Building the Carbon Temple - Part 2

Secrets of the Carbon World

Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe and, due to its ability to form long polymer chains; it is the fundamental building block of organic life. Carbon's secrets revolve around its atomic number – 6 – and the hexagonal building force that underpins Nature's processes. HP Blavatsky tells us:

  "There are six Forces in Nature...and the seventh—the all-Force, or the absolute Force, which is the synthesis of all.".1  

This etheric building force impresses itself on substance in manifold ways in the natural world, such as the beautiful symmetry of the snowflake and the structure of quartz, the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s continental crust. The great pollinator of the flower kingdom – the bee – reveals himself as an agent of love at his own level as he builds the honeycomb – a little hexagonal structure built out of the transformed nectar from the heart of the flower. Carbon can be made particularly responsive to this six-fold force in the ethers as science is now discovering through its work with carbon nanotubes.

Hexagonal quartz crystal

The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Snow Crystal


Hexagon located at Saturn’s North Pole

Two crossing carbon nanotubes on a graphite surface

Carbon nanotubes are based on the hexagonal structure of graphite and have the highest strength to weight ratio of any known material, with remarkable electronic properties and many other unique characteristics. Drawing inspiration from the behaviour of proteins in making biological structures, science is imitating life and engineering structures on the smallest possible scales. Drawing inspiration from the behaviour of certain proteins that spontaneously self-assemble into complicated structures, researchers are using molecules and individual atoms as building blocks and endeavouring to achieve a "specific geometric pattern of the atoms that these proteins are composed of on the surface of the nanotube." Researcher, Gevorg Grigoryan,goes on to say, "If you know the underlying atomic lattice, it means that you know how to further build around it, how to attach things to it. It's like scaffolding for future building."2

Now that the magnetic properties of carbon have been discovered an added dimension has appeared that will affect future research and experimentation. In the words of Hendrik Ohldag, of the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory: "With carbon, we know how to make things very small. On the other hand we know a lot about how to process and store information using magnetism. This opens up the door for future studies that will lead to improved magnetism in carbon that could one day mean that we will be able to combine the ‘magnetic' and the ‘carbon' world."3

All of this work with carbon is evoking the great life that manifests itself through this element with undreamt of consequences for the future. Even now, the electromagnetic waves that permeate the ethers through communication networks are having a tremendous effect on the mineral essence of the planet accelerating its evolution and making it more adaptable to future human use. As carbon is rendered magnetic at room temperature and enters the field of electronics on a vast scale this can only intensify. We are witnessing the spiritual electrification of the entire world with corresponding changes in the human organism. The key to understanding these changes lies in one of the yoga sutras of Patanjali:

  "Symmetry of form, beauty of colour, strength and the compactness of the diamond, constitute bodily perfection."
The Light of the Soul, Sutra 46 Bk III, A.A. Bailey

This sutra veils the secret of the future evolution of the human organism. It involves a new understanding of the relationship between carbon and oxygen in the physical body eventually leading to the transformation of humanity into the diamond souled kingdom. To understand this alchemy of carbon in the human organism, carbon as a symbol of "living matter" has to be explored.

Four basic elements:

Instead of the four classical elements of alchemy: earth, air, water and fire, we can use in a symbolic manner, the more modern chemical elements and ponder their deeper significance. Thus, the lower principles of man are represented by four basic elements that also form the main physical constituents of the physical body. These are

  Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen.  

Carbon forms the backbone biology for all of life on Earth, bonding with other elements, particularly Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen to form complex molecules. In The Cosmic Bloodstream we saw that Hydrogen and Oxygen are direct precipitations of the universal aether and they facilitate the desire to manifest on the physical plane. These four elements are prevalent throughout the universe, with carbon, the symbol of organic life, tantalisingly present, the substance formed and moulded over the etheric vehicle by the action of prana.


The Birth of Cosmic Desire? The "eagle" nebula, is what many astronomers refer to as a "star factory" or "stellar nursery", a region where many stars are formed. It is a mixture of gas and dust made of mainly Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, and Silicon gases. The Carbon and Silicon gases are what give the object its central "dark dust column" appearance, while the Hydrogen gas gives it the red coloring and the Oxygen gas gives it the slight tint of blue.

Hydrogen: The lightest of all gases, burns in oxygen giving off the most intense heat of any substance in combustion, and forms Water, the most stable of compounds. It is related to the principle of animal desire, which burns fiercely during life in matter resulting in satiety.

Oxygen: The supporter of Hydrogen’s combustion – it is the life giving gas and related to the human principle of prana, the active power behind all vital phenomena. These two precipitations are supported by the work of:

Nitrogen: An inert gas; the vehicle with which Oxygen is mixed to adapt the latter for animal respiration. It is related to the etheric vehicle – the inert subtle body on which the physical body is moulded.

Carbon: "The fuel par excellence"; the basis of all organic substances. It is related to the gross matter of the body, the substance formed and moulded over the etheric vehicle by the action of prana.

Hydrogen – related to the Astral body
Oxygen – related to the life principle, Prana
Nitrogen – related to the Etheric body
Carbon – related to the Physical body
Four Basic Elements, References: The Mysteries of the Hebdomad, The Secret Doctrine, vol II p. 593. H.P Blavatsky

Carbon forms compounds with Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen, to provide on the physical plane, a body that reflects the vehicle of desire on the astral plane. Inversely, as a human being transcends the emotional nature and purifies the astral vehicle, the relationship between carbon and oxygen in the physical body is similarly transformed. Astral man becomes Spiritual man, no longer a product of uncontrolled emotional combustion. On the physical plane, this is reflected by a reduced need for oxygen in the respiration process of the physical organism, and a transformation of its carbon content. This will be addressed in Part 3.


1 Classification of "Principles", Collected Writings vol VII, H.P. Blavatsky

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3 Carbon joins the Magnetic Club

Continued in Part 3

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