Online Seminar Discussion

We are inviting everyone to continue the work initiated on November 14 by contributing their thoughts on the questions listed below, which were selected for group discussion at the seminar. Please indicate the question number to which your comment refers and limit comments to no more than 200 words.

1. What are the major decisions that currently confront humanity?

2. What should be the role of public opinion in situations of conflict? Can the voice of the public act as an agent of reconciliation?

3. Does humanity focus too much on the form side of crises, thus ignoring the needed changes in consciousness?

4. In times of crisis, the will-to-good is very evident. How do we sustain this will and thus keep the valuable lessons of crisis alive?

5. What does it take to ignite the will-to-good in individuals, starting with…ourselves?

6. Goodwill is contagious. How do we mobilise it?


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