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1. Triangles of Energy—Constellations. - Part 2






Will. Purpose.


Active Intelligence.




5. Head centre

Heart centre

Ajna centre.




Egoic purpose

Egoic love

Spiritual mind (abstract).




6. Base of spine

Solar plexus

Throat centre.




Personal Will

Personal desire

Personal creativity.


A study of this tabulation will demonstrate that there will be found a structure therein of many triangles of force; some of these are cosmic, some zodiacal, others systemic, still others planetary and their reflections in the etheric body of the disciples of the world of all grades. Through the great triangle of Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity, cosmic, zodiacal and systemic force is focussed and these three become, in their turn, a macrocosmic triangle of energies in relation to the individual human being upon the planet. You have, therefore, the following lines of transmission of force:





Head centre.

Heart centre.

Ajna centre.

Base of the spine.

Solar plexus.



One major centre is here omitted because it is primarily related to the physical body and its expression of life perpetuation. That is the sacral centre. Just as the physical body is regarded by true esotericists as not a principle so the sacral centre is regarded as "a necessary evocation between that which is high and that which is low, and between that which is sounded forth from the centre in the throat and that which replies to a deeply sounded note."

In this connection there is an interesting triangle of energy formed by:


1. The egoic lotus.

2. The throat centre.

3. The sacral centre.

This triangle when functioning produces a subsidiary triangle of force which is formed by:

1. The throat centre.

2. The sacral centre.

3. The physical body—symbolised by the organs of reproduction.

Let me pause a moment here to point out that in this study of the Triangles it is not possible for us to do more than study certain of the major groups of triangles and a few of the most important triangles where humanity itself is concerned. It is of value for human beings to realise that there are other evolutions and other forms of logoic expression of equal importance to their own. There is, in truth, a veritable multiplicity of triangles. For the triangle is the basic geometric form of all manifestation and it is to be seen (by those who have eyes to see) underlying the entire fabric of manifestation, whether it is the manifestation of a solar system, the manifestation of the zodiacal round, the cosmic triplicities or the tiny reflection of this divine triple whole which we call man. When the human being is manifest but is not yet truly manifested, the triangles which symbolise this manifestation are the two eyes and the third eye:

1. The right eye—the eye of buddhi, of wisdom and of vision.

2. The left eye—the eye of mind, of the commonsense and of sight.


3. The eye of Shiva—the all-seeing eye, the eye which directs the will and purposes of Deity.

These three are, in reality,

1. The eye of the Father—carrying light from the Great Bear.

2. The eye of the Son—carrying light from Sirius.

3. The eye of the Mother—carrying light from the Pleiades.

and it is this latter "light energy" which is necessarily peculiarity active when the sign of Taurus is dominant in any planetary and individual horoscope.

In some unusual manner (from the human angle), all that concerns the development of mankind has been—down the ages—expressed by him in terms of illumination and knowledge, in terms of sight and of the entrance of light, thus leading to revelation and (incidentally) to the true theme of astrological interpretation. From this peculiar angle, therefore, we can approach the great Triangles with which we are today concerned and deal also with their significance in terms of Light. This significance and approach can be summed up in the following stanzas from the Old Commentary which—if studied carefully—will throw much light upon the theme of this particular subject:


"The sevenfold light of the Father brought from chaos into the ordered day His purpose and His plan. The seven supreme Gods bent to this purpose and with united will ordained the Plan.

The Bear and the Lion met together and laid their plans [431] in conformity with the plan and with the purpose of their controlling Lord. They called on Father Time (Saturn. A.A.B.) for aid and strength and he responded to their triple call. To this call likewise the Eternal Youth responded (Sanat Kumara, Lord of Shamballa); He set Himself anew to learn the plan, aided by Father Time yet unaffected by the Lord of Time for He Himself was timeless, though not the Lives which He enfolded in His thought and Plan....

Then the triple light which came from the Bear in His high place, from Leo in his lesser place and from Saturn in his little place poured into the planetary place of power. Shamballa was informed. The Lord of Life and of the World took action....

The little one within the greater Whole (the individual human disciple. A.A.B.) likewise responded to the triple light but not until the cycles passed and passed again. Late in the day of time, Shamballa sent a call, relayed from voice to voice and rolling forward on the O.M. The disciple, hearing that sound, lifted his head; an impulse from the base mounted in time and space. Leo within the heart and head shouted aloud and stood whilst Saturn did his work ... and thus the twain were one.


The central light of Sirius shone through the eye of the Son; the vision came. The light of wisdom penetrated into the waters and cast the radiance of the Heavens into the depths. At this attractive call, the goddess rose unto the surface (the fish-goddess, the symbol of Pisces. A.A.B.) and welcomed the light within the depths and grasped it as her own. She saw the Sun, having seen her Son, and from [432] that day the Sun has never left her. There is no darkness. There is always light.

And then the heavens within the ring-pass-not responded to the light from Sirius which, passing through the sea of Pisces, lifted the fishes into the heavenly sphere (Uranus) and thus a lesser triple light appeared, the radiant sun of suns, the watery light of Pisces, the heavenly light of Uranus. This light descended on the waiting sphere and lit the galaxy of little lights upon the Earth. A Hierarchy of Light emerged from its own place; the planet was alight.


The little one upon that little world responded slowly to that light until today the little world of men begins to throb in rhythmic unison. Changes are wrought. The cosmic heart, the heart systemic and the little heart of man begin to beat as one and as this beat pulsates with greater strength it blends a lower note (that of the solar plexus. A.A.B.) within itself, removes its harshness and its note of fear and thus it ends illusion. And then again the two are one.


The seven Mothers blend their light and make it six (refers to the lost Pleiad, A.A.B.) and yet the seven still are there. Their light is different from the other lights. This light evokes response from that which shouts aloud: `I am the densest point of all the concrete world (Capricorn. A.A.B.). I am a tomb; I also am the womb. I am the rock which sinks itself into the deep of matter. I am the mountain-top on which the Son is born on which the [433] Sun is seen and that which catches the first rays of light.' To me a Messenger comes forth (Mercury. A.A.B.) and says `the Dayspring from on high is on the way, sent by the Father to the Mother.' Upon his way unto this nether star we call the Earth he stopped at a bright sun where shines the light of love (Sirius. A.A.B.) and there received the accolade of love. So thus he brings bright gifts to man. For he is man himself and from these three (The Pleiades, Capricorn, Mercury. A.A.B.) Man takes a nature which is his today. Son of the Mother, born from the tomb and showing after birth the light which he has taken from them all.

Then to the lower three he turns and to these souls in prison he in time becomes a Messenger. Thus does the Lord of Mercury repeat himself. The Son descends again into the place of earth and iron. Again he knows His mother.

And thus the little one upon the littlest sphere becomes the greatest God. From the directing centre of his life on Earth he toils and works and carries out the Plan. (The ajna centre is the directing centre. A.A.B.) He too awakens to the need and from the chosen place (the throat centre. A.A.B.) he utters forth the Sound which in time becomes the Word. And then the three are twain and these are One."

Again and repeatedly, students must remind themselves that we are considering the impact of energy upon energy units (all qualified and producing appearance) and with the response of those energy units to the streams of force which reach them from "the furthest centre." It is in the development of response to distant points of contact and [434] emanating sources of energy that the needed sensitivity is produced. Sensitivity, generally speaking, is of a threefold nature:

1. Sensitivity to that which is found within oneself. This, when the consciousness is adequately self-sufficient, opens a door for the entrance of energies coming from the "middle centre." I speak in symbols and for those whose knowledge of cosmic location and of points in time and space will enable them to comprehend; to the uninitiate, I simply say, "Respond to soul impact."

2. Sensitivity to that which emanates from the "centres left behind" or to those streams of vital energy which lie active and focussed below the threshold of the waking consciousness. They stir the threads of memory; they draw backward the glances (and there lies magic in the energy of the eye) of the onward moving Point, the Pilgrim on his way; they condition through ancient habit the responsiveness of the units in the form.

3. A developed sensitivity which emerges from the "furthest centre" at first unconsciously employed and later consciously directed and attuned—a fully magnetic and attractive sensitivity. Forget not that true interplay imposes the condition of reciprocity and that the two points or termini of a line eventually vibrate in unison.

A consideration of a hint given earlier as to the symbolism and significance of the three eyes available for man's use will be found illuminating and their relation to the heart and throat will prove evocative of knowledge. They relate to the three centres above referred to and in their wider connotation relate to the three planetary centres: Humanity, Hierarchy and Shamballa; further back still lies a relation to the cosmic centres of the Great Bear, Sirius and [435] the Pleiades. In between these planetary centres to which I have referred and their distant cosmic archetypes lie three systemic centres which at this time and under cyclic law are Saturn, Uranus and Mercury. In between these again are to be found a zodiacal triangle of Leo, Pisces and Capricorn. For purposes of our immediate consideration the following three triangles are, therefore, to be found:

[See Figure]

When the significance of this is grasped, the following interesting points will appear. I give them to you for what they are worth to you and that worth is dependent upon the goal ahead of you, and where you stand today in time and space.

Triangle Three depicts the interplay of three streams of force which, in this particular world cycle condition and basically influence ordinary humanity. Forget not that humanity itself constitutes a great centre in the life of the planetary Logos:

a. Capricorn connotes density, firm foundations, concretisation, the mountain of karma that holds down the [436] struggling soul or the mountain of initiation which must eventually be climbed and surmounted. It signifies, therefore, the great force of liberation which both drives into experience and brings experience to an end, from the angle of humanity. This is the major stream of force in this particular triangle at this time.

b. Mercury brings in that quick and intuitive mind which interprets experience, fosters the growth of the intuition and relates the inner spiritual man to the outer human being in such a way that their future unity of purpose, plan and effort is assured. Mercury brings about those changes in mental perception which eventually enable humanity to act as the mediating interpreter between the higher worlds and the three lower kingdoms in nature; thus Mercury institutes the threefold activity of this centre in the body of the Heavenly Man which we struggle to perceive and comprehend, and which we regard as forming the three phases of the mind:

1. The abstract mind—pure manas.

2. The Son of Mind—soul, manasaputra.

3. The concrete mind—mental body.

and their correspondences in substance-energy:

1. The right eye.

2. The left eye.

3. The third eye.

In this particular world cycle it is Capricorn which is producing the moment of crisis—a crisis of initiation plus a crisis of destruction (related primarily to the mineral kingdom) paralleled by a crisis of mental perception, [437] precipitated by Mercury. It is this mental perception plus world participation in the "crumbling of the mountain load of karma" which heralds the vision of the new day from the top of the mountain.

Here in pictorial language I have endeavoured to indicate the three streams of energy which meet in the centre called Humanity, involving therefore:

1. The active intelligence of man, latent in the human centre.

2. The initiatory activity of Capricorn.

3. The illumining radiance of Mercury.

This combination of energies produces a triplicity of activity of supreme importance today.

Triangle Two has been called the "triangle of the advanced man"; it is associated with the kingdom of souls, with the fifth kingdom in nature as it is related to the fourth. It is this triplicity of forces which, playing on Triangle Three, attracts out of it those units of energy which (as a result of the activity of Capricorn, Mercury and Humanity itself) are ready to come under hierarchical influence and to be swayed consequently by different streams of force to those hitherto evoking response:

a. Pisces is particularly potent at present in the life of Humanity owing to its being the sign which is now passing out of influence as we progress upon the great wheel of the zodiac. It is this sign with its combination of energies which has produced such a potent vibratory activity in Humanity that it can successfully and eventually enact the role of World Saviour. Of this salvation, Pisces is the sign. Pisces is also the sign of [438] death, as you know, and in its death aspect we see the Piscean correspondence to the first aspect, the destroyer aspect of the Logos. This death aspect is naturally active at the close of the Piscean age and is consequently bringing about the present death of form in all the three worlds.

b. Uranus is the planet of occultism for it veils "that which is essential; it hides that which must be discovered and, at the right moment, it transmits knowledge of the hidden mystery." Today, for the mass of men, occultism is non-existent; for the aspirant and the disciple occultism is rapidly becoming a source and system of revelation as they penetrate into the wisdom of the Hierarchy.

The triangle of Pisces-Uranus-Hierarchy is becoming magnetically attractive to the triangle of Humanity. Uranus and Mercury in combination are dualities which the disciple learns to resolve and in the process of this resolution he shifts his focus out of the human kingdom into the fifth kingdom, the Hierarchy of souls. Pisces and Capricorn in unison bring about those changes which "lift the disciple out of the waters, wherein he is rapidly drowning, on to the mountain top from whence he can watch the recession of the waters. Thus does he know himself initiate."

The present world crisis should and will see a close merging of the two triangles in a most potent manner and this partial synchronisation (for close though it may be it will not yet be a process of general identification) will produce the sixfold energy needed to bring in the new sixth race and the new world period wherein fellowship and brotherhood will be manifest in all human relations.


Triangle One is produced by the inter-relation of energies from Leo, Saturn and Shamballa. Its potency is naturally felt more directly in the triangle of the Hierarchy than in that of Humanity. These three energies are sometimes called (in an effort to make understanding more easy and to simplify comprehension) the "triple energy of WILL":

1. The will of self-determination—Leo.

2. The will of sacrifice—Pisces.

3. The will to choose—Capricorn.

because the Shamballa force lies behind the other two triangles and is the recipient of energy from the three above constellations, blending them into the united expression of will, and thus proves to be the custodian of divine purpose. The triangles of which the Hierarchy and Humanity are the expression are becoming responsive to Shamballa—the hierarchical centre greatly so and the human centre gradually so. This first or fundamental triangle is occult in the truest sense of the word to even the trained occultist and to the majority of the members of the Hierarchy. Therefore only a few points can be mentioned in connection with it as there is little to be found in even the advanced disciple with which to reach real understanding. The information must perforce remain academic and theoretical.

a. Leo, which is the will of the self-conscious Entity to manifest, holds the clue or key to the entire problem of self-conscious being, whether it is the will-to-be of a planetary Logos, of a group or of a man. The self-consciousness of man is inherent in the planet itself, which is the life expression of a fully self-conscious Being. The use of the will through the Shamballa centre [440] involves the conscious use of that energy by the planetary Logos; this is evoking response today from the world of men in terms of will, both higher and lower. The wilful (self-willed) man of the world is apt to be more responsive to this Shamballa force than is the disciple or the aspirant because they are more attuned to the gentler vibration of the Hierarchy. I have earlier told you that this Leo force from Shamballa is finding direct entry into the human centre instead of indirectly via the Hierarchy as has hitherto been the case. The implications of this are obvious.

b. Saturn. This energy is primarily concerned with presenting opportunity to the Hierarchy and its affiliated disciples. The phrase that "Saturn is the planet of discipleship" is basically true because ordinary average man, except in group formation, does not come so potently under its influence. For the Hierarchy—as a group—is facing a great crisis of approach to Shamballa, analogous to that confronting Humanity today, as it seeks approach and contact with the Hierarchy. Thus there are two inter-related crises affecting both Humanity and the Hierarchy, and these should produce—if correctly effected—that which is called alignment or integration, resulting in a far freer inflow of divine energy. Both these "approaches" (which are in the nature of magnetic attractive "pulls") are conditioned by Saturn; in the case of Humanity this pull comes via the Hierarchy and—apart from that Hierarchy—mankind cannot today surmount or properly handle the crisis. This should be remembered and should speed the work of the disciples and aspirants of the world as they struggle for human liberation and to [441] bring about divine intervention. The intervention desired should come via the Hierarchy, if it is not to be too destructive in its effect. The last major intervention in Atlantean days came via Shamballa and resulted in the partial destruction of entire continents and lands.

These three triangles of energy can, therefore, be seen as basic and determining in all planetary affairs and event-producing. I have consequently chosen to consider them in our efforts to comprehend this basic astrological science.