New York

Lucis Trust presents:

The New Group of World Servers Festival Week Seminar 2012

A Bridge of Souls and Servers

1:00 - 5:00 Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 West Club, 3 West 51st Street, New York, NY -

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All who love humanity and the Earth and who express that love through lives of active service form one group in consciousness: the New Group of World Servers.


On December 22 countless groups around the world will be celebrating the birthing of a new humanity.

To celebrate the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers, which occurs every 7 years, Lucis Trust will be holding events in 3 major cities: New York, London & Geneva.

In New York the event will focus on the group as a unified field of mind and heart, bridging between inner reservoirs of limitless love, light and purpose and the outer world of human affairs.


Michael Gomes, of the New York Theosophical Society, is author of numerous books, including an abridgement of The Secret Doctrine and an anthology of the writings of HP Blavatsky. He will speak of the pioneering work of Blavatsky and others in bringing the ancient mysteries into the light of human awareness and establishing the foundations for a modern understanding of universal brotherhood.


Dot Maver, President of the National Peace Academy, U.S.A. and Executive Director of the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding, is a prominent peacebuilder and educator with a longstanding interest in the perennial wisdom. She is a member of the Birth 2012 Welcoming Committee. Dot will speak about peacebuilding as a living synthesis of inner and outer service.


The program will include meditation, discussion and sharing. For details of live audio broadcast visit

No charge, donations welcome



2012 Seminar Program NY

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