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In France, where the contributing rays are both along the line of the intellect, you have necessarily and naturally a strong materialistic influence and the conflict there is hard to resolve.  It is ever the mind aspect which produces all the separativeness, the cleavages and the differences in the human arena in France, making it the playground of untold numbers of conflicting ideas, a diversity of groups and of clashing personalities, and leading to an intense preoccupation with France and its welfare; there is small interest in anything else, or in any other nations or groups, except as they affect France or the French people.  The French are in no way as yet ready to balance conflict with harmony, even interiorly.  The qualities of the mind—pride, self-centredness, a separative attitude, a selfish planning and a materialism which penetrates deep into the mass consciousness—are dominating in their activity and are [628] focussed upon the material well-being of France.  There is no dominant ideology, so that the conflict is not lifted on to the ideological level, and until a recognised idealism begins to sway the French mind and the mass consciousness, France cannot grow; there is no basic religious or spiritual sense to be found on a large scale, because the mind which can so inspiringly illumine the plane of the spirit is focussed primarily upon the three worlds of material living.  This pronounced activity of the intellect, of which the French are so proud, is largely responsible for the situation in the political and economic fields in France, plus the difficulties which they share with all the nations which were implicated in the war.  Any prospect of internal harmony is still far away but it will come.  Forget not what I wrote much earlier in one of my books that it is France which will eventually reveal the true nature of the soul or of the psyche and inaugurate the era of true esoteric psychology.  To do this she must inevitably find her own soul, and in finding it—through the medium of the illumined mind—she will bring light to humanity.  The conflict now raging in France will eventually be resolved into harmony, and France will awaken to the higher spiritual values.  Once her soul ray of pure knowledge is active, it will dominate her personality or material Ray of Active Intelligence, once the most powerful of all the rays.  The task of the Ray of Harmony through Conflict is to bring this about, thus releasing France into the light.

In the United States, this fourth energy is peculiarly active, because of the conflict of races, nations, ideas, political theories, immature development, corrupt politics, and childish selfishness; this is more prevalent among the leaders in the municipalities and in politics than it is among the masses of little people in every state, who are basically sound though easily misled by their so-called leaders; the southern states are, however, almost unbelievably degenerated and deluded.  Remember always, as we look at these various nations dispassionately, that we are concerned with the same trends and ideas which are to be [629] found in each individual aspirant—the conflict of ingrained personality habits and thoughts and faults, with a steadily increasing soul pressure.  The United States, though one of the younger nations, is—owing to the many racial types represented—one of the oldest; this curious balancing must inevitably lead to a rapid development, with a consequent assumption of power, a growing incentive to love and a shouldering of responsibility.

The conflict in the United States is between a love of freedom which amounts almost to irresponsibility and license, and a growing humanitarian ideology which will result in world service and non-separateness.  The rays of energy governing the United States are the 6th Ray of Idealism, which is the energy of the country's personality, and the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom, which governs the soul of the country.  I would here point out to you that it is the soul ray of the United States which relates it to Great Britain.  The sixth ray personality energy (at the present stage of unfoldment) produces an idealism which requires transmuting and changing from an idealism intensely preoccupied with the preservation of a high standard of living and physical comfort to an idealistic appreciation of the real spiritual values; these are at present veiled and hidden in the material philosophy of the country.  The youthful interpretation of this idealism can be seen in the complete conviction of the American people that everything in the United States is better than anything anywhere else, in its willingness to tell all the world what should or should not be done, in its revolt from all controls, in its unthinking acceptance of any information which falls in with its preconceived ideas and prejudices; the mature aspect of American idealism leads its people to a prompt response to the good, the beautiful and the true, to the expression of an active humanitarianism and an invocative spiritual approach to reality.

It is interesting to note the unusual alignment of ray energies to be found at this time in the United States:


The energy of the soul...Ray of Love-Wisdom...Ray II

The energy of the personality...Ray of Idealism...Ray VI

The energy relating the two...Ray of Harmony through conflict...Ray IV

These Rays—2, 4, 6—are all on the second line of spiritual energy and lack all the stiffening and strengthening dualities of the first line of ray energy—l, 3, 5, 7—which are governed by Will or Power.  The American civilisation, with all its clamour of youthful precocity, is in reality the heir of the passing sixth ray civilisation, the Piscean; therefore, you have here the reason for the tendency of the American people to adopt violently conditioning idealisms and ideologies.  It is the idealistic tendency in conflict with pronounced materialistic trends of this particular modern era which will finally evoke the harmony which will liberate the spirit of America, which will reveal to its people that it is one world and which will enable the people of this land to harmonise with the rest of the world and draw forth the loving response of other nations.  It is for this that the men of goodwill must work.

Russia is, if you could but realise it, a battleground today within her own sealed walls.  Her iron curtain is to Russia what the Monroe Doctrine was to the American people.  In connection with all the three Great Powers—the U.S.S.R., the U.S.A.  and the U.K.—certain major conflicts are being specifically precipitated; these will fundamentally affect the destiny of humanity.  These three nations constitute the three points of a most potent world triangle of energy, and once there is a free circulation and a true understanding established between them, then world peace will be assured and the Christ can come.  This understanding and this free harmony (if I may use such a term) will come as the result of each of the three Nations arriving at a real measure of internal harmony as a result of their own particular conflict, and then moving forward in an effort to harmonise with each other and the rest of the world.

Russia has the same personality ray as the United [631] States and her seventh ray soul (conditioned by the Ray of Order) is closely related to the personality ray of Great Britain, the first Ray of Will or Power; the will aspect of divinity works out on the physical plane as the seventh Ray of Order or of conformity to the inner divine will.

The interior problem of the U.S.S.R. is the conflict raging between the imposed, arrogant will of a handful of powerful dictators and the fluid, unstable and ignorant reaction of a people from whom the truth is constantly withheld; they therefore have to fight blindly for their freedom, to fight instinctively and without knowledge of the facts.  They are not yet waging a successful fight.

The point, however, which is of major importance to us is the recognition that each of these three nations is distinguished by:

a. A similarity of problem.

b. A battleground which is leading to the formation of a triangle of relationships brought about through the Principle of Conflict.

The similarity of problems consists in the fact that each of these three nations is essentially composite in nature and is formed by an amalgamation of many nations, of many peoples speaking many different languages, and is consequently staging a great experiment in fusion.

1. The U.K. is the nucleus or the living germ of the British Commonwealth of Nations wherein a great experiment in free government is being tried out; this gives complete internal freedom and choice to each related Dominion, plus an equally complete and free interrelationship.  The Dominions are all of them independent nations, but belong to a united Commonwealth; a pattern is thereby presented for world consideration.

2. The U.S.A. is a fusing centre wherein all nationalities are represented and are being slowly blended into a miniature One Humanity.  A great experiment in right relationships is being undertaken and is making real progress.  A culture and a civilisation will emerge which will be the [632] result of right human relations and which can provide a world pattern in relationships.  I refer here to the presentation of democracy.  There is nothing satisfactory yet in the presentation of the dreamed-of democracy.  France and Great Britain are equally democratic, and more successful because more mature and experienced, but the "melting pot" of the U.S.A. will provide eventually the outstanding experiment in right relations because of its many races and nationalities—all blended together within the borders of one country.

3. The U.S.S.R. is also seeking to blend and unite into one great national project many diverse nations and races—European and Asiatic—and the effort is still largely embryonic.  In Russia a world ideology is being wrought out which (when proven) can be presented to the world as a model system; this, however, will not come as a result of dictatorship, nor can it be presented aggressively to the world.  Russia is in reality—whether She realises it or not at present—undertaking a great experiment in education and, in spite of evil methods and sinning against the soul of human freedom, eventually this educational process will prove convincing to the world and provide a world model.  This can only take place when the present group of dictators and arrogant men have passed away or been forced out of power by an awakening people.

In these three great nations, therefore, the three major divine aspects are being brought into manifestation, thus laying the foundation for the new world order.  All three are of equal importance.

In Great Britain—right human government—Will or Power

In the U.S.A.—right human relations—Love-Wisdom

In the U.S.S.R.—right use of the mind—Intelligence

This must be remembered and taught, and men of goodwill everywhere should work for a closer relationship between these three peoples.  These three points of a divine triangle of energy should not be isolated points, each holding its own point of tensions they should be related points, each point distributing strengthening energy to the other [633] points and admitting a free circulation between all points around the triangle.

These great world problems are also being worked out in each of these three nations:

1. In Great Britain, the problem of socialism is being resolved and the sound judgment of the people will eventually balance the two conditions of a socialist programme and free enterprise; this needs doing, for the extreme position in either case is untenable.  This today presents a conflict which all the world is watching.  The transition period between group living (in the true and spiritual sense) and the present and past period of an intense individualism is not easy, and in Great Britain the whole matter is being put to the test.  The bridge will be built.

2. In the U.S.A. you have the problem of the relationship between capital and labour awaiting solution; the conflict is fierce but a compromise will eventually be worked out if capital concedes certain arrogant powers, recognises the rights of other human beings and demonstrates less selfish greed, and if labour will work with less selfishness, prove less exacting and evince a more understanding spirit.  The bridge between these two great groups must and will be built.

3. In the U.S.S.R. you have the problem of the levelling of the masses in all classes; this levelling has produced a low standard of living and the work to be done is to raise more than to bridge.  This levelling produces serious conflict and one that is little realised by those who cannot penetrate into the sealed citadel which is Russia.  It is really a conflict between the mounting human spirit and the force of the totalitarian regime which seeks to hold it down, killing individualism.  The innate strength of the human spirit to rise has never yet failed, and this conflict will prove the agent in harmonising many factors.

Within the comity of nations, certain of them have ever been prime agents for producing conflict.  This is largely owing to their fiery temperament and their strong [634] emotional bias and condition.  The Poles and the Irish are prime "catalysts of conflict" and are constantly instigating difficulties between peoples.  Such has ever been their history.  French aggression in the Middle Ages has also caused difficulty, and in later days, Germany became the prime agent of conflict.  Today the Jewish people are engineering trouble, and it is interesting to note that the main contention in the past of Poland, lately of the Irish, and today of the Jews, is territory, thus evidencing a most distorted sense of values.  There is in the last analysis but one world and one humanity, and in a shorter time than you may think boundaries and territories will mean but little.  World citizenship will be the only factor of importance.

The Jews are governed by the third Ray of Active Intelligence, the energy which permeates and controls matter or substance.  They were also, during the years immediately following the war, under the control of a glamour imposed by the Zionist Dictators, who were attempting (somewhat unsuccessfully) to be to the Jewish people what Stalin and his group, and Hitler and his gang, have been to their people.  They worked through the same methods—terrorising, withholding information, browbeating their opponents, making false claims and bribing and corrupting.  They were and are a minority, but a powerful minority because of their great wealth and their being in positions of power.  They are claiming a land to which they have no possible right and which the Jews have ignored for two thousand years.  Their attitude is perhaps the culminating aggressive action of the age and marks a climaxing point; it has produced a serious world tension, but out of this good may come and a "point of emergence for mankind" be reached.  The issue of aggression can be more clearly seen because of their activities.  Very few lands today are in the possession of their original inhabitants, and if restoration is made to all original inhabitants (which is not possible) an impossible situation would be brought about just as legitimate as the Zionist position.  If the Zionist claims are to be considered (and they have been) they in their turn [635] should realise that (if The Old Testament is to be believed) they originally took the land of Palestine away from its original owners nearly three thousand years ago, at the point of the sword and through an unprovoked aggression.

This conflict which the Zionists have precipitated is basic and useful.  It constitutes a test case, being based upon physical plane aggression, being fought with the most violent emotional disturbance and being founded upon completely illogical premises.  The Jew has ever been (could he but usefully remember it) the symbol of humanity—evolving, seeking, restless, materialistic, separative and greedy.  He is the symbol of the mass consciousness, presenting this consciousness in an exaggerated form; he is ever seeking and searching a home and is the true Prodigal Son of The New Testament.

Curiously enough, the Jews have never been a fighting race since the time of the sorry story of the conquest of the early tribes in Palestine; they have been persecuted and repudiated down the centuries, but have retaliated simply by moving on—the wandering Jew seeking a home, wandering humanity, saying always, "I must arise and go to my Father."  The motive given to the Prodigal Son in the Gospel story is a strictly material one, and we have here an outstanding instance of the prophetic knowledge of the Christ.

The Jewish people have not only repudiated the Messiah (which their race produced), but they have forgotten their unique relation to humanity; they forget that millions in the world today have suffered as they have suffered and that—for instance—there are eighty per cent of other people in the concentration camps of Europe and only twenty per cent Jews.  The Jew, however, fought only for himself, and largely ignored the sufferings of his fellowmen in the concentration camps.

I have enlarged thus upon the Jewish conflict because it is the symbol of all past conflicts in human history, based upon universal selfishness and the greed of undeveloped humanity, and because the crucial test of the nations and [636] of the United Nations Assembly is to be found in the decisions which they made and may make concerning Palestine.

The test, as far as the nations are concerned, lies in their willingness to give refuge to the Jews, and such a refuge would have been offered if the partitioning of Palestine had been refused.  The unwillingness of the nations to admit the Jews (though many have willingly offered), and particularly the refusal of the United States to admit them, is separative, wrong and based upon political expediency.  The test, as far as the United Nations is concerned, was whether they would endorse partition, and thus perpetuate the spirit of aggression and territorial greed, against which the Forces of Light were arrayed in the last war. The United Nations has already made a major mistake by their original admittance of Russia—a totalitarian power, as was Germany—to their councils.  Now they have made another.  In the first mistake they precipitated into the United Nations the element of conflict and that spirit of "fanatical imposition" which is distinctive of the totalitarian ideology; in this second case, through the endorsement of partition, they perpetuate the ancient technique of taking what is wanted (with force of arms, if necessary) from the rightful owners.  It was a test for the United States, for it is the American Jews who have created the situation, with relatively little help or endorsement from the Jews of other nations.  The United States, urged by expediency, by the financial weight of the Zionists, and by the strategic position of Palestine, have thrown the weight of their influence into the conflict on the side of aggression and of territorial theft.  They could have worked for the Principle of Harmony and permitted time and the non-separativeness of the nations to adjust and solve the Jewish problem.

More I will not say; the symbolic nature of this basic world problem and its dynamic importance to humanity have led me thus to enlarge.  The decision anent the Jews is one of hierarchical importance, owing to the karmic relation of the Christ to the Jewish race, to the fact that they repudiated Him as the Messiah and are still doing so, [637] and of the interpretive nature of the Jewish problem as far as the whole of humanity is concerned.

The Results of the Fourth Ray Activity upon the individual Disciple

The disciples of the world today are submerged in an ocean of warring energies; the Principle of Conflict touches every life, is potent in the consciousness of each individual aspirant, and is conditioning the mass consciousness of mankind.  Emotionally and physically, the masses in every land are roused by this conflict; the disciples on earth and the thinking people everywhere are aroused mentally, as well as emotionally and physically, and hence the intensity of their problem.  The points of crisis in the lives of disciples have—during the past few decades—been many; a point of tension has now been reached of an extreme nature; how rapidly can this tension bring about the needed point of emergence?

It is not my intention to deal at length with the effect of this conflict in the life of disciples.  It deals with the most familiar story to all of them; the aspirants and the disciples are, from the angle of evolution, the most strictly human beings to be found in the fourth kingdom in nature, for the reason that mind, emotion and physical activity are integrated or are in process of integration into one functioning whole.  The disciple knows, however, that—as a result of conflict—the complete harmonising of his entire nature will be brought about; the fusion of soul and personality will be consummated, and for this he works.  The same principle can also be applied by him in his consideration of general human affairs; he needs to see in all world conflict the needed steps towards an eventual harmony—a harmony based upon a true mental perception and a sound idealism.  It is this process of developing mental understanding and a sound rational yet spiritual attitude which is now going on; the emergence of the many ideologies are the guarantee that the true idealism will eventually appear and control—the ideal of right human relations; it is the [638] struggle between emotional control and a steadily developing mind control which is conditioning mankind at this time.  When a mental, an emotional and a physical conflict are raging simultaneously, the results must necessarily be difficult, but they are surmountable.

Today, the conflicts are numerous, vital and unavoidable; they are present in the individual consciousness and in the mass consciousness; they present constant points of crises and are today bringing about a point of world tension which seems well-nigh unbearable.  But ahead of the individual disciple and of humanity lies a point of emergence.

What must the disciple do whilst the point of tension is dominating him and his fellowmen?  The answer is a simple one.  Let each disciple and all groups of disciples develop the ability to think sanely, with right orientation and a broad point of view; let them think truly, evading no issues, but preserving always a calm, dispassionate and loving understanding; let them demonstrate in their environment the qualities which will establish right human relations and show on a small scale the behaviour which will some day characterise enlightened humanity; let them not be discouraged, but let them hold firmly to the conviction of the inevitable spiritual destiny of humanity; let them realise practically that "the souls of men are one" and learn to look beyond the immediate outer seeming to the inner (and sometimes remote) spiritual consciousness; let them know that the present world conflict will be terminated.

The perfect outcome of the conflict will necessarily be lacking, for perfection is not yet possible to man; nevertheless, a situation can be brought about which will permit the return of the Christ into objective relation with mankind, and which will enable Him to set about His task of resurrecting the human spirit, out of the tomb of materialism into the clear light of spiritual perception.  For this, all men must work.


A Summation and Forecast

Let me now summarise for you some of the points of importance in this instruction:

1. The fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict is a controlling factor in human affairs at all times, and peculiarly today.

2. The Principle of Conflict is the agent of the Principle of Harmony and produces the strains and the stresses which will lead, finally, to liberation.

3. The great initiation of the Renunciation, plus the many smaller renunciations, is the result of inner conflict and ever precedes liberation into harmony and peace.

4. Conflict produces:  War-Renunciation-Liberation.

5. Humanity is subjected to crises of discrimination, leading to right choice.  That is the problem confronting humanity today, leading to a crisis within the United Nations.

6. The Hierarchy is subjected to crises of decision, leading to perception of the Plan, participation in the Purpose, and the prevention of evil.

7. The Principle of Conflict is today active in all nations, in all religions, in all organisations, leading to the emergence of the New Age.

8. Conflict produces points of crisis, then a point of tension, and eventually a point of emergence.

9. This Principle of Conflict is preparing the way for the return of the Christ, Who will inaugurate the new era of harmony.

10. Christ will come in three different ways:

a. Through the overshadowing, on the mental plane, of all disciples and aspirants.

b. Through the pouring out of love or of the Christ consciousness upon the masses on the emotional plane.

c. Through His recognised physical Presence upon Earth.

11. Certain nations are today torn with conflict but are [640] moving toward harmony.  Other nations are focal points of discord and thereby serve the Principle of Conflict.

12. The U.S.S.R., the U.S.A., and the U.K. constitute a governing triangle of energy which, when right relations have been established, can and will create and foster right human relations among men.

13. The Jewish race is a symbol of humanity in its mass sense; in the resolution of its conflict and in the taking of right action, a great step forward in human liberation will take place.

14. As the individual disciple learns to harmonise himself through conflict, he sets an example which is of definite aid to humanity as a whole.

What can I prophesy?  What may I foretell in relation to human affairs and of the future ahead of the race?

I would remind you that even the Hierarchy of spiritual and liberated souls, the Church of God invisible, knows not the way that humanity will choose to go.  General trends are watched and possibilities are considered; the energies pouring into the human family are directed and manipulated, and conditions can frequently be adjusted, but men decide for themselves direct action; they make their own choices and exert unimpeded the free will with which they may at any time be equipped.  I prophecy not, because I do not know.  I can, however, say that the issues at stake are now becoming so clear that right decision is more possible than at any other time in human history.  Unless, therefore, emotional stresses are too acute, humanity will decide upon right action eventually.  Emotions are, however, running high and the spiritual people of the world are not sufficiently aroused as yet to handle them.  It is the arousing and the awakening to the critical nature of the time and to the world problems which is immediately needed, and this all men of goodwill should regard as their paramount duty.

As I earlier remarked, if the trends which are today being established are rightly developed, the Hierarchy does not foresee the immediacy of war; war can be averted if [641] the nations are fully occupied with the task of reconstruction and if an educational programme in right human relations is launched and systematically and most carefully carried out.  If the subjective relations between the nations are emphasised and the outer frictions and the objective disagreements are ignored, a great fusion of human interests can take place; this will be binding and lasting; if the cleavage between separateness and right relations is clearly to be seen, men will know of themselves what action they should take.

In the war raging today between conflicting ideas, it is essential that this cleavage be made abundantly clear.  Only the voice of a trained public opinion and the intelligent demand of the masses for right human relations can save the world from chaos.  If this is so, then the duty of each individual disciple, man of goodwill and intelligent thinker is also clear.  Let me bring the theme to a close with this thought and this indicated action.


We completed our consideration of the effect of the four Rays of Attribute upon humanity as a whole and upon the individual disciple.  If you will study the relationship of these rays to each other, you will discover that the energies which made their impact upon the would-be initiate were, first of all, two rays:  the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order and the fifth Ray of Science which are both along the line of the first Ray of Will or Power, plus two other rays, the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism and the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, which are both along the line of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.  All these Rays of Attribute were—in connection with the initiations concerned—functioning within the realm of knowledge; it is a knowledge, however, dedicated eventually to spiritual intent and attained through conflict.

We come now to the consideration of the three Rays of Aspect and their general and momentous effect upon [642] mankind in this cycle, and upon the disciple preparing for initiation.  We are dealing, therefore, with

Ray 1.  Will or Power, active in connection with the 5th Initiation.

Ray 2.  Love-Wisdom, active in connection with the 7th Initiation.

Ray 3.  Active Intelligence, active in connection with the 6th Initiation.

The united activity of these rays lifts humanity to the higher, spiritual realm and concerns those initiations which lie a long way ahead of mankind.  They lie also a considerable distance on the Path from the present point of the average disciple.  I am dealing with them, however, as best I can, because the next one hundred years will see a demonstrable orientation of trained disciples towards the higher perception.  You must make what you can of this information; it concerns primarily action within the Ashram—action which is, however, concerned with human development and welfare.

The 8th and the 9th initiations, governed by the four Rays of Attribute working in synthesis with the three Rays of Aspect (and working simultaneously), will necessarily be far beyond our comprehension; there is little I shall be able to tell you because I know but little myself.

Does this last remark surprise you?  It should not.  From the exoteric angle, evolution means growth and development and is largely applied to the form side of nature, and the term "evolution" might thus be confined entirely to the evolution of the form nature.  It might also be applied to development within the three worlds and to the third aspect of the divine Life.  However, from the esoteric angle, evolution means a steadily increasing sensitivity to light and illumination.  A Master may not possess all knowledge possible from the exoteric angle; this He does not need because (after evolution, along the line of knowledge, decided for Him by His ray type) He is on the "way of light," and the light which is in Him and in which He lives and moves and functions serves a dual purpose:


1. It can be used to ascertain whatever is needed in the realm of knowledge by the revelation of where the needed information can be found; this is far more literally so than you realise.  (It was through the use of this form of light that I, for instance, found A.A.B.; I was searching for a secretary with more than the usual education and perception generally to be found, and the light revealed her from the personality angle in the three worlds.)

2. It can be used also to reveal to the Master that which lies ahead for Him, and those further reaches of awareness to which He knows He must eventually attain.

The lower aspects of this light are in reality generated by the soul, whilst the higher are those which emanate from the Monad.  When an initiate takes the fifth initiation (with which we are now going to deal) he has to demonstrate his facility in using the "light available" by initiating some new project in line with the hierarchical Plan and in tune with his own ray impulses.  This project must have both an exoteric side and esoteric.  (To illustrate further:  The exoteric side of the work which I—as a newly made Master—had purposed to do can be seen in the activities which I have been enabled to accomplish in the outer world through the books which A.A.B. has taken down for me and by the establishing of the Service Activities, associated with the Arcane School.  The esoteric side is of course known to me, but an analysis of it would be of no service to you, as you are not yet of the required initiate-consciousness.)

You can see, however, how the above information can throw light upon our immediate theme:

Initiation V.  Revelation.  Ray I.

The Energy of the Will-to-Good.  Power.

This initiation has always been called in the Christian church by the name of the Resurrection, whereas it is the seventh initiation which is the true resurrection.  The correct name for the fifth initiation is the Initiation of Revelation; this signifies the power to wield light as [644] the carrier of life to all in the three worlds, and to know likewise the next step to be taken upon the Way of the Higher Evolution.  This Way is revealed to the initiate in a new light and with an entirely different significance when the fifth initiation is taken.  It is the true time of emergence from the tomb of darkness and constitutes an entrance into a light of an entirely different nature to any hitherto experienced.

Development and revelation or (if you so prefer it) a developing revelation, form essentially the entire theme and objective of all activity upon our planet.  This gives us a clue to the goal of the planetary Logos.  All life, from the first descent of the soul into incarnation, is only a series of revelations, all of which lead up to the revelation accorded at the fifth initiation.  The relation between the fifth and the seventh initiations is exceedingly deep and mysterious.  It is the revelation accorded in the fifth initiation which makes the seventh initiation possible.  The Master, as He emerges at the fifth initiation into the light of day, realises in that light:

1. The true and hitherto unknown significance of the three worlds which he has viewed almost entirely from the angle of meaning.  Now its significance is apparent, and the revelation is so tremendous that "he withdraws into the world of light and joins his brothers.  He gathers all his forces and seeks new light upon the Plan.  That light shines forth and with the force of its revealing power, new loyalties arise, new goals are seen, and that which shall be and the thing which is, both become lost in the radiant light of revelation."

2. That the first vibration or influencing energy of the cosmic ray of prevailing energy in its highest aspect is the Ray of Love-Wisdom, and this is now contacted; this is made possible by the Master's response to the first Ray of Power or of the Will-to-Good, experienced in its second aspect at the fifth initiation.  Forget not that all rays have three aspects, and that all three can be contacted by the human consciousness of the spiritual man, thus [645] placing at his disposal the energies of the seven rays and of the twenty-one forces.  It is this synthesis which is revealed at the fifth initiation and—as I said above—the combination of these forces produces the Ascension; this is an exceeding great mystery and one which cannot as yet be grasped by you.  From the height of the Mount of Ascension light is thrown upon the hierarchical Plan in such a manner that the purpose in the mind of the planetary Logos is (for the first time) truly grasped.

3. From that height also, the mystery of the human soul is revealed and a great triangular pattern will be seen, relating the human spirit to the world of forms, to the united Hierarchy and to the Council Chamber of the Lord.  Upon this I may not here enlarge, for we must not diverge too far from our study.  One thing only can be said:  from that high place, atma-buddhi-manas (will, love and intelligent action) can be seen in united activity and the theory of an existing Plan and the belief in the three divine aspects, or in the Trinity of Energies, is factually demonstrated.

The first Ray of Will or Power is distinguished by the highest known divine quality (there are others still higher).  In the word, GOODWILL, the secret purpose of the planetary Logos is hidden.  It is being slowly brought to the attention of humanity by means of the three phrases:  God is Love.  Goodwill.  The Will-to-Good.  These three phrases, in reality concern the three aspects of the first ray.

When a Master takes the fifth initiation He already knows the significance of the first two aspects, and must become consciously aware of the highest aspect:  the Will-to-Good.  He has developed in Himself "the love necessary to salvation, His own and that of those He loves, His fellow-men;" all His actions and His thinking are qualified by goodwill, in its esoteric sense, and the significance of the Will-to-Good lies ahead of Him and will be later revealed.

As this first ray is not in incarnation at this time, and therefore souls who can fully express it are absent, the entire theme anent this type of energy, and its influence [646] and quality when related to the energies and the forces, is most difficult to express.  Each great ray, as it comes into incarnation, transforms the speech of the cycle, enriches the existent vocabulary, and brings new knowledge to humanity; the many civilisations—past and present—are the result of this.

I would ask you to consider the relation of the fifth initiation, the fifth Ray of Science and the first Ray of Will, for there lies the key to the revelation accorded to the initiate-Master.

As you can see, we are venturing into realms far beyond your comprehension; but the effort to grasp the unattainable and to exercise the mind along the line of abstract thought is ever of value.

It must be remembered therefore (and I reiterate) that the revelation accorded to the disciple-initiate is along the line of the first Ray of Will or Power, and that is a ray which is as yet a long way from full manifestation.  From one angle, it is of course always in manifestation for it is the ray which holds the planet and all that is upon it in one coherent manifesting whole; the reason for this coherent synthesis is the evolutionary effort to work out divine purpose.  The first ray ever implements that purpose.  From another angle, it is cyclic in its manifestation; here I mean from the angle of recognised manifestation—and such is the case at this time.

The Effect of Ray I on Humanity Today

Owing to extra-planetary stimulation, to the immediate planetary crisis and to the present invocative cry of humanity, energy from Shamballa has been permitted to play upon the "centre which is called the race of men" and has produced two potent results:  first, the world war was precipitated and, secondly, the fission of the atom, resulting in the atomic bomb, was brought about.  Both these events were made possible by the pouring-in of the energy and power of the third aspect of the first Ray of Power or Will.  This is the lowest aspect, and definite [647] material effects were produced.  The destroyer aspect was therefore the first aspect to take effect.  It split the thought-form of materialistic living (which was governing and controlling humanity everywhere) upon the mental plane and, at the same time, it produced a great agent of destruction upon the physical plane.

Thus was the new era ushered in; thus was the stage set for a better future.  This was the intent and the purpose of Those Who compose the Council Chamber of the Lord.  It rests with humanity itself to take advantage of the proffered opportunity which this destructive manifestation made possible.

Shamballa having acted in this manner, it is nevertheless the Hierarchy which will bring into expression a measure of the second aspect of the first Ray of Will or Power, and it is for this that the Hierarchy is preparing; it is for this event that the Christ is fitting Himself to be the distributing Agent and the directing Factor, with the concentrated assistance of the united Hierarchy; it is this that will begin to manifest when He appears.  You have here the true reason for His proclaimed Coming or Reappearance.  The distinction between material living and spiritual living will be clearly demonstrated.  This is made possible by the cleavage of the ancient materialistic thoughtform on mental levels; the reorientation of human thinking, as this fact is grasped, will have its first results upon emotional levels through the focussed expression of human goodwill; this is the lowest aspect of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, implemented and strengthened by the second aspect of the first Ray of Will.

On the physical plane, the great scientific discovery, called colloquially the "splitting of the atom," will be turned eventually to the production of those conditions which will enable mankind to follow the good, the beautiful and the true.  This men will then be able to do, freed from the dread presence of purely materialistic thinking.  This is no idle vision or vague dream.  Many scientists today (and particularly those who love their fellowmen) [648] are not only visioning the non-destructive aspect of atomic energy but are already engaged in harnessing—for the good of humanity—some of its products and its radioactive properties.

Curiously enough, it is the wise, controlled use of the results of this scientific adventure in connection with the atomic bomb which will eventually bring about a specific revelation of the nature of certain forces in relation to light; this event will transform world thinking and lead to a new type of transmutative process, as far as man is concerned.

It must not be inferred from the above that humanity, as a whole, will be taking the fifth initiation, for such is not the case.  Many advanced souls (perhaps amounting to many thousands) may and will take this initiation, but the masses of men everywhere, constituting the sum total of the world disciple will eventually take either the first or the second initiation.  The effect however of hierarchical happenings, in conjunction with Shamballa, will lead finally to the great stimulation of the fifth Principle of manas, the intelligence principle in man.  A revelation which is not perceived, which remains unrelated and unexpressed, is of no true service to mankind, except from a purely subjective standpoint; nevertheless, through the proposed stimulation, through the efforts of those who have taken or who will take the fifth initiation, and through the new direction of first ray energy from Shamballa, the mental plane will receive such an inflow of energy that the thinking principle, the reasoning factor within humanity, will reach new heights.  Thus will the "light stream forth into the minds of men," and the first stanza of the Invocation prove that it can and does receive an answer to its invocative appeal.

It would be good to let your spiritual imagination look forward into the future, and then vision—if you can—what is the true significance of the tremendous activity of the Hierarchy.  One of the signs of the coming of this new light and energy inflow is a definitely curious one; it is [649] to be found in the instability of the human mental mechanism and the human thinking processes at this time.  This is due to their premature response to the new incoming potency.  It is a mass reaction, and therefore the statistical returns are somewhat misleading.  It is the unready who thus react, and this entails no possible reflection upon those thus distressed (and they are to be found today in all classes and nations).  The Law of Rebirth will take care of this reaction, and in the next incarnation these same people will enter a physical body with a better equipment.  In reality, it is this energy from Shamballa in its third and destructive aspect which is acting upon certain members of the human family and unfortunately evoking a ready response.  I tell you this for your encouragement; destruction always evokes questioning in minds attuned to human welfare and in those thinkers who are apprehensive of the suffering to which their fellowmen are subjected.

One of the most difficult things for the average thinking man to understand and to interpret is the destructive processes of what he (for lack of a better name) calls "the will of God."  This is one of the results (and only one) of a purely materialistic civilisation which has laid all its emphasis upon the form side of experience and thus regards physical well-being and physical comfort, plus material possessions, as the true goal of all human effort.  It is upon this widespread attitude and reaction that the new incoming light will concentrate itself; as the light reveals reality, the world of phenomena and the world of spiritual values will enter into a better, directed relation.

From all the above, you will note that some of the effects upon humanity as a whole and the skeleton structure of the new and beautiful future will take place as a result of the new incoming first ray activity.  No details can yet be given, but enough has been written down anent the basic, predisposing cause to enable you who read to ponder upon the possible effect, spiritually speaking.  What is coming is a civilisation of a different yet still material nature, but animated by a growing registration by the masses [650] everywhere of an emerging spiritual objective which will transform all life and give new value and purpose to that which is material.

Next we must consider what will be the effect of this first ray energy upon the individual disciple as he prepares for and undergoes the fifth initiation, and keys himself up for the promised revelation, thus laying himself open to an entirely new inflow of force.  This he must do consciously.  It is conscious absorption of energy and its conscious assimilation, plus its conscious use which distinguishes the initiate from the rest of mankind; there are of course many degrees of this desired consciousness.  What the initiate will receive as a result of first ray energy will be an inflow of the second aspect of this ray—a blazing forth of the light which will focus clearly for him, and in a flash of time, the significance of that which is slowly being revealed on Earth; he sees this vision in toto for the first time.  At the fourth initiation, he responds to the third aspect of this ray, the aspect of destruction; this divested him of everything, and finally and eternally destroyed all that which held him in the three worlds of human endeavour.  Thus was harmony produced through conflict, and the success of the individual initiate is the guarantee of the final success of the world disciple.

When it comes to a consideration of the effect of this ray at the time of the fifth initiation, you must bear in mind that the disciple has passed, in a previous incarnation, through the Initiation of Renunciation, and has established within himself a condition of complete harmony as a result of conflict—a conflict which has been raging for millennia of years and whose goal has ever been revelation.  Just as a camera has to be correctly focussed in order to register correctly that which is visioned, so this harmony, once finally achieved, can be regarded as a form of focussed orientation.  Throughout the many lives the disciple has lived, there have been many such moments, but they were brief and passing, serving only to stir the aspiration into activity.  With the disciple of the fourth initiation, submitting [651] himself to the fifth initiation, the orientation and the focus attained remains a permanent condition.  This prefaces an entirely new cycle of spiritual experience—the experience of the higher evolution—leading to that great moment when the revelation of the seven Paths is accorded to him at the following or sixth Initiation of Decision.

Where the ordinary everyday man is concerned, the propelling aspiration (if I may use such an unusual phrase) is of a material nature and concerns his successful progress in the world of everyday physical plane life.  It might be wise to consider ambition as the lower expression of aspiration; this ambition covers all the many phases of the Path of Evolution, from the ambition of the raw savage in primeval times to gain food and shelter for himself and family to the ambition of the modern business man to reach the height of financial gain or power.  Having achieved that goal, it frequently happens that, on the way to the higher octave of ambition (aspiration), there may come a cycle of lives where the ambition is directed to the creative arts.  Next comes gradually the transmutation of all these ambitions into a steadily growing and consciously spiritual aspiration.  The man treads then the Probationary Path and eventually the Path of Discipleship, and as his spiritual ambition grows and is paralleled by an equally steady growth in mental realisation, he passes from initiation to initiation, until there comes the culminating fifth initiation.

All his past realisations—both his material and also his spiritual realisation—have been renounced.  He stands entirely free from every aspect of desire.  The spiritual will has been substituted for desire.  Then, reinforced by the inflow of the first ray Shamballic energy, and offering no obstructions or hindrances from within himself, as a personality, he is in a position to receive the stimulation which will enable him "to see that which is to be revealed and to accept revelation," transmuting it into that definite realisation which will enable him to live by means of its light.  You have, therefore, certain words which are concerned [652] with the method whereby the vision is accorded and revelation given: