Using electronic technology to hold meetings in Africa and beyond

We are using electronic conferencing technology to bring people of goodwill in many parts of the world together to meditate and engage in thoughtful discussions about the multifaceted challenges facing humanity today, their causes and how spiritual energies, uniquely available each full moon, can be invoked and brought in to provide thought-forms of solution to these challenges and human problems.
Every month we send out invitations to members on our master list to advise the date and time of our Full Moon meditation, the only meditation that we are doing at present: we include talks given by speakers in previous World Goodwill Full Moon meditation meetings in London and New York to prepare our minds for our own meditation and thoughtful deliberations.
We do the Full Moon meditation first, followed by the discussion session and/or presentations, instead of the other way around because of poor Internet connectivity in this part of the world, which is our major technical challenge in this programme at present. Members who are unable to connect to the conference electronically are welcome to join subjectively.
We are currently carrying out technical research and investigations to find other technological options to Skype, the system we are using presently for communication. It is hoped that when we identify a better digital compression system that can compensate for poor data transmission, at reasonable cost, then we can enhance the quality of our work, reach more members and include, in our programme, New Moon meditation meetings and other specialised meditation meetings, such as meditation for Good Governance and Evoking the Soul of Nations for this Purpose.
Membership is open to every person of goodwill of both genders and all nationalities. No membership fee is charged but voluntary donations are welcome.
Contact Persons:

Harry Juwe 
Email: [email protected]
Val Usifoh
Email: [email protected]