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Coming back from a consideration of the work to you yourself, my brother and my disciple, what can I bring to your attention that will give you strength and understanding? For those are two qualities which disciples need at this time above all else. You have an interesting combination of ray energies with the ray of order, permitting of the physical [582] establishment of relationship between soul and form strongly controlling you. This dominant energy should render your outer work effective upon the physical plane, if you will remember that esoterically the form nature is the vital etheric body, and this automatically and easily conditions the physical organised vehicle. When your work is not effective, brother of mine, what is the reason? Note that this seventh ray potency is concentrated in your personality, and when your second ray soul energy sweeps into prominence, the initial effect is oft to negate the activity of the personality. This is oft forgotten and is most confusing to the neophyte in its earlier manifestations. Later, the disciple learns from experiment and experience that all the rays are subrays of the great second ray. This you know theoretically, but that is different from the wisdom which comes from understanding as the result of action. Once this fact is grasped, you can begin to use all the forces in your equipment as the implements of loving service. Here lies your major technical lesson. Your line of least resistance is that of establishing relationship with the end in view of building a form. This is also the line of pure magic and—as you know—it can be either black or white. There are two modes of creative work: One mode is that which is implemented by seventh ray potency. This builds and creates within matter and within the periphery of the three worlds; it is exceedingly forceful when it is wielded through the medium of a seventh ray personality and a seventh ray physical body, as is the case with you. The other mode is that of the second ray, which is applied from without the three worlds and from soul levels; it works through radiation, magnetic appeal and coherent energy. Ponder on these two modes.

Through your ray energies, you are in a position to use both methods under the inspiration of the Ashram. The result should be most effective service and the steady growth of any work you may undertake for me and for the Ashram. You would find it useful to make a study of the relation of the second ray to the seventh, for there is a close creative reaction or impulsive interplay between the two, and one which you need to employ consciously.


It is not for nothing that eleven of the particular group of disciples with which you are associated in my Ashram have the seventh ray as the controlling agent of the physical vehicle, whilst thirteen are upon the second ray or have the second ray powerfully present in their equipment. The entire group has, therefore, within its ring-pass-not all that is required to make it effectively creative; this divine creativity will express itself when all of you in the group begin to study your rays from the angle of group service, and not so much from the angle of your own individual conditioning. Which of you investigates his ray equipment of energy from this standpoint? Do not the majority of you regard the subject much along the following lines: This ray in my equipment enables me to be and do thus, and so this ray complicates my life; this ray needs stronger emphasis in my life; such and such a ray gives me this or that quality or capacity. Disciples must learn to study the group equipment as a whole, and discover where a potency of which they may be the custodian can enrich the group life, enhance its effort and round out its presentation as a serving unit in the world of men. The responsibility of wielding force is a fact to be emphasised in the consciousness of all disciples; it will lead to a more deeply conscious and intelligent use of ray energy.

It is needless for me to outline for you any set meditation work. All in this group (unless expressly forbidden by me) are in a position, as a result of years of teaching and of practice, to control and regulate their meditative thought and reflection. For you, certain phrases should condition such thinking, and I will give you four which can be revolutionary in their effect upon you and of major importance in the moulding processes of your life:

1. Loving relationship.

2. Conformity to the idea (not the ideal, my brother, for that is incidental).

3. Perception of reality.

4. Creative manipulation.

These four phrases have in them the seed of all right service [584] and can be applied to your individual life theme in the home, in your business, in your work with the service of the Triangles, and in all your group undertakings. They govern, if you study them with care, the life of the Ashram—of all Ashrams. That life is one of inner and outer relationship, of sensitivity to the impression of the Hierarchy and the hierarchical idea at any given time, of correct perception of truth as it underlies relationship and impression, and of a true creative activity in the world of forces.

You are definitely penetrating closer to the heart of the Ashram and are now known there and recognised by the senior workers. This you have accomplished through the dynamic one-pointed energy of your emotional nature, which—fortunately for you—is balanced by your concrete mind. This is good and necessary, except when your mind wanders into the realm of criticism; this, however, happens far less than in years gone by. You have every cause for encouragement, my brother, and my blessing rests upon you. This thought of blessing has in it the idea of the transfer of spiritual energy.

August 1946


The past twelve months have been difficult for you in every aspect of your life but—what else can a disciple expect? The instructions I gave you last should have done much to carry you steadily forward, for an inner surety ever enables a disciple to surmount difficulties. The monotony of life itself, the cares of home and practice, the anxieties incident to the times and the constant sense of frustration have all contributed to what I might call your almost grim determination to stand steady in the light. Now comes the disbanding of the group, and a sense of failure which it naturally engenders.

I cannot too strongly urge upon you and upon all your group brothers the relative brevity of life. I say this not from the standpoint of the Christian ministry, which so frequently urges upon its members the remembrance of death, nor am I [585] referring to the imminent passing away of any of you in the group. I refer simply to physical plane living from the angle of the soul, who sees in it but a fleeting experience, leaving a residue of learning. Some particular life in some particular cycle may indeed be momentous and of outstanding importance, dignified by a reorientation, a decisive moving forward, the initiation of some service, the taking of some major initiation; but such lives are rare until somewhat late in the soul's experience.

For you, this present life has two factors of prime importance: the working off and termination of karma in relation to some people, and secondly, the attainment of the control of your sixth ray astral body. You entered life as a disciple upon the verge of acceptance and upon the periphery of the Ashram, even though your consciousness registered it not; you will enter your next incarnation having advanced in discipleship, and will rapidly achieve consciousness of the fact. For the remainder of this life there is for you a beautifying of all experience, the conscious rendering of that service to others which obliterates karma, the widening of your point of view, particularly in the realm of healing, where you are as yet still somewhat controlled by your sixth ray idealism, and the increasing admission of your second ray energy so as to control your organising personality. Does this seem what you call a "tall order," my brother? Forgive my use of slang, but it is oft curiously descriptive. If you study carefully what I say you will see that you are already doing all these things and that all that I am asking is an intensification of present action.

I have therefore nothing spectacular or unusual to say to you today, and that in itself indicates much. You can be trusted to proceed as heretofore, but I would ask somewhat more.

I would ask you to undertake a special piece of work (of integrating work for me), and to do it in such a way that it does not become a formal service but a living process animated with purpose. I would ask you every Sunday to endeavour to contact the Ashram and myself (expecting no outer indication of success), and then—in my presence—name each [586] of the people in the groups of nine and in the new seed group, as well as the three other people who have been in receipt of "the Ashram papers," the Fourteen Rules for Disciples and Initiates.

This will take some time, as there have been many. It will be like picking up a linking thread and tracing it to the Ashram, thereby definitely strengthening the inner link. Even those who have passed on should be mentioned, for they are still active in the service of the Ashram. I give you this task because of your trained persistence and because of your seventh ray ability to link the world of form with the world of spiritual reality.

I have no fears for you, my brother. You are a sound and self-directing disciple. My care and attention, when you need me, are always available. When need arises you can seek my aid—your Master, friend and teacher—remembering that it will take you at least seven days to reach me. Ask A.A.B. to tell you why. But reach me you can.

November 1948


I have registered and then recorded on your ashramic chart your strong and constant effort to fulfil requirements as I have presented them to you in my last two communications. Particularly have you—in this incarnation—mastered the lesson of occult obedience. Have you ever realised that occult obedience—correctly understood and applied—is the royal route through the astral plane, particularly in connection with glamour and with sixth ray tendencies, to the very heart of the Hierarchy? People are apt to regard obedience as the carrying out of rules and orders, imposed upon them by some authoritative source. This, as you well, know is not the case in any true hierarchical training. Obedience, for the disciple, is a quick spiritual reaction to the Plan as it emanates from the Hierarchy, rapid and correct sensitive registration of the quality of the Ashram with which he may be affiliated and a consequent and in time almost automatic undertaking (with speed) the required task. It is a task which [587] the disciple assigns to himself and is not one ordered by the Master. The acceptance of the task is simply evidence that the disciple is an ashramic worker, pledged to the welfare of humanity.

You are, as I feel sure you know, in process of shifting your entire polarisation in preparation for your next incarnation. When that comes, you will renew your service with a first ray astral body, provided, of course, you have in this life reduced the usually obdurate sixth ray tendencies and are controlling them. This you are doing with real success and I have no question in my mind as to your ultimate success.

I seek to change your rhythm of work. I asked you—as you know—each Sunday to have in mind all the members of the personal group with whom I have worked with the aid of A.A.B. Did you realise, as you carried out my request, that I was seeking the aid of your one-pointed attitude to reality? Or that I needed the assistance of some of the disciples in my Ashram in producing a consolidation and integration within the Ashram itself? It is a new Ashram; there are only three as new as is this one. I realised that it needed a more closely knit relationship within the ashramic aura of some of its members; such a relation is brought about by the construction of the needed thoughtform. I would recall to you and to your group brothers that an Ashram is in reality a dynamic spiritual thoughtform, vitalised by the Master of the Ashram and by the initiates and disciples associated with it. The initial structure and consolidation is now concluded and I can assign other work to you.

Your work must now be more closely related to the Christ. I refer not here solely to the preparation work in which you must all be engaged; I refer specifically to the Christ Himself, as a living Individual, attentive to the reactions of disciples who possess sufficient strength of purpose, clarity of intention and dedication to enable them to touch the periphery of His aura (referred to in The New Testament as "the hem of His garment"). By this statement I do not mean the aura of the Hierarchy. You are all of you already sensitive to that to a greater or less degree, for His quality impregnated the entire aura of the Hierarchy. I [588] mean His individual aura. A disciple has "the freedom of the Hierarchy" (as it is called) and can now make this attempt to reach within the individual aura of the Christ; success is entirely dependent upon the disciple's persistent but non-fanatic (or do I mean frantic, brother of mine?) and selfless effort. Make this attempt each morning for just five minutes, but not for a longer period. I can in this case give you no instructions; you will eventually find your way alone, as must all disciples. Those who are seeking to attain the degree of Master have—at some definite stage of their training—to make this attempt. A line of contact must eventually be built, and those of you who are now disciples in my Ashram can begin to make the needed effort. It will bring its own difficulties, such as over-stimulation and the arousing of glamour but—if you are watchful and alert—you can soon become aware of it.

This must suffice for today, my loyal friend and brother. There is much to do. Proceed with the work to be done, following the light which is in you and which will increasingly generate more light.

To J. W. K-P.

August 1940


I have not much to say to you at this time and the reason thereof you know. Let not the pressure of work at this time and world strain overcome you in any way.

The task of world reconstruction still lies ahead but the disciples in the world and the dedicated groups can begin to take the needed steps of preparation. The reconstruction must begin in the place where the disciple at this time finds himself, and this will involve on a small and relatively unimportant scale the same processes, the same eliminations and changes, the same discriminative idealism and the same conformity to the new emerging pattern as will be required in world reconstruction. I would ask you to ponder on this, for [589] all disciples throughout the world can begin to prepare themselves for increased future activity.

There are three outstanding aspects of the new age pattern which must be borne in mind:

1. The aspect of healing. I would express it thus, for humanity will take much patient care before the shock and the pain of the present has been transmuted into gained experience and understanding. Compassionate lovers of humanity can do this healing work.

2. The aspect of clarification. The bewilderment of humanity as a whole requires recognition by the forces of reconstruction. Time and effort must be given to clear explanation and to the pointing out of the law of cause and effect. Trained interpreters are required.

3. The aspect of reorganisation. Rebuilding is needed and this will require a dedicated, spiritual insight. The New Age will not be ushered in and find true expression of its latent energies through the medium of old and patched up forms, or through the preservation of ancient techniques and attitudes. It will come into being through entirely new forms and by means of the intelligent discarding of old modes of religion, government and economic and social idealisms. The need for sensitive intermediaries who can sense the new emerging realities and can take the needed constructive steps is great. They must create the forms which these subjective ideas must utilise. I make these few suggestions to aid you and other workers in the task of reorganisation by indicating the type of worker needed today in the world, and much needed in the task you are seeking to do for humanity and incidentally for Us.

Sound business methods must distinguish the physical plane aspects of the revitalised organisations for which you are responsible; a potent note of love and understanding must express the desire and sensitive subjective aspects of the active working group. Intelligent adaptability should be the mental note. These things I think you already know and I reiterate them not merely to emphasise them in your consciousness but also to weld the efforts of your group brothers [590] in the same united determination which will render them active cooperators in the plans laid down by Us for the helping of the world.

It is always difficult for the disciple who is working in the world of human affairs to strike the happy medium between sound physical plane techniques in expression and the measure of the vision which he sees; it is never easy to adapt and to relate the old to the new, thus producing that which the present requires. The task of the disciple, as you can see from the three words—old, new and present—is therefore primarily concerned with Time. This right comprehension of the time element requires the eye of vision, plus right interpretation of that which it sees. For this purpose I would give you a meditation based on sight and its suitability for your particular need will, I think, be immediately apparent. I make it very brief, for long meditations (reduced to form) are not adapted to your nature.

1. Sound the OM three times, withdrawing your consciousness as you do so to the ajna centre between the eyebrows. Hold it steadily there.

2. Then look forth imaginatively in three directions:

a. Upward to the world of the soul, to the kingdom of God and to the Hierarchy. Seek as you do this to link up definitely with your own Master, of Whom I am, with His permission, at this time the chosen representative.

b. Inward to the world of men, seeking to contact the subjective world of human thought and aspiration—the world of ideals and of human aspirational vision.

c. Outward over the world of events, over the exoteric objective world of tangible happenings.

3. Still holding the consciousness in the ajna centre express to yourself in definitely formulated thought, the duty of the day in the light of this triple interrelation.

4. Then focussing the light that is in you, send out the dedicated energy of your personality into the sphere of your chosen work through the medium of your left [591] eye and the potent energy of your soul through the right eye. This will prove potent in effect.

5. Then—as a soul—draw from the realm of soul life a fresh supply of soul energy and concentrate it in the head and heart, holding it steadily there for use during the day's work.

6. Sound the OM three times inaudibly.

This should only take a few minutes but it must be done dynamically and with full control over thought and activity.

My blessing rests upon you.

August 1942

1. Hold in your hand the thread of all my outer work and hold it there for me.

2. The symbols of the hands and feet hold a secret that you need.

3. Your Master says this word to you and through my lips: You know the point achieved. Move on.

4. Three groups there are which you must aid and fuse them into one. And this upon the inner side.

5. Joy comes through pain and not alone through strength achieved or in the service wrought. It takes all three. These three you have.

6. The gift of play must come to you, my brother. Play upon the earth and play in the hidden place and sport yourself within the playground of the Gods.

September 1943


Have you lately read the statement which I gave you in my previous instruction? It carries for you your instructions for the future and gives you—as you now read it—far more of teaching value than it did a year ago. These instructions still hold good. You have had a most difficult year, my brother, and those of us who are working with all of you on the inner side are not unmindful of it....


The work, planned and outlined by me during past years, has been largely at a standstill. But what did you expect, my brother? There is one point which you have perhaps failed to grasp, but which is to me a source of continual joy and satisfaction. The work of the Goodwill movement has been so eminently and essentially successful that today it demonstrates in the form of a myriad plans for post-war helpfulness, in the form of thousands of groups and of millions of well-intentioned people, forward-looking and kind, of all races and nationalities, who are preparing to do their share in salvaging humanity and in re-establishing (on sounder and better lines) the needed security and happiness. I refer not here to the work done by all of you since I published my first pamphlet, The New Group of World Servers, in 1932. That was only a part of the larger effort. I refer to the outpouring of the Christ consciousness and the spirit of love upon the world. This was initiated in 1825, and brought about the major welfare movements, led to the organisation of the groups which wrought for human betterment, aided in the founding of the labour movements which were founded on right motive, inspired educational processes, philanthropic enterprises and the great medical expansions, and which today is seeping into world government and beginning to condition all the plans for world peace and international relations. Success is assured, though movements may progress slowly....

It is the massed endeavour which will release humanity in the coming cycle. You have worked better than you know or care; you are and can increasingly be a channel, for the simplicity of the first ray type of person is a terrific potency. Use it, my brother, free from isolation. It is ever easier for a first ray worker to proceed alone upon the way of his decision, but I would suggest that you work in closer cooperation with your fellow disciples. It is essential now that the projected work receive an intensification of vitality, that it should expand through the potency of its innate life, and that there should be a strengthening of the integral parts already built. It is of immediate importance that each cooperating server should be fired with a new and fresh enthusiasm, [593] and should get the picture of the world-wide scope of the desired plan.

I suggest that the emphasis during the coming year be laid upon the objective aspect. The subjective quality has been presented, and this has been right because the subjective aspect of any form of expression must be living and expanding if the objective form is to take its place in world phenomena with power and usefulness. The potentialities of organised services for the spiritual strengthening of the world of men, the technique of their growth and the processes of their development—individual, group, and eventually a veritable network of interrelated groups—should now be elaborated. The more subjective work, emphasising the spiritual growth of humanity along the lines of the new approach to divinity has, as you can see, a definite relation to the new world religion and can eventually be focussed around the various full moons.

In the coming year let "joy be your strength." This is only possible when power, will and strength are blended with love, wisdom and skill in action and speech. My strength is yours, and the overshadowing care of your own Master rests ever on you.

August 1946


(And I mean this in its fullest sense.) I start this instruction for you with two statements: First of all, in the discussion of the work which I undertook in 1919 and upon which I reported to the Hierarchy—the twenty years of work and the six years of that work during the war—your name necessarily came up as did that of your fellow disciples. The discussion was between the Master Morya (your Master), the Master K.H., and Master R. in whose hands lies the rehabilitation of Europe, and myself. The comment made by your Master was, "I am genuinely satisfied with him. A life of selflessness has fitted him for world-wide humanitarian work for the remainder of this life and the next."

The second statement I wish to make is that—given life [594] and health—you face a period of service unprecedented in your experience. I have watched your development during fifteen years since you passed into my Ashram to get the training which will enable you later to take a position in the Ashram of your own Master—a position similar to that of A.A.B. in the Ashram of K.H. You have learnt rapidly and moved fast, and it is only right and just that you should know it. You have certain difficulties to overcome in the use of first ray energy, and any mistakes you may have made in harsh judgements and in its physical expression in speech are simply incidental to the learning of the right use of soul energy. This is your immediate problem.

Every time that first ray energy pours through you it leads to a trifling or a true crisis in your relationships with others. You need to acquire a more general and genuine liking (as a means to understanding) of your fellowmen, particularly of those who are your co-workers in my work. When the time arrives this development will pay you good dividends if your fellow students welcome your leadership. They are prepared to do this but will miss the love and nonsense (frequently teaching nonsense) by means of which A.A.B. is apt to handle situations. Be not ruthless or dissatisfied with their efforts to make good. Many of them are in the preliminary stages of being trained so as to fit themselves to be on the periphery of some Ashram and there trained for discipleship.

You need, my brother, to be more appreciative of effort and less critical of accomplishment. With true failures you are ever kind and understanding and have demonstrated this often, but you are apt to despise (behind a kind manner) those who appear satisfied with what they have done. You need also to learn with wisdom to choose your workers when it is your task to do so. It is not easy for you or for any first ray disciple to get close enough, or want to get close enough, to a person to really know him. You may remember the episode when the Master M. was at one time asked to handle the pupils of the Master K.H. so as to release Him for some brief job, and found himself unable to understand them or to do anything with them. It lies in the natural isolation of the first ray type. Have this in mind.


Be sure to choose the workers (when the decision lies with you) who are on the second ray, or first ray people in whom the love element is highly developed, but not over-developed. You are apt to be suspicious of people's motives. Give them due credit for sincerity and for having something as yet to learn, and help them learn their lessons—by loving them and trusting them; confine your chief attempt to establishing a measure of intimacy with your workers—friendship and a working partnership; this will guarantee the success of your work.

Your mind and brain are full of the work to be done. You work as do all first ray workers and as the Master Morya. First ray workers provide the substance with which the second ray workers build and the other ray workers qualify and modify. You inspire substance with the energy and purpose and with the life necessary to render it responsive to the plan—the Plan of goodwill which the Masters are at present implementing and for which They seek workers. Write more, my brother; you have the vision and your meditation is sound. It has always been along first ray lines as taught in the Ashram of the Master Morya. This few people understand. Any other form of meditation would be false to you. Though you oft chide yourself for not acceding with exactitude to my demands, I judge your meditation nevertheless to be perhaps the most satisfactory of any in the group. I am, therefore, giving you a passage from the Old Commentary which has a direct reference to the work you are attempting to do.

"He stands in strength who sees the Will of God behind the Plan. The will-to-good substands all true goodwill. That will is he.

The Plan for this cycle of the sixth objective crisis is goodwill for all men, and through all men, goodwill. That Plan starts now.

The Plan, within our planet as a whole, is the changing of the energy discharging unit (the etheric subplanes—A.A.B.). The fourfold form must assume triangular relation. Ponder on this.


The objective of the Plan is to reproduce upon the plane of earth the inner kingdom of the soul. This has the Master of the Masters long foretold. Prepare the way."

My blessing rests upon you for all the work which you have done. I—your friend, brother and teacher—ask and need your still continued help.

November 1948


Today in the ordinary course of events and as part of my final planning in relation to the work preparatory to the coming of the Christ, I have certain items of information to impart. The keynote of the next few years of your work is—as well you know—the making known and the steady and intelligent preparation of the human consciousness for His reappearance. With the subject of that reappearance I deal not here, but there is somewhat which I seek to say anent that which may be done by all of you upon whom I have kept a supervisory eye during the past few years.

There are five Masters and five Ashrams involved in this preparatory work. First of all, there is the Ashram of the Master K.H.; this is the presiding Ashram in this work owing to the fact that it is a second ray Ashram and, therefore, upon the same line of energy as that of the Christ Himself; another reason is that the Master K.H. will assume the role of World Teacher in the distant future when the Christ moves on to higher and more important work. Next comes the Ashram of the Master Morya; the reason for this is that the whole procedure is projected from Shamballa and the Ashram of the Master Morya is ever in close touch with that dynamic centre. The Master R.—as the Lord of Civilisation—is also closely involved; He is also—and this is of major importance—Regent of Europe.

I have also at times referred to the Master Who is responsible for the reorganisation of Labour; this work He began to do in the latter part of the nineteenth century but left it to [597] carry forward on its own momentum when Russia entered the field and laid its emphasis upon the proletariat or the workers, to the exclusion of all other members of national groups. This produced what we might call the workers' revolution in the latter years of the first quarter of the twentieth century. I myself am the fifth Master concerned in this work and am—as it were—the liaison officer between those disciples who are working in the field of the world and Those Masters Who are directly responsible to the Christ for the needed work of preparation.

Certain picked disciples from all these five Ashrams have been or will be trained for the work of contacting the public. Many of them (perhaps the majority) are totally unknown to you. Some of them you know. I refer not here to A.A.B. whose exoteric work is known to you whilst her esoteric work is well known to Us. Her exoteric work is drawing to a close and this also is an idea to which you are well accustomed.

You, my brother, have ahead of you the consolidating of all the work which A.A.B. has started for Us. I refer specifically to the new teaching, embodied in the books which she has published, to the work of the Triangles and the work of Goodwill. I refer also to the counsel and help which you will give to the younger key people, as they endeavour to adapt the Arcane School to the pattern of the new teaching which I have given and which will eventually sweep the world (if the work is properly handled) and thus prepare the people for the new world religion. R.S.U. has also been designated for this work of preparation and—in my instruction to her—I shall indicate certain basic attitudes which she must develop and hold as she stands steadily with you and with the younger key people. I particularly want her to work with them because she is a true esotericist and the Arcane School is fundamentally an esoteric school. Another disciple, D.H.B., is also entrusted with a share in this special field of preparatory work; he is not, however, to be concerned with the Goodwill work, but in another field which I will indicate to him in his own instruction. I am not doing much more than mentioning W.W. because this is his first [598] cycle as an accepted disciple; the service which he has to do is already recognised by him and will provide a serious and important life work. It is my intention to give him a word of encouragement and of advice. I am mentioning all these disciples to you as they should all work in the closest cooperation with you and that lays upon you much responsibility. R.S.U. has for years worked side by side with you; she has come through her test triumphantly, and in the task of serving as a channel for esoteric light and information she is competent and likewise humble in her attitude.

There is little else that I can say to you, brother of mine, save to tell you that you are trusted and that you will increasingly demonstrate the strength which comes to you from Shamballa, via your own Master. On that strength you may now draw. A.A.B. is quite correct when she says that your major hour of opportunity is now upon you as slowly she withdraws into that service which will (within the Ashram) enable K.H. to do more deeply spiritual work in collaboration with the Christ. It was to train her and thus enable her to do this that she undertook—alone and without my help—to found and organise the Arcane School; it gave her much needed training and experience and enabled her to demonstrate the quality of the teaching and that esoteric psychology which is the major task in each Ashram and particularly in the second ray Ashram.

You ask if there is aught that you can do. There is above everything else, the handling of the energy which is now streaming forth—the energy of Love in its dynamic or electric form. It is the Will aspect of Love which the Christ will of necessity use this time when He comes; when He earlier came He employed the teaching aspect of the second ray and not the Will aspect. First ray disciples are peculiarly susceptible to the Will aspect of Love, and for these reactions you must watch and endeavour always to lay your emphasis not upon the Will—of this latter quality you have (for this incarnation) an adequate and full supply. Let your fellow workers catch from you the radiance of Love. That, my brother, will release the financial supply so sorely needed; it will be the harmlessness which you and your fellow servers [599] can demonstrate which will prove the needed agent. Proceed as usual, my tried and trusted brother.

This instruction may perhaps disappoint you. I asked A.A.B. what she believed conditioned my response to your question. She replied: "You trust in his understanding, self-discipline and consecration." She was right. I have no distrust in you at all. So, my brother, I can advise naught, for you need not my advice; I—your friend and companion—can only suggest that you proceed as usual upon your way, remembering always to keep a recognised and conscious link with your Master.

To R. S. U.

January 1940

You and I, my brother, have worked together for long years—longer perhaps than you know. There is little that I can say to you along the line of revealing to you the glamours which hold your personality in thrall. These you well know. Often I have told you what they are. In your case, it is not so much a particular glamour but the presence of several smaller ones. The more sensitive a person is the more responsive he is to others.

You have wisdom, beauty of purpose, devotion and sincerity—all characteristics of the advanced disciple. The glamour which holds you is inherited from other lives. You have immersed yourself in no new glamour in this life, and this is rare indeed and for this I commend you.

But certain ancient glamours—racial and personal—still hold you, and it is the overcoming of these that constitutes your life problem and your present failure to do so that keeps you where you are. If perhaps I define or indicate to you two glamours which intrude into your soul expression and prevent the entrance of the full light of the soul, and if I give to them names which are not usual you may, perhaps—by due pondering—arrive at the point where you will be able to dissipate them.

The glamour of "the flight into safety of the racial consciousness" [600] is one of your dominant glamours, even if—in your own consciousness—you repudiate it. Every individual, without exception, is subject to this racial glamour and its potency is unbelievable. The subjective life of any nation, producing as it does racial psychology, national inclinations and traits and characteristics, lies behind every single individual and into it he can at any time throw himself, and into it he can retreat thus taking refuge in the past and emphasising certain racial attitudes. The overcoming of inherited traits and attitudes is, in your case, essential. You are really cosmopolitan. But in your life demonstration no one would know it. Disciples need to remember that it may only be in this life that they have been born into any particular race or nation and this only from the personality angle. Being, however, thus temporarily affiliated they may—if sensitive—become so identified with racial problems and relationships, with racial history and qualities that this ancient inheritance (which is racial and not personal and therefore not theirs) overwhelms them and constitutes a major conflict. So it is with you. In every race and nation there are those who—down the ages—have again and again incarnated in certain races and groups. There are also those who have incarnated in a particular race in order to acquire either certain valuable qualities with which a race or nation can endow a man, or to use that racial and national experience as a means whereby there can be the breaking of such bonds, a consequent release and a subsequent entering into the freedom of humanity itself. Ponder on this, my brother, and be not separative in your sensitivity and set as to your personality origins, to your so-called racial loyalties and characteristics, acquired through environing circumstance.

Is this too hard a lesson and a task, my brother? If so, determine within yourself if it is so or if it is not. Another life, the issue may be clear to you. It could be clear in this life if you accepted my suggestion.

Upon the second glamour I need not enlarge. We might call it the "glamour of continuous frustration." In your case and in the constant failure to achieve the fullest expression of your spiritual aims and goals, because of small and unimportant [601] personality qualities (most of them tied up with your racial inheritance and your environing circumstances), you are constantly aware of lack of achievement and of failure to do what your soul has made quite adequately clear to you is possible. Here I cannot help you. The issue lies in your own hands. Do you realise, my brother, that a week's perfected discipline would carry you further than a year's aspiration, accompanied as it is (in your case) by a constant sense of failure? Go forward therefore, my beloved brother, and rest not content until liberation is yours.

August 1940


Since my last instruction to you, you have attained to a certain measure of release and that means much and for that achievement I would indicate my pleasure and commend you. You are freeing yourself for service. All that I earlier said as to your problems still holds good and I would ask you to reread prayerfully and aspirationally what I said then. To the injunctions there given I would add some further suggestions. I seek further to clarify the issue in your mind. Once a disciple sees clearly, he can then take intelligent action.

You have not really liked my reference to racial limitations and yet, my brother and I can say my friend, why resent them? All national heritages lay their impress upon their peoples. A.A.B. is typically British in her personality attitudes and with her pride of race, heritage, ancient lineage and caste, with her stubborn persistence and dogged determination, with her sense of truth and her attitude of inner solitude. These qualities she has had to learn gradually to transmute into the dignity of soul consciousness, intelligent direction, clear expression of her sense of truth and a wide and general inclusiveness. This has not been easy though you, not possessing her particular problems and tendencies, may fail to realise that they are (or rather have been) as grave as yours. Some day I will give the group members a diagnosis of their racial colouring and consequent tendencies. Today I deal only with your peculiar difficulties because your battle [602] ground lies right there and it is mainly your racial faults which hinder you.

I would add also to the above—which I rarely do—that you are likewise freer from the imposition of physical control than at any previous time in your life story, except once when you were much younger. Your second major limitation has been, as you know, a physical one and is incidentally also a part of the racial trouble, and of racial polarisation. Every disciple has to achieve complete freedom from racial limitations and to break down certain separative barriers; otherwise they remain and hinder, as I hinted elsewhere to S.C.P. This is however an attainable attitude for you. You have, secondly, also to release your personality from the control of that which is the most potent personality vehicle, owing to the focus of the thought and life being largely there. The visualisation of yourself as one who is unlimited in soul expression physically would aid you. It is usually only in the brain (not in the mind) that racial reactions and racial vibrations make their presence felt. The brain cells, the atomic lives of the brain organism, respond to the racial brain and thus condition physical plane activity. A conflict is then apt to take place between the mind and the brain as in your case, but brain-responsive habits are apt to remain powerful for a long time and hence the problem. I am explaining, my brother, as you can shift the emphasis if you so desire and become entirely unconscious of racial control and racial karma. At present you seldom forget it and it conditions you unduly. Will you please not misunderstand me here if I say that once you relinquish that emphasis, the integration of the personality will be complete and you will be ready for a major step onwards.

A Master watches His disciples long before they are aware of the inspection, for they themselves take the needed steps into His presence long before the brain registers the contact or the response of the Master. All in this group have been watched by me for many years and in three cases for several lives (so slow were they to register inner spiritual impression) before I communicated to them my intention to train them. This inner direction definitely precipitates situations [603] and difficulties and engenders problems and none of you are unaware of this. The lot of disciples in these days is particularly hard owing to the fact that sensitivity and a conscious reaction to the impress of all the vehicles in the personality simultaneously is so rapid and direct. This is the result of a measure of alignment and of conscious aspiration. But the compensation is adequate if disciples would be more occupied with the inner realities and less engrossed with the outer difficulties. But this, as you know, is most difficult of achievement.

You ask me: What would I have you do in regard to your own attitudes to the group and to the work with which you are all engaged? It is not hard to answer your enquiry because for you the task is uncomplicated though not simple of achievement. Be, my brother, on the outer plane, what you are interiorly. You have much knowledge and wisdom. Use it as much as possible because you have a sphere of usefulness in this connection right in front of you, ... Your destiny is that of teacher. Begin, therefore, to fulfil it. You have been much occupied with organisational work—a choice of vocation made by your soul which was intended to offset the limitations with which I have sought to make you familiar. Such a task was intended to provide scope for expression upon the outer plane and this it has done. Now pour your energies into the work of the groups with which you are affiliated. Give to A.A.B. the aid which you are well fitted to give, making yourself increasingly responsible for certain aspects of the work which will make their appeal to you, and which call for your conditioning. I am choosing my words with care. Above all else give love with impersonality and true understanding. It must not be the impersonality of a planned and forced achievement but the impersonality of complete self-forgetfulness. The task is so vital that you and all your group brothers must lose sight of the little self in the need and the opportunity of the moment. Oft have I told you this. May I now see the result of this oft recommended truth?

As regards your personal meditation, I seek to give you one which will intensify the activity of the ajna centre and which will produce new vision and, above all, integration. [604] The ajna centre becomes active increasingly as alignment, leading to integration, is achieved. I would have you use this meditation twice a day, laying the emphasis upon the exercise angle or aspect of the work and paying no attention at all to the possible spiritual value. I would remind you here (and when I say this I am speaking to all the group members and not only to you) that work in connection with the centres is incidental to true spiritual development and is or should be purely mechanical and automatic. The centres are physical, being aspects of the etheric body and constructed of etheric matter, and their function is simply to express the energy which flows in from the astral body, or from the mind or from the soul (in three aspects). After the third initiation, they will register energy flowing in from the Monad—again through three types of force. If this can be grasped, disciples in training will not over-emphasise the system of centres through which the expressive energy must come.

The object of this particular exercise is to centralise the consciousness (plus the energies of which it is aware within the physical body) in the centre between the eyebrows, the ajna centre. When this is done, you have a secondary form of integration made possible, i.e., the integration of forces coming from the outer world of impression, via the five senses and the synthesising sense, the mind. You have, therefore, energies seeking outlet and expression, via the etheric body as it conditions and renders active the dense physical body, and at the same time energies making known to the man the world of spiritual being. Of these two worlds of sense perception, the two eyes are the symbol, as you know.

1. Achieve quiet. Relax with as much rapidity as possible and with little mental activity. Then raise the consciousness to the ajna centre.

2. Sound the OM, visualising the integration of the personality with the soul. In doing this, link the pituitary centre with the head centre, above the pineal gland.

3. Then pause and after a mental grasp of what is to be done proceed as follows:


a. Take a long breath and draw the energy from the throat centre in so doing.

b. Repeat the breathing and draw the energy from the heart centre, holding these two withdrawn energies imaginatively in the ajna centre.

c. Repeat the process in connection with the solar plexus.

d. Repeat also in connection with the sacral centre.

e. Recognising then that four types of energy have been centred in the ajna centre, take another long breath and draw the energy of the muladhara centre to the ajna focus.

f. Then consciously endeavour to hold all the energies there.