Sedona World Service Group, Arizona, USA

We had a very small but unusually enthusiastic gathering that extended well beyond two and one-half hours, ending with a shared meal.

The World Goodwill literature was displayed and attendees received a packet with NGWS 5 o’clock mantram, schedule of events, and Great Invocation bookmark with the original version on one side and the Alternate Version on the other. We had some difficulty with the streaming video initially but later we were able to see both talks.

We discussed the NGWS, its branches of activities, universality and future, and ended with a meditation preceded by a talk. Both were especially enjoyed by those present. The emphasis was on the stanzas and energies of the Great Invocation as mind/light/knowledge; heart/love/wisdom/compassion; and purpose/will-to-good/sacrifice as the spiritual triad of energies of the NGWS, these linking the planetary Will center, the Heart center of enlightened Beings and souls, bridging to humanity in a triangle of circulating energy. The dynamic energy of groups within humanity representing the awakening mind of Gaia and birthing of the One Humanity relating to the Heart and Will centers of the planet, made the link between microcosm and macrocosm vibrantly real and actual.

It was my fourth NGWS Festival week meeting; the previous three were attended in New York in 1977, 1984, 1991, and now 2012 in Arizona. The next seminar in 2019 will have brought us closer to the important year of 2025, and the increasing energies of the Aquarian future will be all the more stabilized and prominent bringing in the love-wisdom, new order, creative intelligence, group consciousness, and will-to-good that has steadily increased through these past 35 years. My impression of the future is that the forces leading to devolution and those leading to evolution will continue to grow in contrast until there will be no need to choose; the path forward toward integration will have become a necessity.

Christine Morgan’s poetic and inspiring talk for the Capricorn full moon on quality as what survives beyond temporal phenomena, painted a visual image of energy weaving in and out in geometric form like a dance of colored threads of consciousness whose origin was the Hierarchy and the Christ. It was beautiful. Our meditation here continued the visualization of groups in the geometric dance of rays and patterns in the planetary work of integrating Ashramic energies and human minds, hearts and wills.

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