A Presentation on Triangles in Australia

by a co-worker in Australia:

I decided to hold an information evening to tell people about Triangles – what it is, how to do it and why it’s important.

Using my minimal Adobe Illustrator skills I designed a flyer (please see below) and distributed it around alternative bookshops, cafes, wholefood shops and the community centre where I hold the new and full moon meetings. I also advertised it on my website: www.creativechangemakers.com.au

It was held on the meeting date of the Piscean new moon in February. We started the evening with a welcome, and a brief run-down of the programme. Then we watched the Triangles DVD on a laptop, and after that we went straight into the new moon meditation. We finished with tea and a discussion which we always enjoy. A time to connect while bathed in the higher vibrations created from the meditation.

Everyone received a Triangles pack, DVD and poster. Some of the group are already in a triangle. The purpose was not to recruit but to raise awareness and distribute literature. Along with the triangles information, I also had World Goodwill and Full Moon literature freely available.

The evening was an hour long and that seemed enough to fulfil the purpose. It was enjoyable and I’ll repeat the venture next year.