New York, 5 - 6 Maggio 2007


May 5 & 6, 2007

Williams Club, 24 East 39th Street (between Madison & Park), New York, New York

Keynote: Let the group reveal the fact of the kingdom of God, the planetary Hierarchy.

It is of importance that you realise that today something new is happening. There is the emergence of a new kingdom in nature, the fifth kingdom; this is the kingdom of God on earth or the kingdom of souls. (Alice A. Bailey)

Saturday, May 5, 2:00 - 5:00

Afternoon Session – Everyone welcome: "There is naught but Hierarchy"

2:00 p.m. …… Two Talks:

  • God Immanent"—The Qualities We Inherit
  • The Great Chain of Being

Group Discussion:

"There is naught but Hierarchy"—what are the implications of this?


3:15 p.m. …… Tea and coffee will be served

3:45 p.m …… Guest Speaker: John Gordon:

The Unfolding of the Hierarchical Plan Since the Time of Gautama Buddha

The fact of the Planetary Hierarchy’s existence is as yet clearly impossible to prove to the world at large because of the Adepts’ own natural reticence in the face of uninformed public opinion. However, it is quite definitely possible to demonstrate the absolute practical necessity for the spiritual Hierarchy’s existence and function in sympathy with the structure and dynamics of both esoteric and exoteric Nature. This talk will thus be aimed at explaining why and how that is so, with particular reference to the cultural interface of East and West during the last 3000 years.

John Gordon is President of Blavatsky Lodge of the Theosophical Society in England and also a National Councillor of the English Section, of which he has been a member for over thirty years. A surveyor by profession, he has written several books on various aspects of esotericism and occult science, as well as on the sacred (and still largely misunderstood) traditions and belief systems of the ancient Egyptians. His next book-dealing with the nature of unfolding and evolutionary consciousness and the idea that there is a quite different yet still practical alternative to both Creationism and Darwinism-is due to be published in early 2008.

Group Discussion


5:15 p.m. …… Close

Sunday, May 6, 1:30 - 5:15

Afternoon Session – Everyone welcome: Cooperation with the Hierarchy

1:30 p.m. …… Two Talks:

  • Who are the True Forerunners?
  • History as the Revealer of Hierarchy

Group discussion:

Cooperation with the Masters: Humanity's Responsibility in the Present Cycle


3:15 p.m. …… Tea and coffee will be served

3:45 p.m. …… Student panel: The Task of Revelation

  • To Be a "Propagandist-in-Training" as an aid to Hierarchy
  • Responsiveness to Impression: Transforming the New Ideas into Ideals
  • Earth Stewardship: Humanity as Planetary Mediator

Group discussion:

Claim-making and the need for discernment

Closing remarks


5:15 p.m …… Close