Twelve Spiritual Festivals-DVD

A series of 12 video programs

Service to Humanity through Group Meditation

The Ageless Wisdom teaches that the twelve spiritual Festivals which occur each month at the time of the full moon are a time of maximum energy flow and opportunity for spiritual contact. The moon itself has no influence on the work; it merely indicates a free and unimpeded alignment between our planet and the sun, the solar center, the energy source for all life on earth. At such times humanity can make a definite approach to God, the Creator, the center of life and intelligence. The spiritual Hierarchy makes definite use of the twelve spiritual Festival periods. We can learn to cooperate with the members of the Hierarchy as they work to bring the divine Plan to the attention of men and women of goodwill and spiritual aspiration everywhere throughout the world.

The idea of spiritual approach-of Hierarchy to humanity and humanity to Hierarchy-is the primary principle underlying meditation at the time of the twelve spiritual Festivals. Participation in this monthly spiritual opportunity fosters an understanding of how the spiritual energies which flow through each zodiacal sign can illumine and inspire right human relations. For as we begin to sense the divine energies expressed through each sign we can help to radiate the energies of light, love and the power of goodwill to all humanity. And if we consider the group nature of this meditation work and the power for positive thoughtform creation which this opportunity for service can generate, we can begin to understand the reason why this form of group meditation is so important. This collective meditative work plays a real part in helping to seed these new concepts within the consciousness of humanity. It is said that the twelve spiritual Festivals will provide the cornerstone of the coming new world religion.

Anyone who wishes to be of service through taking part in this meditation work is welcome to do so. These spiritual energies, rightly understood, received and transmitted in meditation, can be instrumental in helping humanity to move on toward its goal as an integrated, aligned center of consciousness within the body of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. This is the objective of meditation at the time of the twelve spiritual Festivals.

Each 28 minute program features an original narration complemented by lovely scenes of nature which were videotaped in several locations in New York (including Central Park in New York City), New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Oregon. The opening and closing theme music is "Lotus Land" by early twentieth century British composer and esotericist, Cyril Scott. Additional music has been composed especially for this series by Craig Richy, a musician and composer in New York City.

1 Aries 2 Taurus 3 Gemini 4 Cancer 5 Leo 6 Virgo 7 Libra 8 Scorpio 9 Sagittarius 10 Capricorn 11 Aquarius 12 Pisces

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