The New Group Of World Servers – Group Forerunner Of The Christ

A talk given at the 1998 Arcane School Conference in New York about the New Group of World Servers.

Christine Morgan

To many of us the very name `the new group of world servers' is one that has become so familiar that we have to be careful not to underestimate the vital role it is playing in preparing the way for the reappearance of the Christ. This group has its "knowers" – those disciples and initiates whose communication spans the divide in consciousness between the spiritual Hierarchy and humanity, but also incorporates all those who unconsciously interpret and implement the Plan through an outgoing love and concern for humanity. They are all characterised by a sense of responsibility that urges them to selfless action. On the level of spiritual intention the group is of one breath, but this breath is exhaled in a myriad different ways and through many fields of activity, giving rise to that well known phrase "unity in diversity". The group is unique in world history and its vision catches the new and emerging ideas seeking to restore the mystery and beauty of life, free from dogma, creed and authoritarian structures. Those of us who are motivated to work subjectively within it are aware of its growing spiritual power and the excitement of being a part of a movement for Christ.

As we are about to participate in the Wesak Festival held in the sign of Taurus, it is significant that the new group of world servers is ruled by the qualities of this sign. The group forms the symbolic eye of humanity, sensitive to the light of illumination streaming from Taurus and projecting it forward along the evolutionary path that humanity is tentatively treading, highlighting obstacles to progress and indicating ways of surmounting them. The group also acts as a spiritual juggler, deftly adapting and experimenting with innovative methods of bringing order out of chaos, of arbitrating between different points of view in order to bridge gaps and heal wounds. As a group transmitting spiritual energy from the Hierarchy, its Love is energetically moving out into a needy world and displaying skill in action in bringing understanding of the issues which face humanity at this time.

Preparing humanity in this way is essential before the final phase of the reappearance of the Christ in physical manifestation occurs, for we can expect that His emergence `into the light of day' will evoke an incredible point of crisis in human consciousness. This time when He appears He will bring the fires of Love, demonstrating the Will aspect of Divinity, the force of Shamballa. This linking of planetary purpose to human intelligence and creativity must be foreseen and grasped by the new group of world servers, if only in a rudimentary way, so that the work He is coming to do will be sensed and recognised by the majority of thinking people. As the outpost of Christ's consciousness on Earth, the group is developing in some measure an intuitive link with the underlying purpose driving evolution, what we vaguely call the Will of God. It is starting to transmit something of the magnetic seed of the future – the Will-to-Good.

It is useful to consider the place of this group therefore, as the midway point between humanity and the great Ashram of the Christ. As a group, it is in contact to some degree with the buddhic plane which energises the power of the heart, causing it to radiate unconditional love, and also feeds the intuition with those ideas which have the conditioning energy to tune up the mind of humanity to the rhythm of the new age. The buddhic plane has been described as the plane of transitional ejection – a place from which new and assembled energies are "let loose upon the world of outer forms". This process has been accelerated since the Hierarchy shifted its location in 1925 from the higher mental plane to buddhic levels. The buddhic plane is the lowest cosmic ether, and therefore has a direct and unimpeded relation with the ethers of our physical plane. The etheric levels of our planet are consequently being energised as never before, and it is one of the causes of many new scientific discoveries at this time in the field of physics. Most importantly, the concrete mind simply cannot cope with the implications of these discoveries, and so the abstract mind is being activated at the cutting edge of science to cope with the strange world of quantum reality. It seems that investigation of this world by the human mind affects the behaviour of the substance therein, supplying evidence for the great esoteric truths that consciousness affects matter and energy follows thought.

Part of the problem for physicists in dealing with the peculiar world of quantum reality is that the subjective world which underlies the physical is constantly being re-made and recreated by the interplay of down-pouring energies and out-flowing forces. This is the hope of future glory however, and basic fact in nature that allowed the Christ to pronounce "behold, I make all things new". Herein lies the great opportunity for the new group as it learns to work with energies and time cycles, so grounding new expressions of the Plan on earth and ushering in the Aquarian age. It is this ever changing world of energies in which the group is learning to polarise its consciousness. Because it is a field of potential energy awaiting exploration and direction, it is also the inner cause of much of the uncertainty on the outer planes. The solid, familiar world of forms we have come to know and experience are subject to a constant pressure to change and re-form, reflecting the dynamic field in which our consciousness resides. "As a man thinketh, so is he" goes the great adage, and therefore, by extension, `As humanity thinks, so humanity is' – the ramifications of which are stupendous. One wonders if we are witnessing the transition phase from science to magic as the implications of the effect of consciousness on substance slowly permeate scientific thinking.

On more mundane levels, we see from the state of the environment, the wars, the poverty, the crime and promiscuity that, en masse a lot has to be done in the collective mind of humanity to elevate it into the new spiritual dispensation. Because of the uncertainty of how humanity will react and employ new and powerful energy during this transition period, for some time the new group in its work of preparing the way for the reappearance of the Christ is to act as a balancer of forces. Spiritual energy can be misused and overstimulating if not held and distributed wisely and intelligently. Therefore, the group holds a position of balance between the planetary centres, Hierarchy and Humanity, making practical compromises between the emerging Plan, the perceived need, and the level of knowledge and understanding demonstrated by humanity. It is a vital interpreter of events and conditions therefore, as well as a catalyst for change.

There seems to be a general testing of humanity's readiness for responsibility as steward of the sub-human kingdoms at this time too, which is the great destiny of the fourth kingdom in nature. We have been manipulating form in the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms for some time, but now we see tentative explorations in the human kingdom in the field of genetics. It is form manipulation of a lower kind from the esoteric angle, as it is the substance aspect that is being worked with, but this is only a transition phase to the time that humanity will work with the indwelling positive life of form through knowledge of words of power rather than the written symbols of current science. Eventually our work with the positive indwelling life of the sub-human kingdoms will assist the evolution of life in all its manifestations on the Planet in line with the Plan.

We see from the thin dividing line on many such controversial subjects as genetic engineering that one of the tasks of the new group of world servers is to balance humanity's rapid growth in knowledge and intelligence by emphasising Love – that group energy which puts need before greed, and which advances consciousness and wisdom over identification with matter. The Tibetan tells us that we are today in process of re-interpreting "the doctrinal structure underlying the relation between knowledge and wisdom", and this has particular meaning for us as part of the esoteric heart of the new group of world servers. As we steadily radiate the energy of Love-Wisdom, the second aspect of Divinity, one of the effects is the disintegration of old knowledge based concepts. Crystallised doctrines are breaking up and being replaced by a deeper grasp of the reality of the Life aspect, of an energy described by the Christ as "life more abundantly". This is causing much upheaval in the religions of today, but also bringing together and synthesising the best aspects that each has to offer. This deepening philosophy of life is also arising from the horrific level of pain and suffering in the world. Humanity is searching deeper into its soul for answers and discovering the divinity within.

This process is empowered as those working within the heart of the new group of world servers learn to use the spiritual will in its synthesising aspect. Potencies released or `energetically moving out' from Shamballa are "the living substance which is substitutory in nature and which is made available to the progressing point of light."1 In other words, as the group's vision begins to extend beyond the present boundaries of consciousness to an identification with the Life aspect of Divinity, it wields an energy that fuses disparate elements into wholes, seeing everything in existence as manifestations of the One Life – as energy units within a great cosmic whole. It is an impersonal vision which releases humanity from over absorption in the material world and projects instead a vision of spiritual creativity in a glorious future of light. It is a vision also of the simplicity of the spiritual life so needed in the complex world of today. The esoteric group's outstanding challenge at the approach of the new millennium is to wield the life aspect of Shamballa energy that simplifies and synthesises, so building the new world with conscious intent. The Tibetan put this beautifully when he said that men and women of goodwill everywhere under the influence of the new group of world servers will "organise themselves into battalions of Life".

Already, underlying the diverse fields of work and expertise, a subjective `oneness' exists within the new group of world servers which is esoterically `sounding' a note of inclusiveness to an increasingly sensitive and awakening humanity. According to the Tibetan, the development of an enlightened public opinion, which surely we are witnessing today, is, "speaking esoterically, right response to the sound which conveys the will of God to the ears of the attentive". The new group of world servers has to transmit this sound, and the method of learning how to do so is naturally through the inner ear and through that careful attention which comes from an inner attitude of constant listening.

The sacred word, the Om, embodies for humanity the principle of resurrection, releasing the spiritual life from the tomb of matter. Through right use of the Word, the group will, through world service and listening, hear that sound which will signal the coming of the Christ – preparation for which is its central purpose. Spending some time in silent reflection and contemplation, listening for the sound of Christ's returning is an inspiring exercise. It is a sound that is moving through our hearts at this very moment. All we need to do is to awaken and increasingly sensitise ourselves to its permeating note of joy. The esoteric sound of His approach can be likened to the hushed expectancy and spiritual tension pervading a spiritual rite after the sounding of some magical bell. It is a call to which all of us as people of goodwill, can and must respond.

1 Discipleship in the New Age. p. 404

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