Vibration and Numbers

By The Tibetan

Reprinted from The Beacon, September 1946

The Law of Correspondences that interesteth all real thinkers so much is but the working out in the mind and the bringing down to the mental levels of the ideal, of the archetype, and an approximation of the manifestation as seen in the three worlds of that archetype.Above all it is an attempt to grasp the basic facts of the divine geometry.The law of correspondences and the science of numbers are closely allied.The comprehension of the numerical significance of any given number is the key to the law of correspondences.The reason the study of numbers in the building of the cosmos, and in symbolism, has fallen into disrepute is owing to two causes:

The attempt of the little evolved man to comprehend that which as yet he cannot.Numbers, as recognized in the law of correspondences, are purely abstract, and as yet man hath not the abstract mind developed.Pure mathematics are abstract but few there be who can study thus.Only when the two major head centers are beginning to work in unison, only when the passage which connecteth the two is beginning to be a free channel, and the interplay between the two commenceth, only then can the real science of numbers be studied, and its inner significance be compre­hended.When these two head centers begin to vibrate then two things happen:

Man becometh clair-audient and clair-voyant.This is an incidental matter of no great moment, of no greater moment from the angle of eternity than the development of the sense of taste or smell.That which we have not seemeth ever desirable, yet possessed leadeth frequently to regret.This clair-audience can be either astral or mental, and ultimately both.Astral vision is the capacity to see or hear in the finer matter of the astral plane.It is the synthesis of sight or hearing on that plane.It is apprehension through the faculty of feeling.Physical vision or hearing is apprehension through the impact of vibration on the physical organs of sight or hearing.Clair-audience or clair-voyance is apprehension through impact sensed not only in the counterparts of the eye or ear but sensed or felt all over through the habit of the Thinker's mind, localized apparently in certain localities.

Mental vision or hearing is something more.On the concrete levels it is the intuitive reception of thoughtforms and the use of the concrete mind in the interpretation.It is to ordinary vision what decimal frac­tions are to the multiplication table.Sight or hearing on the abstract levels is not only the use of the concrete mind but the ability to realize somewhat of the matter of the higher planes, and to think in terms of abstract mathematics, to see the thoughforms on the levels concrete, to interpret them in terms of the three worlds, and to do still more.It is the faculty that enables one to take all that and use it as a basis for construc­tive building and as a key to the higher mathematics, as a key to the higher vibrations and expansions of the system.

You have your four great divisions, brother of mine, in arithmetic that hold the key to vibration in the three worlds—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.In them you have much hidden that your coming thinkers will throw light upon.They elucidate the development of man in the physical, astral, lower mental, and higher mental worlds.Almost beyond your comprehension is it brother of mine, for you reach not the truth by the path of concrete science.Yet some hints I may give that may somewhat elucidate.

1. Addition is the key to the physical plane.Along lines mathematic I may not further explain to you.In your mental make-up you have not the basis for intelligent compiehension.But e'en you can understand that every unit of the human family during his physical plane experiences at every hour of his life on that plane is adding somewhat.Impressions continually pass before him ceaselessly, his eye, ear, nose and faculty of apprehension through any of the five senses are ceaselessly being impinged upon.During the earlier stages of evolution his reception is purely negative, he receives, absorbs and nature doeth that which is needful.Mayhap one whole life will focus around only one impact the reason of which is comprehended.Crudely —for illustration—the man committeth a murder, he understandeth not the law of the unity of life.His whole life has been lived like an animal and no impacts of experiences have had his intelligent recognition.For this murder he receiveth due punishment, and he recognizeth through the harsh impact the letter of the law.He hath added.He hath added to his equipment a permanent capacity.All physical plane life is under the arithmetical rule of addition, and could you but realize all physical plane life is for the development of the true acquisitiveness, and for the purpose of adding to the content of the causal body.

2. Subtraction, the key to the astral plane, remembering always that which is gained on the physical plane—the power to add—is but a part of the content of the thinker's whole, and hath therefore the poweron the other planes as well; two added to two equals four—is an occult statement of profound significance.It is a basic statement.It is the key to Logoic manifestation in this system.On the astral plane is acquired very largely the faculty to take away, to differentiate betwixt the two planes, the astral and the physical.He who hath the five senses developed on the astral and physical plane hath acquired the capacity to take away or discriminate one vibration from another.He hath conscious existence on two planes; he knoweth how to function on two.Now you functuon intelligently on the physical plane, and in your sleeping consciosness heed not physical limitation on the astral, but when you can understand the arithmetical rule of the subtraction you will be able to function on the two.More I cannot say.Forget not that in subtraction lieth simplification, which is the rule of the last half of the path of evolution.The downward path of evolution is governed by the rule of addition, and findeth its consummation in the human being at his highest development.The rule of the upward path is simplification through subtraction - subtraction through discrimination brought about through addition.TheEgo subtracteth, the Personality addeth, the Monad multiplieth.

Forget not, that multiplication is but the expansion of addition, and division of subtraction.This is a system of duality and in these two—addition and subtraction—you have the basis of evolution in this system.A third cometh in system three.

The second thing that occureth, brother of mine, when the two head centers are vibrating is that the man becometh not only clairaudient and clairvoyant, but he also gaineth knowledge by direct apprehension.He knows, not from the employ of the reasoning faculty, but from an intuitive recognition of the truth.This intuitive recognition correspondeth to what might be termed mental inspiration.

Mediumship is the employ of the astral body for the transmitting of thought.We might term it astral telepathy in its highest demonstration.But the intuitive recognition of truth is another matter.It resulteth either from contact direct from the monad to the higher self, and thence to the vibrating head centers, or else resulteth from mental telepathy, the communication passing (as afore I have explained) from causal body to causal body, or from Master to causal body.Hence its safety for evil existeth not in the causal body, and when man hath reached a point where mental impression or telepathy cometh in the natural course of evolution, cometh at the same time a sane use of the discriminative faculty.

When the intuition is beginning to show itself (and intuition is dis­crimination at a high point of manifestation) prior to the development of the psychic faculty, then you have the best form of growth for the de­veloping intuition, and the faculty of wise discrimination protecteth from most of the dangers of clairaudience and clairvoyance.

I have shown you, brother of mine, how in your four basic arithmetical rules you hold the key to the law of vibration, the law of the higher mathematics.I touched on addition and subtraction and showed how multiplication and division are but extensions of the two first.I finished by remarking that "the monad multiplieth”.I add now that the Logos divideth.Through differentiation, through infinite multiplication, the monad progresseth.Involution is multiplication.The monadic consciousness in manifestation is triple, and it will be found that the re-incarnating ego reincarnates a definite number of times on the multiplication of the three.

The human monads learn by multiplication —addition and multiplication.

The deva monads learn by subtraction and division, but the two are one in ultimate effect.The logoic consciousness into which both are ab­sorbed is for this system subtraction.

For system one it was addition, the positive, the acquiring.

For system two it is subtraction, the negative, the extraction of the essence.The finding of the root number is the goal of all evolution, 2+2 = 4, the monad and the triad in conjunction form the personality, monadic manifestation at its lowest point.In the combining of the two aspects, love and activity, the goal is achieved, the four becomes the two, the second Person in full expression.

The 5th hierarchy findeth the goal by subtraction, but so little do you know of the deva evolution that it is well nigh useless for me to further explain.It is by the casting off of attributes inhering in them that theyprogress; it is by the building in of qualities that man evolves.

These two evolutions are divided for this system, which inhererently existeth in duality.This separated duality (for the Logos in this system divideth) becometh merged in the Logos eventually.

In system 3 cometh in another arithmetical rule incomprehensible yet, which resulteth in a third evolution.

The fourth creative hierarchy 2 + 2 = 4.At the consummation deduct the three-fold monad and the one is left.

The fifth creative hierarchy - the 4 minor evolutions of system one plus the 1 = 5.Therefore you take the 2 from the 3 and again the ultimate 1 is left.

The human monad is a triplicity.

The deva monad is a duality, hence our dominant feminine dual system.

See if you have it clear, brother of mine.

For the human monad —addition and multiplication, yet which in this negative system leadeth to an ultimate subtraction, which resulteth in the attaining of the 1.This is the line of most resistance.

For the deva monad—subtraction and division, leading to the same results, but this time along the line of least resistance, hence the negation of pain for the deva evolution.

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