A group in Valencia, Spain

In Valencia, Spain, we will celebrate the week of the New Group of World Servers, a group of about fifteen to twenty people in Aurobindo Yoga Center in Street Padre Rico, 8-1 º -1 ª, every day at eight o'clock. The celebration will include a colloquium talk with some of the issues that can be drawn from the quotations of Alice A. Bailey on the New Group of World Servers, plus meditation that you sent us. In total is expected to last one hour daily. Probably the last day we celebrate in the auditorium of the Institute Luis Vives, of Valencia, in which case they are expected to attend between one hundred to two hundred people. It is likely that we celebrate the 24th at 19 pm, to give rise to the transfer of these to where they plan to celebrate Christmas Eve dinner. The theme will be extracted to develop the set of all appointments on NGWS that are contained in the books of Alice A. Bailey. A companion had gathered them for the celebration of 2005. He divided them into seven sections, so there is a lot of material to give reflection and study. If you are interested in the collection, it is put at your disposal and you have only to lay that out in the mail. mdkpal at yahoo.es