Financing Hierarchical Work

It is a well-established and accepted fact that there is an intellígent spiritual direction of humanity. Some call it the Will of God; others, the inevitable trends of evolutionary process. Still others believe in the spiritual forces of the planet; while others name it the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet; and many millions speak of the guidance of Christ and his disciples. The essential fact is that there is a universal recognition of a guiding Power, leading to an ultímate good.

This direction has led from the state of primeval man to that of our present civilisation.

As the clear light of the mind focusses upon this pattern of gradual progress, it becomes obvious that there is a basic divine Plan working out through the instrumentality of humanity itself.

Three basic statements comprise the simplest expression of this ancient concept of a divine Plan:

  1. That there is a great and divine Plan. That this universe is not a 'fortuitous concurrence of atoms,' but is the working out of a great design or pattern.
  2. That a spiritual Hierarchy guides humanity in the working out of the Plan.
  3. That the executive head of this Hierarchy is the Christ, and the senior members are the Masters of the Wisdom.

The Christ provides inspirational guidance for the whole of humanity.

The divine Plan is implemented within humanity by the disciples of the spiritual Hierarchy, by aspirants and by men and women of goodwill. These people who have made contact with their souls and can work, consciously or unconsciously, under spiritual impression. In their aggregate these men and women form the new group of world servers--they are to be found in every country and in all branches of human enterprise. They have an international vision and are characterised by their inclusiveness and ability to work constructively for the welfare of all.

Members of the new group of world servers are to be found working in seven major fields of activity: Political, Religious, Scientific, Cultural, Philosophical, Psychological and Financial.

The financial department of Hierarchical work is the latest to be organised in point of time. The workers in this field have been spoken of as the custodians of the means whereby man can live on the physical plane. They are occupied with worldwide economic problems, and also with the basic materialism to be found in the modern world. The problems of barter and exchange, the significance and use of money, the production of right attitudes towards material living, and the entire process of right distribution of the world's resources are among the many problems dealt with by this group of economists and financiers.

Their work is most carefully planned by the Hierarchy. Today many individuals of financial stature regard money as a responsibility to be dispensed wisely for the service of others. Among such people are found leaders in the Hierarchical financial group.

The fruits of their work can be seen in the tremendous advances in economic understanding and the many economic ideas and theories. The new economic agencies and financial institutions are a part of their work. The growth of charitable trusts and foundations and the growing impulse to financial giving also come under their guidance and inspiration.

The work of the financial group of servers is basically synthetic and touches every field of activity. Implementing the divine Plan on the physical plane in terms of right relationships and sharing between peoples requires not only dedicated workers with vision, insight and practical abilities, but the use of sound business techniques, modern systems of communication and money. All branches of spiritual and humanitarian work today, without exception, need money, and the great majority along every line have totally inadequate resources for their task. Men and women of goodwill everywhere can assist therefore in the task of directiog the money in the world towards spiritual purposes and lifting human thought and understanding on the needs and problems of financial supply.

Just as money has been in the past the instrument of human selfishness, now it must be the instrument of their goodwill.

The two key problems facing the financial group today are:

  1. Developing a world economy based on sharing to meet the needs of all people.
  2. Channelling the needed large sums of money for the pioneering work of the new group of world servers as they seek to implement the divine Plan.

There need be no pessimism as to the future of humanity or distress over the disappearance of the old order. 'The good, the true and the beautiful' are on their way. Humanity is sound and is rapidly awakening.

The problem is how to direct money into Hierarchical work controlled by disciples. Lack of money for Hierarchical work is a major hindrance to the divine Plan and to the work of preparation for the reappearance of the Christ.

A great campaign to raise money is not demanded, but the selfless work of thousands of apparently unimportant people is required. The most needed quality is courage; it takes courage to put aside diffidence, shyness, and the dislike of presenting a point of view, particularly a point of view connected with money. It is here that the majority fail. It is relatively easy today to raise money for the Red Cross, for hospitals and for educational institutions. It is exceedingly difficult to raise money for the spread of goodwill, or to secure the right use of money for forward looking ideas, such as the return of the Christ. Therefore, the first requisite is courage.

Men and women of goodwill and of spiritual inclination can reject the thought of their relative uselessness, insignificance and futility, and realise that now (in the critical and crucial moment that has come) they can work potently. There are millions of spiritually minded men and women in every country who, when they come to the point of approaching in mass formation this question of money, can permanently rechannel it. There are writers and thinkers in all lands who can add their powerful help, and who will, if correctly approached. There are esoteric students and devoted church people to whom appeal can be made for aid in preparing the way for the return of Christ, partícularly if the aid required is the expenditure of money and time for the establishing of right human relations and the growth and spread of goodwill.

Through the wise expenditure of the financial resources of the world in the many fields of human betterment and uplift, the Christ will be enabled to 'see of the travail of His soul and be satisfied.'

'0, Thou in Whom we live and move and have our being, the Power that can make all things new, turn to spiritual purposes the money in the world; touch the hearts of men everywhere so that they may give to the work of the Hierarchy that which has hitherto been given to material satisfaction. The New Group of World Servers needs money in large quantities. I ask that the needed vast sums be made available. May this potent energy of Thine be in the hands of the Forces of Light.'

The Power of Selfless Invocation

Focussed intention, concentrated meditation, visualisation, directed invocation, leading to responsive results, are the major processes of creation. Prayer, focussed desire, meditation and focussed intention are the graded and sequential lessons humanity has to learn.

No form of prayer or meditation will prove effective, however, and of the needed potency unless the one who thus meditates identifies with the purpose and objective of the meditation, dedicates himself to cooperation with this objective and redeems all aspects of his own life in conforrnity with the focussed desire expressed in the spiritual appeal.

It is useless to medítate along lines which will aid in preparing the world for the coming of the Hierarchy and for the reappearance of the Christ unless that preparation is an integral part of one's constant daily endeavour. It is useless to medítate in order to reorient money towards spiritual work--remember that spirituality is essentially the establishing of right relations between man and man and man and God--unless all the monies which the individual has to handle are dedicated to right usage, the fulfillment of right obligations and responsibilities, plus the constant recognition of the relation of all money to the spiritual future of the race and the requirements of the Hierarchical Plan.

Money is the energy which can set in motion and make possible the activities of the new group of world servers--no matter what their colour, caste or religion. Money in sufficient quantity does not yet líe in their hands. Millions are needed to spread knowledge of the Hierarchical Plan and to further the work of men and women of goodwill. The billions which world statistics show are spent on luxuries and unnecessary "things," the billions which pour into wars and preparation for war in most of the nations of the world, must be deflected into those expenditures which will aid and encourage human progress in its search for a better and more spiritual way of life in greater freedom, thus bringing in the new civilisation, reconstructing human affairs, purifying and beautifying our modern world.

Towards this selfless objective the power of prayer, meditation and focussed invocation can be effectively directed.

For further study material on the re-direction of money into Hierarchical work--which includes a meditation outline-please write to one of the addresses below.

Parts of this leaflet are adapted from the books: Discipleship in the New Age, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, and The Reappearance of the Christ, by Alice A. Bailey, published by the Lucis Publishing Company of New York, and the Lucis Press Limited of London, England.

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