Benin Unit of Service

The Benin unit of service started the celebration of the festival week of the new group of world servers with a seminar and commissioning of the library on Saturday 22nd December, 2012. The theme of the seminar was titled: "Celebrating the works of all who selflessly serve others without Distinction of Race, Class or Creed."

Invitation cards were distributed to neighbors, university of Benin students, lecturers, and other units of service such as Ibadan Goodwill Association, Ibadan and Mr. Val Usifoh who came from Lagos, friends and well wishers.

The seminar was well attended, and two papers were presented, followed by a questions/ discussion session. The library was officially commissioned for public use and lending of books, and two participants borrowed books on that day.

After the Saturday seminar the unit met for meditation on the full moon of Capricorn to end the festival week.