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2. The factor of the ray of the Personality.

3. The factor of the point in evolution.

One hint may here be given.  At a low point in evolution the colours are largely based on the activity aspect.  Later comes the working in the love, or wisdom aspect, which has three effects:—

a. The dropping out of colours from the lower sheaths which are the left-overs from a previous system.  It involves the elimination of such hues as brown and gray.

b. The transmutation of certain colours into those of higher tone.

c. An effect of translucence, or an underlying radiance or brilliance, which is the result of the greater purity of the bodies and the dimensions of the ever-growing inner flame.

4. The factor of the ray, or rays, that are manifested passing out of manifestation or coming into manifestation.  These rays necessarily affect the egos in incarnation; they cause a change of vibration somewhat or a consequent change of colouring or of quality.  If a man, for instance, is on the Ray of Science, and comes under the influence of the incoming Ray of Harmony, the effect on his trend of thought, and consequently on the colour he [231] will be demonstrating, will be quite noticeable.  All these factors cause the blending and merging and mixing that is practically inextricably confusing to the man from the standpoint of the three worlds.

......I appreciate your feeling that even these hints but lead apparently to greater confusion.  But by constant application to the subject in hand, by frequent brooding and meditation on the colours, and by an endeavor to attain their esoteric significance, and their microcosmic application, will gradually appear the thread that will lead the student out of his confusion into the clear light of perfect knowledge.  Have, therefore, courage, a broad elasticity of view, and an ability to reserve opinion until further facts are demonstrated, and also an avoidance of dogmatic assertion.  These will be your best guides in the early days of your search.  Many have, through meditation and a receptiveness to the higher teaching, found their way out of the Hall of Learning into the Hall of Wisdom.  Only in the Hall of Wisdom can the esoteric interpretation of the colours be truly known.  That Hall is entered through the meditation which prepares the student for that initiation which opens to him the door.  Therefore, hold fast to meditation and falter not in purpose.

September 4th, 1920.

We have for discussion today, something of real spiritual application in a practical sense.  Much that I have imparted to you has provided food for thought and for speculation.  It tends to the development of the higher mind and by stimulation of imagination it somewhat develops the intuition.  Much of it has been in the nature of prophecy, and of the holding forth of an ideal some day to be attained.  Only by pointing out the goal and by emphasising that point will man be induced to make the [232] necessary effort and thereby approximate in some measure the desired position.  But today we come down to practical living and the imposing upon the personality of a certain rate of rhythm.  We do this in our study of the third point upon the effect of colour:—

a. On the bodies of the student.

b. On the groups with which he is affiliated.

c. On his environment.

The point I seek specially to emphasise is the life side and not the form side of colour.  As I wrote earlier, colour is but the form assumed by force, of some kind, when that force is moving at a certain measure, and when its action and movement is impeded or unimpeded by the material through which it plays.  In this sentence lies the key to the solution of the problem as to the colour differences on the higher planes and on the lower.  The resistance of matter to the downflow of force or life, and its relative density or rarity accounts for much of the colour distinction.  One of the distinctions has, necessarily, a cosmic basis and is consequently difficult of apprehension by three-dimensional man in this, the fourth round.  But the basic reason of the difference can be apprehended sufficiently to permit the pupil to realise the absolute necessity of steadily refining his vehicles so that the force may radiate through with greater facility.  It is therefore on the three lower planes a question of practical living and a bringing of all the three bodies under edict rules of refinement.

These forces in terms of spiritual development, and not so much in terms of form, demonstrate through the virtues, as you call them, through magnetism and through vitality and intelligence.  To put it quite briefly, as the student builds a pure physical body and a refined etheric, as he develops the emotional virtues and as he co-ordinates [233] and enlarges his mental body, he is continuously altering its rate of vibration, and changing its rhythm, which change demonstrates to the eye of the clairvoyant as mutation in colour.  As you have been taught, the colours as seen in the aura of a savage and in those of the average developed man are extraordinarily dissimilar.  Why?  Because one is moving or vibrating at a slow rate and the other with greatly increased rapidity.  One has a rhythm slow, sluggish and heavy, the other is pulsating and moving with a tremendous velocity permitting consequently a more rapid play of the material of which those bodies are constructed.

Therefore, I would like to point out that as the race progresses as a collective unit, Those Who gaze upon it from a higher plane are aware of the steady improvement in the colours seen, and of a greater purity and clarity of hue in the aura of the race, which aura is composed of the composite auras of the units of the race.  For instance, the aura of the Atlantean root-race and that of the Aryan are widely diverse, and radically different.  We have, therefore, demonstrated our first point that, as the units evolve, the colours change and this is brought about by the transmutation of what you term vices, into virtues.  A vice is dominance of an involutional quality of the same force which at a later period will show forth as a virtue.

The second point I seek to make is that these influences (which show forth as colours when they contact matter) move in their own ordered cycles.  These cycles we describe as the coming in or the going out of a ray.  In this fourth round usually four rays are in flux at any one given time; by this I seek to impress upon you that though all rays manifest in the solar system, at certain stages of manifestation more or less of them will be dominating simultaneously.  These rays, forces, influences, or [234] co-ordinations of qualities, when expressed in terms of light, colour the matters they impinge upon with certain recognisable hues, and these give the tone to the life of the personality or to the Ego.  They are recognized by you as the composite character and are seen by the clairvoyant as colour.

Groups, therefore, of units who converge through similarity of vibration will be seen as having approximately the same basic hue, though with many lesser differentiations in colour and tone.  As stated before, the colour of large masses of people can be gauged and judged.  It is in this way that the members of the Hierarchy in Whose Hands is placed evolutionary development in the three worlds, judge of the stage attained and the progress made.

Different rays come in bearing units coloured by that ray.  Other rags pass out carrying with them units of a different basic hue.  In the period of transition the blending of colour is of deep complexity, but of mutual helpfulness and benefit.  Each ray imparts somewhat to the other rays in incarnation at the same time, and the rate of rhythm will be slightly affected.  This from the standpoint of the present and of time in the three worlds, may be almost inappreciably small, but through the frequent meeting and interplay of the forces and colours, and their constant action and interaction upon each other, will come a steady, general levelling up, and an approximation in vibration.  You will see, therefore, how synthesis is achieved at the end of a greater maha-manvantara.  The three rays absorb the seven and lead eventually to a merging in the synthetic ray.

In the microcosm the three rays of the Monad, the Ego, and the Personality will likewise dominate and absorb the seven, and in time also lead to a merging in the [235] synthetic ray of the Monad.  The correspondence will be found perfect.

These forces, or virtues, or influences (I reiterate synonymous terms because of the need of clear thinking on your part) are gradually received into the bodies of the personality with ever greater facility and fuller expression.  As the bodies are refined they provide better mediums for incoming forces, and the quality of any particular force,—or, to reverse it, the force of any particular quality—becomes more perfectly expressed.  Here comes in the work of the student in meditation.  Early in evolution these forces played through and on the bodies of a man with little understanding on his part, and small ability to profit thereby.  But as time proceeds, he comprehends more and more the value of all that eventuates, and seeks to profit by the sum of the qualities of his life.  Herein comes opportunity.  In the intelligent apprehension of quality, in the striving after virtue, and in the building-in of God-like attribute, comes response to those forces and a facilitating of their action.  The student of meditation ponders on those forces or qualities, he seeks to extract their essence, and to comprehend their spiritual significance; he broods on his own lack of response, he realises the deficiencies in his vehicle as a medium for those forces; he studies the rate of his rhythmic vibration, and he strenuously endeavors to bend every opportunity to meet the need.  He concentrates on the virtue, and (if he is so situated that he is aware of the incoming ray or of the ray in dominance at that time), he avails himself of the hour of opportunity and co-operates with the force extant.  All this he does through the ordered forms of the true and occult meditation.

As time progresses—yes, again I prophesy—occult students will be given certain facts anent the dominating [236] rays which will enable them to avail themselves of the opportunity any particular ray affords.

Effect on the Environment.

As regards our third point, the effect of all the above on the environment, it will be obvious at once to the careful student that the effect upon the environment will be noticeable, especially as more and more of the human race come under the conscious control of their higher self and in line with the law.  Certain things will then be possible:—

a. Direct contact with the deva or angel evolution will come about, though it is impossible now through instability of vibration.

b. Many very highly developed souls will come in who are at present hindered by the low rate of vibration and consequent heaviness of colour of the majority of the human race.  There are, in the heaven world and on the causal level, some great, and, to you, incomprehensible units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, awaiting opportunity of expression, just as some of you awaited a period in the Atlantean race before taking incarnation on this planet.  When the rate of the vibration of a larger percentage of the race has reached a certain measure, and when the colour aspect of the co-ordinated auras of the groups is of a certain tone, they will return, and bring to the earth much of value past your realisation.

c. Another interesting point upon which we have not time to dwell is that the rhythmic effect on even the two kingdoms beneath the human will be objectively demonstrable.  It was no idle boast of the prophet of Israel when he said "The leopard shall lie down with the lamb" or that "the desert shall blossom like a rose".  It will be [237] brought about by the domination of certain vibrations and the bringing in of certain colours veiling certain virtues or influences.

September 7th, 1920.

Today we will take up the subject of the application of colour.  If colours are but the veil cast over an influence, and if you can, by use of the intuition, find out which colours thus shroud a virtue you have the key to the matter in hand.  You will have noted two facts that stand out in these letters:—

That the subject touched upon is so vast that only its outline has in any way been attempted.

That each sentence written in these letters aims at an exact impartation of a complete thought and is full of matter for consideration.  Why have I not dealt with the matter in greater detail, and why have I not entered into lengthy explanations and sought to expand the sentences into paragraphs?  For the sole reason that if the preliminary work has been done in the meditation of the past years by the student he will find the material of these letters conducive to the development of abstract thought, and to the widening of the channel that communicates with the intuition.  I but seek to be suggestive.  My aim is but to indicate.  The usefulness of the teaching I give depends upon the intuition of the pupil.  Therefore, when I say that colour has certain effects when applied I would warn you that it will be necessary to interpret the above in terms of life, in terms of form, and in terms of mind.

The application of colour.

a. In meditation.

b. In healing.

c. In constructive work.


Colour may be used in many ways, and the above three ways do not cover the subject.  They but indicate three ways that are of immediate and practical use to the student.  Colour may be employed in contacting other evolutions, subhuman or superhuman; in definite work of destruction or of shattering; it may be used in connection with other methods such as music or movement, or in connection with stated mantrams, thereby bringing about certain results, but with all these we need not, in this series of letters, concern ourselves.  The growth of the individual and his increased capacity to be of service are all brought about by the wise use of occult meditation.  Let us therefore consider our first point.

Use of Colour in Meditation.

All colours emanate from one source or one primary colour—in this solar system the cosmic ray of indigo veiling cosmic love or wisdom,—and then split into three major colours and thence into the four minor, making the seven colours of the spectrum.  You will expect to see the same effect in the life of the individual, for always the macrocosm affects the microcosm.  His primary colour will be his monadic ray, manifesting next in the three colours of the Triad and in the four colors of the Quaternary.  These colours on the path of return are resolved into the three and thence again into the one.

The path of manifestation, of differentiation, is the path of acquisition.  It is the homogeneous becoming the many or the heterogeneous.  It is the breaking up of the one basic colour into its many component parts.  This is the form side, the expression of that which veils the life.  On the life side it is the development from the one basic quality of the many inherent virtues; it is the latent possibility of divinity demonstrating as the many attributes of [239] the divine; it is the one life manifesting its many qualities through diversity of form.  It is the self, with the inherent capabilities of the All Self, utilising forms for the demonstration of its all-including perfections.  On the intelligence side it is the method whereby the life utilises the form and develops its thorough comprehension, analysis and intellect.  It is the relation between life and form, the self and the not-self, between spirit and matter, manifesting as modes of expression whereby the indwelling divinity imposes his characteristics upon the material provided for his using.  The God within expresses all his latent virtues through forms by the use of activity or intelligence.  The life shows colour and the form perfects those colours, as the intelligence aspect (which forms the energising link) becomes more evolved and comprehension is developed.

On the path of return, renunciation is the rule, in contradistinction to the earlier method.  The indwelling life renounces the forms, hitherto regarded (and necessarily so) as essential.  By the use now of the intelligence which has linked these two pairs of opposites, spirit and matter, consciousness and form, the forms built of matter by the aid of the intelligence are one after another repudiated by the aid of that same intelligence, or reasoning faculty transmuted into wisdom.  The forms go, but the life remains.  The colours are gradually reabsorbed, but the divine virtues persist, stable now and enduringly of use by reason of experience.  Not potential are these attributes divine, but developed into powers for use.  Inherent faculty has become active characteristics carried to the nth power.  The veils are discarded one by one; the sheaths are dropped and superseded; the vehicles are dispensed with and the forms are no longer required, but the life ever remains and returns to its parent ray.  It is [240] resolved back into its primary, plus activity and expression plus experience and the ability to manifest; plus all that constitutes the difference between the ignorant savage and the solar Logos.  This has been consummated by the utilisation of many forms by the life, the intelligence constituting the means whereby that life employed those forms as a mode for learning.  Having manifested as an aspect of this primary ray, having through many incarnations differentiated that ray into its many component parts, having veiled himself under all the seven colours that compose that ray, the reincarnating jiva takes the path of return and from the seven becomes the three and from the three again becomes the one.

When the man does this consciously, when he willingly and with full comprehension of what he has to do endeavours to set the indwelling life free from the veils that hide, and from the sheaths that imprison, he discovers that the method whereby this is accomplished is by the subjective life of occult meditation, and the objective life of service.  In service is renunciation, and, under the occult law, therefore, in service the subjective finds liberation, and is set free from objective manifestation.  Think this out, for it has much hidden under the veil of words.

The occult student, therefore, from the standpoint of colour has two things to do in meditation.

1. To discover his three major colours as manifested in the Personality, the Ego, and the Monad.

2. To resolve then the lower quaternary into the three, the first stage of which is consciously to withdraw into the Ego and so atrophy the lower self.  The student begins by eliminating the colours that are not desirable, killing out all low or coarse vibration and eventually so [241] refining his vehicles that the three major colours—of which he is the expression—shine out with perfect clarity.  This leads him up to the third initiation.  After that, he seeks to resolve the three into the one until he has withdrawn all his consciousness from the lower vehicles into the monadic sheath.

It was not my intention, as you erroneously supposed, to give you information as to the effect of colours playing on the bodies in meditation.  I have sought only to give you some idea of colour as a veil that must eventually be set aside.  Under the heading of the "Future use of colour," I may touch upon that which interests you, but to understand fundamentals is far better than to have formulas for experimenting given to you.

September 10th, 1920.

We will, today, scarcely do more than touch upon our second point, which is the application of colour for healing purposes, the reason for this brevity being that the subject, in order to be handled correctly and therefore safely, should be dealt with at length, and the old adage will consequently prove true in this connection that "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing".  Unless the matter of healing with colour is dealt with in correct fashion and with technical knowledge and at length, the results achieved might prove more disastrous than beneficent.  The subject will later be fully elucidated if the future brings that which is intended, and in the meantime I can, for your information, outline certain features of this work, point out certain conditions incident to success, and foretell for you somewhat the trend the matter will probably take


Application of colour in healing.

We are dealing with the subject now from the standpoint of meditation.  It is essential therefore that we consider the subject from that angle.  In meditation the work of healing is handled entirely from the mental standpoint.  The direction of any force supplied will be from the mental body of the patient and will work from thence to the physical via the emotional.

This involves on the part of the person or group that undertakes this work the ascertaining of certain facts.  Let us briefly enumerate them in order to clarify the mind of the reader:—

1. The work will be largely subjective and will deal with causes and not with effects.  The primary aim of the healing group will be to discover the originating cause of the trouble and having located that cause in either the emotional or the mental body the members of the group will then proceed to deal with the effect as demonstrated in the physical or the etheric.  Should the trouble be entirely physical, such as is the case in an accident of any kind, or in some affliction which is purely the result of heredity or of congenital trouble, the ordinary high class physical plane scientific methods will be applied at first, and the work of the healers will be to aid those methods through concentration on the subtler bodies.  This applies during the transition period into which the race is now entering.  Later, when the knowledge of occult healing is more familiar, and the laws which govern the subtle bodies are more known, physical plane science will be superseded by the preventive science of the subtler planes, that science which aims at the provision of right conditions and the building of bodies that are both self-protecting and neutral to all attack.  It will he found that the comprehension [243] of the law of vibration, and the effect of one vibration upon another vibration holds the key to the establishing of better conditions of living, and of sound bodies on all planes.

But as things are now, disease, corruption of different kinds and trouble in all the bodies is everywhere contacted, and when conditions are thus recognised, means of aiding must be earnestly sought.  This leads us on to our next point:

2. The ascertaining by the group that practises healing of full information as to the patient, based on the following questions:—

a. What are his basic lines of thought?

By what thoughtforms is he principally surrounded?

b. What is the predominant hue of his emotional body?  What is its rate of vibration?

Is the patient subject to sudden turmoils that throw the entire emotional body into disorder?

c. What are his most ordinary topics of conversation?  What are his principal interests?

What literature does he study?

What are his favourite pursuits?

d. What is the condition of the centres in his body?

Which centres are awakened?

Are any centres rotating in fourth dimensional order?  Which centre is the major one in any particular case?

e. What is the state of the etheric body?

Does it show symptoms of devitalisation or of congestion?

Is the patient lacking in vitality?

What is the value of his magnetic action on other people?


Having studied the patient from all these angles, and not at any earlier time, will the group who purpose healing study the physical vehicle itself in detail.  Then—with some idea of the inner conditions that underlie the trouble—they will study as follows:—

f. The condition of the nervous system, giving particular attention to the spine, and to the state of the inner fire.

g. The state of the various organs of the body, and especially the organ, or organs, that are causing distress.

h. The structure itself, studying the bones and the flesh, and the condition of the vital fluid, the blood.

Higher vision and health.

This, as you can see, necessarily involves either direct scientific knowledge, or else it involves the faculty of inner vision, that sees the trouble wherever it may be, and can clairvoyantly view the entire frame and organs, so locating instantaneously any trouble.  This capacity presupposes the development of those inner powers which give knowledge in the three worlds, and so obviates the disastrous mistakes that so oft eventuate in the modern practice of medicine, as you call the art of healing.  There will not be so much danger of error in the future day of healing, but what I seek to point out is that although those errors will be obviated in the case of the physical body, yet much time must elapse before full comprehension of the emotional body has reached the point where modern science has placed the physical.  The healing of the physical body and its due comprehension and study can be carried on by the man who has the inner vision.  With his ability to see on emotional levels he can co-operate with the modern enlightened medical man, and thus safeguard [245] him from error, enabling him to judge truly of the extent of the trouble, the seat of distress, its assistance, and the progress of the cure.

Emotional trouble that is working out in the physical body, as is the case in the majority of physical ills today, can usually be located and eliminated by judicious treatment.  But emotional trouble that is deepseated in the subtle body has to be dealt with from mental levels, so that it requires a mental psychic to deal with and eliminate it.  All these methods of course entail the active conscious co-operation of the patient himself.

Similarly, mental trouble has to be dealt with directly from the causal level, and necessitates therefore the assistance of the Ego, and the help of someone who has causal vision and consciousness.  This latter method, and the major part of these types of trouble, lie far ahead for the race, and therefore little concern us at this time.  Nevertheless the curing of physical ailments that have their seat in the emotional body is already beginning to be known and slightly studied.  In the study of psychology and in the comprehension of nervous diseases and troubles and their linking together will come the next step ahead in medical science.  The link between the body of the emotions and physical body is the etheric body.  The next immediate step is to consider the etheric body in two ways, either as a transmitter of prana, the life force, vitality or magnetism, or as the vehicle which links the emotional nature to the dense physical.  The physical invariably follows the behests of that nature as transmitted via the etheric.

In forming groups for healing under ideal conditions you would have at the head of the group a person with causal consciousness, who can deal with any trouble in the mental body, and who can study the alignment of all [246] the bodies with the Ego.  The group will also include:—

a. A person, or persons who can clairvoyantly view the subtle body of the emotions.

b. A number of people who know somewhat the rudiments of the law of vibration, and can definitely, by the power of thought, apply certain waves of colour to effect certain cures, and bring about, through scientific comprehension, the desired results.

c. Some member of the group will also be a member of the medical profession, who will work with the physical body, under the direction of conscious clairvoyants.  He will study the resistance of the body, he will apply certain currents, and colours, and vibrations, which will have a direct physical effect, and by the co-operation of all those units in the group, results will be achieved that will merit the name of miracles.

d. In the group, also, will be a number of people who can meditate occultly, and can, by the power of their meditation, create the necessary funnel for the transmission of the healing forces of the higher self and of the Master.

e. Besides this, in each group will be found some person who can accurately transcribe all that takes place, and so keep records that will prove to be the literature of the new school of medicine.

I have here touched on the ideal group.  It is not as yet in any way possible, but a beginning can be made by the utilisation of any knowledge and powers that may be found amongst those who seek to serve their race and the Master.

As you will note from the above, colours will be applied in two ways:—


1. On the subtler planes by the power of thought, and

2. By means of coloured lights applied to the physical body.

On the physical plane the exoteric colour will be applied, whilst on the subtler the esoteric.  The work therefore will be (until the esoteric becomes the exoteric) largely in the hands of the occult students of the world, working in organised groups under expert supervision.

You ask, just what is the point at which these groups may now begin to work with colour?  The thing that now lies ahead to be mastered and done is to develop the knowledge necessary anent the etheric, to inculcate the building of pure bodies, and to study the effect of different colours on the dense physical.  It has been but little studied as yet.  It will be found that certain colours will definitely affect certain diseases, cure certain nervous troubles, eradicate certain nervous tendencies, tend to the building of new tissues, or to the burning out of corruption.  All this must be studied.  Experiments can be made along the line of vitalisation and magnetisation, which involve direct action on the etheric, and this again will be found hid in the law of vibration and of colour.  Later.......we can take up with greater detail the work of these healing groups when gathered for meditation.  Here I would but add that certain colours have a definite effect, though I can only as yet enumerate three, and them but briefly:—

1. Orange stimulates the action of the etheric body; it removes congestion and increases the flow of prana.

2. Rose acts upon the nervous system and tends to vitalisation, and to the removal of depression, and [248] symptoms of debilitation; it increases the will to live.

3. Green has a general healing effect, and can be safely used in cases of inflammation and of fever, but it is almost impossible as yet to provide the right conditions for the application of this colour, or to arrive at the adequate shade.  It is one of the basic colours to be used eventually in the healing of the dense physical body, being the colour of the note of Nature.

This seems to you sketchy and inadequate?  So it is, even more so than you can grasp.  But forget not that which I have often told you, that in the following up of brief hints lies the path that leads to the source of all knowledge.

September 11, 1920.

We come now to the final part of our thoughts on the use of colour in meditation.  We have dealt with the matter in such a way that if the hints that are scattered throughout the communication are adequately followed up they will form the basis of certain inevitable conclusions.  These conclusions will eventually prove to be the postulates upon which the newer schools of medicine or science will base the continuance of their work.  We might sum up the imparted data under definite statements:—

1. That the basic colours of the Personality must be transmuted into the colours of the Triad, or the threefold Spirit.  This is effected by the truly occult meditation.

2. That the colours with which the beginner will be primarily concerned are orange, rose and green.

3. That the violet ray holds the secret for this immediate cycle.


4. That the next point of apprehended knowledge will be the laws governing the etheric body.

5. That in the development of the intuition comes cognisance of the esoteric colours which the exoteric veil.

6. That colour is the form and force of virtue (in the occult sense) in the inner life.

I have summed up the practical points requiring immediate attention for the purposes of clarification.  With this as the basis of study the student may expect eventually to see the complete transformation of the type of work done both by the schools of medicine and by chairs of psychology.  Certain prophecies I may here make which you can note down for the benefit of those who may come after.

Forecasts anent the future.

1. The phraseology of the medical schools will more and more become based on vibration and be expressed in terms of sound and colour.

2. The religious teaching of the world and the inculcation of virtue will be likewise imparted in terms of colour.  People will eventually be grouped under their ray-colour, and this will be possible as the human race develops the faculty of seeing auras.  The number of clairvoyants is already greater than is realised, owing to the reticence of the true psychic.

3. The science of numbers, being in reality the science of colour and sound, will also somewhat change its phraseology and colours will eventually supersede figures.

4. The laws that govern the erection of large buildings and the handling of great weights will some [250] day be understood in terms of sound.  The cycle returns, and in the days to come will be seen the re-appearance of the faculty of the Lemurians and early Atlanteans to raise great masses,—this time on a higher turn of the spiral.  Mental comprehension of the method will be developed.  They were raised through the ability of the early builders to create a vacuum through sound, and to utilise it for their own purposes.

5. Destruction, it will be shewn, can be brought about by the manipulation of certain colours, and by the employment of united sound.  In this way terrific effects will be achieved.  Colour can destroy just as it can heal; sound can disrupt just as it can bring about cohesion; in these two thoughts lie hid the next step ahead for the science of the immediate future.  The laws of vibration are going to be widely studied and comprehended and the use of this knowledge of vibration on the physical planes will bring about many interesting developments.  They will be partially an outgrowth of the study of the war and its effect, psychological and otherwise.  More was effected by the sound of the great guns, for instance, than by the impact of the projectile on the physical plane.  These effects are as yet practically unrecognised, and are largely etheric and astral.

6. Music will be largely employed in construction, and in one hundred years from now it will be a feature in certain work of a constructive nature.  This sounds to you utterly impossible, but it will simply be the utilisation of ordered sound to achieve certain ends.


You will ask, what place has all this in a series of letters on meditation?  Simply this:—that the method employed in the utilisation of colour and sound in healing, in promoting spiritual growth, and in exoteric construction on the physical plane, will be based on the laws that govern the mental body, and will be forms of meditation.  Only as the race develops the dynamic powers and attributes of thought—which powers are the product of meditation, rightly pursued—will the capacity to make use of the laws of vibration be objectively possible.  Think not that only the religious devotee or mystic, or the man imbued with what we call higher teaching, is the exponent of the powers attained by meditation.  All great capitalists, and the supreme heads of finance, or organised business, are the exponents of similar powers.  They are personifications of one-pointed adherence to one line of thought, and their evolution parallels that of the mystic and the occultist.  I seek most strongly to emphasise this fact.  They are the ones who meditate along the line of the Mahachohan, or the Lord of Civilisation or Culture.  Supreme concentrated attention to the matter in hand makes them what they are, and in many respects they attain greater results than many a student of meditation.  All they need to do is to transmute the motive underlying their work, and their achievement will then outrun that of other students.  They will approach a point of synthesis, and the Probationary Path will then be trodden.

The Law of Vibration will gradually, therefore, be more and more understood, and be seen to govern action in all of the three departments of the Manu, the World Teacher and the Mahachohan.  It will find its basic expression and its familiar terminology in those of colour and sound.  Emotional disorder will be regarded as discordant sound; mental lethargy will be expressed in terms of low [252] vibration, and physical disease will be numerically considered.  All constructive work will eventually be expressed in terms of numbers, by colours, and through sound.

This suffices on this matter and at this juncture I have naught further to communicate.  The subject is abstruse and difficult, and only by patient brooding will the darkness lighten.  Only when the ray of the intuition strikes athwart the pall of darkness (which pall is the ignorance that hides all knowledge) will the forms that veil the subjective life be irradiated and known.  Only when the light of reason is dimmed by the radiant sun of wisdom will all things be seen in their just proportions, and will the forms assume their exact colours, and their numerical vibration be known.