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Within the cavern dark the fourfold one groped for expansion and for further light. No light above, and all around the gloom enveloped. Pitchy the darkness that surrounded it. To the innermost centre of the heart, throbbing without the Warming Light, crept in the icy cold of uttermost darkness.

Above the cavern dark shone all the light of day; yet the fourfold one saw it not, nor did the light pervade.

The rending of the cavern precedes the light of day. Great, then, must be the shattering. No help is found within the cave, nor any hidden light. Around the fourfold one lieth the vault of stone; beneath him menaceth the root of blackness, of utter denseness; beside him and above, naught but the same is seen.

The threefold Watchers know and see. The fourfold is now ready; the work of denseness is completed; the vehicle prepared.

Soundeth the trump of shattering. Blinding the power of the oncoming flame. The mystic earthquake rocks the cavern; the burning Flames disintegrate the maya, and lo, the work is done.

Gone is the gloom and the blackness; rent is the cavern's roof. The light of life shines in; the warmth inspires. The Lords on-looking see the work commence. The fourfold one becomes the seven. The [21] chant of those who flame rises to all creation. The moment of achievement is attained.

Proceedeth the work anew. Creation moveth on its way, while waxeth the light within the cavern.