Editorial ‑‑ The Emerging Plan

October-December 2013

The battle for the soul of humanity is being waged as a new civilisation struggles to emerge – a struggle which will continue while the personality relinquishes those attachments which imprison the soul. It is this liberation which is changing our understanding of what it means to be civilised. Colloquially understood, a civilisation expresses the highest thinking in the realms of the arts, sciences, and philosophy in any given society. Leading thinkers have defined it in many ways. Freud described it in terms of the manifestation of justice while to Franklin Roosevelt it was “right human relations”. But whatever definition may be used, in evolutionary terms, the goals and directions of civilisation are ever moving ahead. Eventually the new worlds we are helping to create will bring in a civilisation and a culture which will be utterly different to anything we’ve known before.

There is in this progression an inherent oscillation between the spiritual and the material as well as the challenge of reconciling the many different stages of evolving consciousness present in the world at any one time. All of this brings about tensions which we have to learn how to use creatively. The test of a civilisation is to learn to discriminate, to discover what is real and lasting through tests and trials and sometimes temporary failure. Soul formulas are required as the outlines of the divine Plan to release humanity from the chains of illusion and glamour. These lessons of inclusiveness and of discrimination are occurring all the time in the outer world.

Alongside this there is the deeper and more conscious service of the new group of world servers who are able to participate in the precipitation of the Plan. Due to their attained orientation, they are learning to “plant [their] feet upon the mountain top and from that point of altitude perceive the thought of God, vision the dream within the Mind of God, and follow God’s eye from central point to outer goal and see themselves as all that is and yet within the whole.”

We are at the time of the year when the lower interlude of the annual cycle presents us with new opportunities to perceive positive shifts in human thinking and to express these in practical ways. During this cycle of creativity, energetic forces can reorient and renew human thinking by working through receptive minds, slowly aligning them to divine concepts. So this edition of the Beacon contains articles about the power of thought and visualisation, the overshadowing forces and mathematical principles underlying the Plan, and the evolving phases of human consciousness present in the world. The responsibility for imagining and meditating the Plan into existence is heightened when we realise that all civilisations and cultures are externalisations of the inner reality, adapted to specific needs, of the planned activity of the Hierarchy including all those who are in some way in touch with it.

When more thought is directed to the Plan rather than to the events and problems of the day, and when there is greater receptivity to higher impression, humanity will be able to better grasp the new vision and shape civilisation to reflect the Good more meaningfully. In this way, we can all discover which aspect of the wonder and beauty of the Plan we are responsible for, and play our part in the Divine initiative. | Inside this issue >>

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