Ribble Valley Meditation Group

The Ribble Valley Meditation Group held a well attended meeting on the first day of the Festival Week which was open to all at The Sanctuary of Healing. During this meeting there were various contributions from members both past and present. Included were very enjoyable poetry readings, inspirational and informative articles and a beautiful video created by one of the group featuring her own artwork, photography and sacred geometry and the photography and batik work of another member, all around the theme of Communicating the Nature of Divinity. The excellent Lucis Trust/World Goodwill video was also shown and the meeting concluded with the meditation Strengthening the Hands of the New Group of World Servers.

On the final day of the Festival Week a full moon meditation meeting was held at the home of one of our members. The DVD for Capricorn, from the Lucis Trust was played and then the meditation Letting in the Light was used.