend, you have cleaned house; you have fought a good fight; you have gone through the waters of purification and come through on the other side. You have stood steady and held the ground gained e'en though you realise it not. But so great is your psychic fatigue that you see not the gains. You care not for the future nor for the past. Life has been hard and your problems great. All that was in you has been expended in facing up to life and to your initial problems; you believe, sometimes, that there is nothing left now with which to feel, and at other times you feel too much. You feel that there is nothing in you with which to go forward, with which to face the future—no joy, no optimism and no hope of real betterment of conditions. Yet you do go on. You are still young and life can hold for you much if you face it as it should be faced.

What shall I suggest for your helping? First of all, I would ask you to drop all the esoteric and spiritual work which you are now doing—all personal meditation and reflection, the keeping of a spiritual diary, and (this may surprise you), I am going to ask you to be one of the first in my group of disciples to begin to deal definitely with the problem of world [488] glamour. Will you provide a tiny germ of active life from which a greater work could grow? I am asking you to link up definitely and consciously with certain of my disciples whose names I will give you and who are senior to you. Their task it is to swing their united effort into the strengthening and helping of groups, occupied with collective world service. Seek each morning, at a suitable time, to contact them—as individuals and collectively—and draw on their strength until your own strength has returned in some measure. Some weeks ago, several of them tried to reach and help you, under my instructions. Now I would ask you to endeavour to reach them, not because you are desiring help for yourself, but because you need strength at this time to undertake the task which I am giving you.... Let their strength and love pour through you for your strengthening. Let the restorative forces of light and love do their work in you and expect results....

One practical suggestion I would make to you: When right opportunity comes, seek physical plane activity in some other place than the one in which now you find yourself. A change of environment with new faces and new scenes would be of real value to you and should be found. Seek this change and seize it when it comes.

One final word I would say: It is the conflict between the pairs of opposites which produces world glamour. It is the resolution of these opposites through the activity of a fourth ray mind which can, when united with others working along these lines, aid in the dispelling of glamour. To this task, your soul and I now call you. Live above the world of feeling and, because you have felt so much and suffered so much, work now in the world of mind. Live on the mental plane, in the realm of the soul and of the mind.

In closing, I would add for your help the following information:

1. The energy of your soul (second ray energy) has been expressing itself through the astral body. You have been, and are Arjuna.

2. Personality force has been turned to and works through the physical body.


January 1939


If you will study your last instructions in the light of the happenings and changes—there hinted at and foreseen—you will see how correct were my comments that you had in reality come through your life's major battle and that your personal conflict and your individual and culminating "points of crisis" for this life had been handled and left behind. You are free now for service and the destined service has come your way. The door to that service stands wide open and you are ready now for that measure of personal happiness which will tend to make your service more effective by releasing you in your personal life from the frustrations and the pressures which have so long blocked your soul's expression. Herein lies your opportunity, your guarantee, and your responsibility.

The service to which you have been called is an arduous one but you will be working with some of your co-disciples and when that is the case, there is added strength and more than adequate compensation for any strain and difficulty. So now, my brother, in this hour of strenuous world tension and of baffling problems let the light of your soul direct and the love of your soul determine attitudes, guide policies and release into your field of service the power which will bring the desired results....

I have little to say to you at this time. There is no special work to which I would assign you, beyond impressing upon you the necessity for making and holding each day a very steady and felt alignment. If you achieve this each morning with power and clarity, you can handle efficiently all that you have to do and work with ease and happiness. There is so much for you to do in connection with your change of circumstances and so many adjustments to be made in relation to other people and so many problems of an executive kind with which to cope and which grow out of the urgency of the times and the necessity of the work that, if you will do your meditation work and the other work already assigned to you, I will ask no more. I would, however, emphasise the need for attention to the time of the Full Moon and to note down any reactions which may come [490] your way. This will enable you, now that you have passed your worst life crisis, to sum up the situation, to leave behind the past, and to go forward into the new life with a sense of freedom and with a just appreciation of the gained results.

July 1939


The discipline of life has brought you far upon your way in this incarnation and the door of service, as you know, stands open. Enter with joy, for that is a quality which you need to express. Only one thing should engross your attention at this time and that is the avoidance of the glamour of preoccupation. I know not what else to call it. The disciple with a first ray personality is apt to be unduly one-pointed in his service or in his particular line of thought and of activity, or else he is entirely engrossed with some individual or group of individuals. This dynamic and intense preoccupation can often hinder the expansion of consciousness and the unfoldment of that inclusiveness which is essential before any of the major initiations can be taken. I seek to see this glamour lessened in you. The dual life of the disciple is never an easy one to the man whose personality is basically upon the line of directed power and focussed will. This you should most carefully bear in mind, for oft this directed power is not being adequately diffused, and minor or near objectives being too closely seen, can destroy that which it builds or seeks or loves, through the very intensity of the focussed energy.

What can prevent this in your case will be the continuous application of your soul light and love with increasing intensity. Be not afraid, my brother, to be more outgoing and more consciously inclusive, because by so doing you will fuse and blend both soul and body and thus balance your qualities and increase your usefulness (and also ours) in the service of humanity. It seems a curious form of glamour, does it not, but if you will study yourself and your environment with care, you will discover the justification for my reasoning and my argument.

Ever the soul has to learn to be the "turning wheel" or the "moving lotus," contacting life in all directions and radiating [491] out from a focussed centre, and this as a result of right preoccupation with the Plan. Forget not, that a glamour is merely a distortion of the truth and a faulty reflection of a reality.

January 1940


What I have to say to you grows out of your earlier instructions. I wonder how much you have read and pondered upon the ideas therein conveyed? The thought may come to you that in all probability I know and hence the needlessness of my question. Disciples need to learn that in the intense preoccupation of our world work Those Who serve humanity have not the desire, nor have They the intention, to study the details of a disciple's life or to intrude into his own personal affairs. All we are concerned with is to ascertain the growth of the inner light and the quality of his service. We look at both of these as they emerge into reality upon the physical plane. I would remind you that as individuals or as active personalities (which is it, my brothers?) you "occultly evade my attention," for I work with you entirely on soul levels and on the plane of mental illumination. With you, my brother, the inner light is intense indeed, but it does not radiate. It shines at the centre of your being and with such intensity that it serves almost to blind you. Can you imagine, as you consider my words, the effect of this condition? A light that shines in a closely shut lantern may serve to irradiate the inner walls of the lantern but of what use is it to its owner or to others? This simile is—as are all similes—faulty, but it will serve to demonstrate pictorially the theme of this instruction to you.

You have an intense inner light and one which emanates from the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus—speaking symbolically. You have much knowledge and much intelligent understanding or theory. Some of it you have applied; most of it you have not. This inner light or knowledge does not serve to reveal to you the inner walls of your being—those aspects of the form nature which we call in their aggregated effect the personality. You are conscious of your lower self, of your limitations, of your desire nature, of your moods and reactions, of your frustrations, [492] difficulties and disillusionments; you are aware of what you would like to be, but what you are in expression engrosses your attention to the point of inertia.

In my last instruction to you, I referred to the "glamour of preoccupation" which engulfed you, surrounded you and conditioned you. That glamour still persists, perhaps even more strongly. It means an intense, unavoidable (from your point of view) preoccupation with yourself, with what concerns you, with what you like, with how you feel, physically and emotionally, with your reaction to people and environment and with the material aspects of daily living—money, health, surroundings and people's personalities. This condition is now so acute that you whirl at the centre of your daily life, seeing nothing of reality as you might see it, hearing nothing but the reverberations of your own thoughts and, my brother, getting no true joy or pleasure out of the life of service.

I seek not to discourage you, for even your discouragement is a preoccupation with which you can well dispense. I seek to lift you out of the bog in which you are foundering (or should I say, floundering? These niceties of the English language still present difficulties to me) and to send you on your way rejoicing. Is it any use for me to point out to you that, in the light of world pain, you have little whereof to complain; that in the sight of world sorrow, your life holds nothing comparable; that before the woe of the women and the little children and of human beings in most countries, your life has in it little to cause you concern? There are people around you who care for you in security; you have co-workers who are your friends and from whom you are not wrenched by the cruel uses of war; you have a life task wherein you can serve Us and humanity; you have no lack of life's necessities and know not the significance of cold and starvation or of a future which holds nothing but further agony; you are not wracked with pain nor have you to look on at the pain of others.

What, therefore, is the cause of your condition? What lies at the root of your malaise (as the Latins call it)? What leads to your sense of physical ill and to the gloom and depression with which you greet the world? Just the glamour of preoccupation—[493] an intense preoccupation with yourself. If I should call this attitude "self-pity," will you accept it and use your intelligent mind to reason yourself out of your impasse?

Disciples need to learn discrimination in the use of the instruments which they should use to free themselves from limitations and liabilities. There is too much loose talking re "calling in the soul" or similar terms. Yet it is not the soul which must be called in; for you, the use of the mental processes (which you possess in full measure for your need) will clarify the issue. Reason out the causes of your sense of frustration and of blocking—both materially and spiritually. Specify to yourself the nature of your grievances against life and place before yourself your paralleling sources of content. Cultivate a sense of the relative values, comparing your life of adequate possibility of expression, your wherewithal to provide the three necessities of life (a roof, food and warmth) and your environing conditions with those which today face countless millions and in which and through which they must triumph. Where is your triumph, my brother? Initiation is a process of graded triumphs and I seek to aid you towards that process.

Having said this, let me at the same time remind you that any reaction of depression as the result of my words will but prove the extent of my truthful presentation.

For your comfort, I would point out that were you not in a position to triumph, were you not upon the Path of Accepted Discipleship and were you not a man in touch with his own soul, I would not take the time or trouble to help you see and wrestle with your problem.

I, your Master, believe in you and in your capacity to throw off the glamour of preoccupation. I have confidence that no matter how hard the struggle, you will persist unto the triumphant end.

Your isolated first ray personality at its relatively high point of integration has now undue control. It must be dominated by the soul whose nature is love. Knowledge you have. More love you need. When I say "love," I refer to soul love and not to affection, emotion or sentiment. I refer to that detached, [494] deep love which can pour through the personality, releasing it from limited expression and at the same time streams out into the environment.

How release the love aspect of your soul? That is for you the major problem at this time. By meditation, and by certain practical measures. These latter you must work out for your self; the Master can point out to you the goal, indicate the hindrances and suggest solutions. These three conditions I have met. The disciple studies the situation and then applies those methods which seem to him to be promising and to be rightly indicated.

I suggest, therefore, a careful process of reasoning for you so that the roots of your preoccupation with the little self may be discovered by you. It is not acceptance of my statements which is required; it is a mental activity carried on by you alone which will enable you to find out the truth of what I have indicated and lead you to take the needed steps. Having reasoned the matter out, then struggle not with the discovered condition but apply to your life the opposing quality with determination and persistence. Self-pity must give place to compassionate interest in others—those in your own home, in your business relations and in all whom you meet and life and fate throws in your way. Isolation must give place to cooperation, not an enforced cooperation but a spontaneous longing to be with and to share with others the processes of living, loving, occult duty. Ponder much upon this last phrase. It is a seed thought for your life at present.

The second suggestion is the cultivation of indifference—that spiritual indifference which pays no undue attention to the physical body, or to moods and feelings or to mental illusions. The body exists and must receive due care; the feelings and moods are potent and exhausting and from them, my brother, come much of your physical discomfort. Deal with them not by struggling but by substitution of other interests, ignoring them and treating them with indifference till they die of lack of attention and of a slow attrition. You pay too much attention to the non-essentials.

The third suggestion I make is to give you a personal meditation which may serve to aid you:



1. Relax. Identify yourself with the soul and strive to eliminate the personal consciousness. Herein lies your battle ground. An intense interest in some other theme is your major way of escape.

2. Sound the O.M., seeking (as you do so) to call upon the soul. This sounding of the O.M. is directed upward from you, the personality, to the over-shadowing, waiting soul. It is the threefold call of your personality vehicles.

3. Accept the contact and the response and believe that it does exist. Here lies release—belief in the fact of the soul and its relation to you.

4. Meditate then upon the implications, using knowledge and mind as the method of understanding. Accept the implications at which you arrive, provided they are the highest you can reach.

5. Centre your consciousness in the ajna centre—the centre of personality force and integration. Then sound the O.M. again, this time as the soul.

6. Then again sound the O.M. as the soul and see it:

a. Purifying the mind so that the illusion of the separated self disappears.

b. Driving out selfish preoccupation and substituting intense interest in humanity and God's plan for man.

c. Vitalising the etheric vehicle so that the physical body is galvanised in service and flooded with vitality.

Believe that this is so.

7. Then linking up consciously with the soul, the real, inclusive self, go forth to your work.

You will note that I here call on the functioning of both your imaginative capacity to believe and on your power of reflective reasoning. The right use of these two aspects of your personality, within the radius of soul light, will bring you release. But in the earlier stages of this process you will have to accept my word for it and go on, therefore, with the work even when you yourself see or feel no results of any kind.


I look to you for vital service, my brother; I am confident in your power to triumph. I would remind you that the triumphing must begin in your home and in your office by bringing happiness and release to others.

August 1940


You have been close to me for many years, even though you belong, in reality, to the group of another teacher. He has, however (because you were new in His group) asked me to help you—a brother on the same ray. For years you have been associated with me and will continue so to be.

When He asked me not long ago—as occasionally He does, though at widely separated intervals—what progress you were making, I made reply in the following terms. I state my exact words because they also embody my message to you. I said: "He would make much progress were it not for laziness, physical inertia and a refusal to make sacrifices on personality levels for the work." This, my brother, is a statement of fact. You block yourself on every level by inertia and by the physical alibis of ill health—an ill health which is non-existent. The first ray personality can always be swept into dynamic usefulness and consequent good health by an act of the will, the spiritual will. Your physical sense of being ill is due purely to spiritual laziness—a thing you can offset at once if you choose. You have a loving and understanding heart, but you are too lazy to use it. You could have exerted a constructive influence during the last few years, but you were too lazy to do so. You do the minimum of work for us in these times of stress, instead of the maximum.

Yet, my brother, out of all this analysis emerges the interesting fact that your limitations and hindrances and shortcomings are relatively small and unimportant. They could be easily overcome, if you so choose.

When He heard my brief reply, He made no comment for a minute and then He said: "Only the will-to-good will aid this man and prompt him to excessive service. Tell him to aim at that! For excessive service carried to the point of death itself,[497] is his only way of release from this life." Having told you this, my brother, I have no more to say.

NOTE: The inertia proved too strong and this aspirant withdrew of his own free choice from participation in the Tibetan's work during this life.

To D. E. I.

April 1938


Your admission into this group and the assigning to you of greatly increased responsibility in the service of the Hierarchy is practically co-incident. I would ask you to ponder upon the significance of this. Increasingly you will have to be more and more out-going, in a subjective sense, to those with whom you have to work, for your physical plane contact with them is necessarily restricted to a very few, but your range of influence—through correspondence and meditation—can be very wide. See, therefore, that it deepens with each new contact, for otherwise there will be a steady thinning of the stream of influence, will there not? You have much to give, and much to learn and to acquire. You are only beginning your life service in the field wherein we, the teachers and initiates work. You will make mistakes. They will not matter, provided you learn by studying them and are willing to recognise with truth wherein you may have erred. You will succeed, which is far more dangerous to you, and will have to offset the consequent satisfaction by the development of the faculty of comparative relation. Ponder on this suggestion. You will be prompted to self-defense, and to excuse yourself, perhaps more easily than most; but a trained silence where you yourself are concerned, and a cultivated sense of values will protect you. I point out these matters so that you can, with promptness and exactitude, make the needed adjustments and orientation when situations occur. Your whole problem is tied up with your ray qualities, for you are on the second ray where your soul is concerned, whilst you function through a first ray personality. You have, however, a strong seventh ray development because that was the ray upon which your personality was found in your last incarnation. Hence your capacity [498] to organise (which is of the seventh ray) and the ease with which you handle detail (which is a second ray characteristic).

But it is the first ray personality, with its quick response to criticism and its dislike of outer control or interference which must be regulated. There is no one to control you through your responsibility for them or to interfere with you, and hence the difficulty of your problem. You have to make your own way, then, of learning and of cultivating self-forgetfulness. The man who stands alone, and who has determined that condition of isolation for himself has a harder problem, in some ways, and certainly a different problem, than the man who is disciplined by the constant, ceaseless impact of others upon his consciousness. You stand very much alone. It has been your own wish, and the right way for you. But you must offset its unavoidable difficulties through a self-imposed discipline. I leave it to you to find the way. You will, I know, comprehend that whereof I speak.

Your astral body is the most influential of your vehicles of expression and your sensitivity is the result of that. If I might express it, I would say that your soul can express itself through your astral vehicle more easily than through the others. The balance of influence is there. You are on the way to transmute knowledge into wisdom, and it was this latent capacity in you which prompted me to place you where you are, for you are expressing the wisdom aspect of the love ray. Remember this. It is that latent wisdom which must be developed, and for this, your service will provide an adequate field. Astral calm, self-forgetfulness, and the development of wisdom are the three things to which you need to pay the most attention. Conform to the group requirements during the coming months. I will also ask you to follow the meditation here outlined.... Meditate on the following themes:

1st month—The Plan. What it is.

2nd month—The immediacy and urgency of the Plan.

3rd month—The possible expansion of the Plan.

4th month—The New Group of World Servers.

5th month—The work of the groups of my disciples.

6th month—World synthesis.

7th month—The New Age.


These suggested seed thoughts may seem to you too large and general. It is just for that purpose that I have chosen them. Your sense of inner contact, the power to intuit, and the ability to enter the world of ideas must be constantly developed. These concepts will aid by stretching your mental body. In quietness and in confidence, my brother, must be your strength.

October 1938


The way into the sphere of your richest service is, for you, the way of the heart. It is the way of renunciation but always the way of joy. So, as you pass on to fuller surrender and to a more complete usefulness, I give you simply some words on which to brood. These words have held the key for me and for many other servers. In understanding them and in integrating them into your life, you will join the ranks of all true servers.

1st month—I go the way of deep surrender.

2nd month—The way of joy enriches all my life.

3rd month—Renunciation takes the place of grasping for the little self.

4th month—Before me stands The Presence.

5th month—Behind me lies the road of broken toys.

6th month—Peace rests upon my life.

You will understand, my brother, the purpose of these particular phrases.

April 1939


You have been so occupied with service during the past twelve months that you have had little time to be preoccupied with yourself or with your own development. That is very good and this will ever constitute for you the rightful method of release, because it is the true technique for those whose two major rays in any incarnation are the second and the first. When the second ray becomes at any time intensely preoccupied with the life of the personality, and that personality, at the [500] same time happens to be on the first ray line of force, a situation is always evoked which has in it the seeds of real danger. The dramatic instincts and attitudes of the first ray personality are thereby encouraged and fostered by the inflow of second ray force which, finding no outlet adequate to the intensity of the forces brought together, produces a whirlpool of energies which prove always destructive. This you have succeeded in avoiding and I felt it would be of value to you if I made this clear. There must always be for you the line of active service, of constant pressure, and of ardent helpfulness. This is for you the Way of Salvation. Hence the emphasis upon decentralisation which I earlier suggested to you.

I have not much to say to you at this time. Your mind and time and heart are fully occupied with responsible work for us. All I would indicate to you is the necessity for preserving a due sense of proportion, a just sense of values and the avoidance of all fanaticism or tendency to crystallise. Preserve, my brother, a sense of humour and a tendency to play, bearing in mind that relaxation is as much a part of the spiritual life as is the strenuous effort to save the souls of men or—perhaps more truly—aid them to invoke and evoke their own souls. When you do at times cast your eye over your personality equipment, noting its usefulness to the soul in time and space, I would ask you to note with care whether you are achieving a truly rounded-out development, and whether your time includes (as should the time of all executives) a due proportion of relaxation and cultural interests.

You have a second ray mental body and, therefore, are not adhering to the rule which usually governs the choice of the forces isolated in any particular mental body. Those upon the Path do not always adhere to the rules. This type of governing mental energy enables you to do three things:

1. Respond with facility—if you choose—to the impulses of your second ray soul.

2. Hold the mind steady in the light and thereby discern the basic principles which your first ray personality can so easily recognise.

3. Work with order, skill and precision in your chosen field of service.


You must, at the same time, guard against too much attention to detail which is always the line of least resistance and of satisfactory experience to those who possess your combination of ray forces.

Your astral body is on the first Ray of Will or Power and hence much of your difficulty in the past. A first ray astral body is a powerful asset but requires most careful watching and skilful harnessing. When not rightly handled, it is easily stirred up into storms and tempers or into the condition wherein the dramatic "I" is centralised in the life. But upon its difficulties and problems I need not enlarge. You know them well. You are learning to handle them. I would, however, call your attention to the lack of balance which the forces in your nature could produce; this calls for your constant care and yet—at the same time—it opens the door of unique opportunity for you. The two major rays (of your ego and your personality) are repeated in the two rays of your personality equipment and you have, therefore, a repetition of 2.1 2.1. Ponder on this. What aids you considerably in this connection is the fact that you have a third ray physical body. This may surprise you because the outer, physical indications are those of the first ray, but that is due to the development of a powerful personality and to the preponderance of the energy of that equipment. But the third ray energy of your physical body is definitely one of your major assets.

As I earlier pointed out, much seventh ray energy also governs you—fortunately for you—because it was your predominant energy in an earlier incarnation and is, in your case, a well-established force. The above information should prove of service to you.

I assign you no special work but would ask you to do the group meditation with regularity and with as much dynamic first ray intensity as is possible.

In conclusion, I would call your attention to the fact that your rays are identical with those of W.D.S., but would have you note how racial and astrological differences and your freedom from any dominating influence upon the physical and emotional planes, have released you in some measure from the factors with which he has still to contend.


October 1939


I have practically nothing to say to you in this series of papers. Go on as you are going. Keep humble, sensitive to others and unmoved by circumstance. Remember ever that, in the work you are seeking to do, the key to all success is to realise that you are only a channel.

I give you, however, the same exercise (in connection with certain words) which I gave to W.O.I. Ponder with care upon these words and make each quality for which they stand an integral part of your life experience. Beyond that, you know already what I would have you do.

February 1940


In these days of saturated living (and this phrase will mean more to you than to your brothers) I would like to say that I have naught but commendation for you. Thus to commend is not my habit, as well you know, but there are occasions when it is of definite usefulness and I deem it so here. One of the keywords which I gave you several years ago was decentralisation and that quality, the very force of circumstances is aiding you to acquire. The situation of constant danger in which you find yourself, as well as of concentrated usefulness will either evoke that quality in you or drive you back into a focussed attention to the little self which distinguishes many. But you have chosen the selfless and the more fluid way and the effects will be lasting in your experience. This is for you a major life crisis and there stands before you an open door. You will pass through that door with rapidity according to the measure of your decentralisation.

I have not the intention to give you a long instruction. Your instruction is your present life circumstance and I need not say more. I will only say that I stand beside you and that, at this time, my protecting aura reaches out to you. It enfolds you. The aura of protection with which Those Who are linked to the Hierarchy and Who are Members of the Hierarchy are primarily concerned is protecting the integrity of consciousness, [503] even though it may (if so desired and oft it is) protect the physical man also. It is the preservation of the rightly focussed and rightly oriented consciousness which we seek to guard and preserve and which the frightfulness of war and of drastic conditions or circumstances may disrupt. You will understand whereof I speak; it is because of this knowledge that I tell you that I stand by you and that you may call upon me at will, for you can now be trusted to do so wisely and for right reasons.

In the pressure of life today as you are living it, I give you no set work. Go on your way, my brother, with joy and service, with freedom from concern and anxiety; you are learning the occult significance of divine indifference. Your desired focus is not within the personality; the mainspring which can and will animate your life is the surety of the knowledge that humanity and the Hierarchy are approaching each other with increasing rapidity and ever more closely.

September 1940


You are in a position of trust and—if you so choose—your responsibilities can increase and you go forward in the service of humanity. You are now passing through a cycle of difficult preparation, prior to moving out into a wider expansion of consciousness and, consequently, of usefulness. This, I think you know and have always sensed. You have, at the same time, a sense of being blocked and frustrated in your ideals and of failing to express them as you would like. You feel unable to demonstrate and to be what you know you are. This is a very useful point to have reached, provided that you do not stay there.

The reason for this sense of frustration (as I could easily prove to you) is that the glamour of pride holds you in its grip, working out usually as a quick self-defense and constantly erecting carefully prepared barriers. I do not seek here, however, to enlarge on this. I would ask you to ponder on my suggestions until May when I will give you, along with the entire group, your personal instructions and your individual direction, and detail to you the readjustments and changes which you would be well advised to make in your life attitudes. If you [504] can then avail yourself of the hints which I seek to give you, you can be of definite service (all of you) in the coming period of reconstruction, provided humanity comes through the terrific crisis now upon it.

Note, if you will, how this pride controls so much of your physical plane activity and reactions; note also how your first ray personality and your first ray astral vehicle tend to increase this tendency in you. Here, in the overcoming of pride, lies your major life task and the crux of your life's battle. Sweetness, humility and the willingness to recognise values which at present are not quickly recognised by you are for you the way of release. A deep but temporary distrust of your own judgment where people are concerned will be most useful to you, for you see them ever in relation to their reaction to you and not from the angle of what you can give to them, and—in your giving—aid them to greater usefulness of life expression. Your positive and powerful temperament leads you to draw to yourself negative people and you are happier with them than with more positive people. When you can attract the positive kind of people and find your major pleasure in your contacts with the positively polarised disciples of the world, you will have the first indication that the glamour of pride is disappearing.

I have confidence and trust in you, my brother.

NOTE: This disciple continues in the same position of trust and is cooperating diligently with the work of the Tibetan.

To C. D. P.

November 1931

To you, my brother, I have but little to say—not because you do not merit much but because you know the work that must be done and I have but to look on in silence to see eventual achievement. Overcome fear, my brother; kill out suspicion and those vile children of fear—nervousness, foreboding, worry and that instant jumping to conclusions which are dire and full of disaster. Achieve that inner poise which faces all that comes in the light of the Eternal. You are immersed so oft in the terror of the moment (yes, terror is the word I wish to [505] use) that the astral turmoil permits not the clear light of truth and of knowledge to shine in. Both are yours. You are wise and experienced in many ways. Sympathy, understanding, loyalty to the cause of occult truth and steadfast endeavour (plus selfless thought) are yours and these qualities are recognised. How else your inclusion in this group of mine? But much hindrance comes through fear.