Sedona World Service Group, Arizona, USA

The Sedona World Service Group will host a gathering on Dec 22 from 2-5 pm in honor of the many leaders, methods and ways in which the new group of world servers is building a new planetary civilization.

We will tune in to the key speakers of the NY webinar, featuring Michael Gomes of the NY Theosophical Society and Dot Maver of the Peace Academy, and discuss engagement on the many planes that world service occurs from physical to intuitive. We will also tune in to the Birth 2012 and Beyond celebration and webcast of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the many transformational leaders participating in this new beginning after the end of the Mayan calendar cycle. A meditation on the one human family will visualize light, love and the will-to-good infusing humanity and all of its relations in the web of life. We will conclude the gathering with some poetry and holiday treats.

On Thursday, Dec 27, 2012, we will have the monthly meditation meeting on world service highlighting kindness and compassion as two of the main qualities the world needs that the Christ and Buddha both embodied.

World Service Meditation group, 25 Maverick Trail, Sedona, AZ 86351 (928-284-0581). Monthly meditation commentaries are sent by email free upon request to [email protected]