Notes on the Network

Another year has nearly come and gone. It seems like only yesterday that we were preparing the last ‘Notes on the Network’ page. For many of us, especially living or working in cities, or perhaps both, the pace of life seems to accelerate each year. It is not always easy to maintain a poised state of mind amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Yet, as spiritual servers that is what we strive towards, if we are to maintain a balanced perspective attuned to the voice of the soul, to the Triangles work and to the note of Hierarchy.

This year saw an increasing number of triangles formed and registered by co-workers from over 30 countries around the world. Also, it was heartening to see a number of new triangles formed at the Arcane School conferences this year. Each triangle acts as a relaying point of energy distribution for the release of light and love throughout the network and into human consciousness. The energy of light awakens our thinking to the universal principles that underpin human development. The world disciple, humanity, has set its face towards the light and as a consequence is creatively working with the energy of goodwill to integrate the outer world of daily living with the inner realms of spiritual reality. From these elevated levels emanate the progressive ideas that aid the human family to inaugurate a world more at ease with itself, more inclusive in its thinking, and more attuned to the noble truths that verge on the periphery of human consciousness. Light and love are an indispensable part of our work and we use them daily in order to breathe spiritual life into the very fabric of human living.

It is always a joy to bring news of initiatives from around the world and this year is no exception. Early in the year a co-worker in Australia informed us that she gave a presentation on Triangles to a small group. The focaliser of the meeting explained that “The purpose was not to recruit but to raise awareness and distribute literature”. Further details can be found on our website under ‘Service Activities’ – ‘Worldwide Network’. Also, we were fortunate to have three spiritual publications kindly offer to publish articles from recent Triangles Bulletins. A Hindu centred publication in South Africa, Transcendence Magazine accepted 12 articles on various spiritual themes. Two UK magazines, In-Communique Newsletter of the Sundial House Group and the Radionic Journal, the official journal of the Radionic Association, also published articles. So far this year, Triangles advertisements have been placed in three ‘spiritual’ magazines. We hope that in some small way these articles and advertisements help to sound the note of Triangles in the world.

To add to our range of introductory Triangles literature available in different languages, the Czech and Polish languages have now been included on the ‘Promoting Triangles in Other Languages’ web page. And, as probably many of you know, the Bulletin is now available in 15 language editions. We are sincerely grateful for the selfless work of the international group of translators.

‘Notes on the Network’ would not be the same without a mention of the ‘Form a Triangle Online’ web page. This year has seen the largest number of co-workers emailing us to use this facility. So, if you are thinking of forming your first triangle or another one, and cannot think of anyone to form a triangle with, then please do consider using ‘Form a Triangle Online’: .

Most of you will receive the December Bulletin in the run up to the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers which is celebrated septennially between 21 – 28 December. This Festival Week is especially significant as the exact time of the Capricorn full moon occurs on December 28 (during the Festival period). It has been said that in the work of the new group of world servers lies the ‘hope of the world’. The Lucis Trust and other groups plan to celebrate the Festival. Further details of events can be found at: .

Thank you for your dedicated work this year. Triangles is, quite simply, transforming the ocean of energies that constitute the vistas of the etheric plane. Light and goodwill, or lighted goodwill, are the primary energies that are intended to colour these levels and so bring about the “new heavens and the new earth” to which the sacred teachings bear eloquent testimony. We look forward to our work together next year in the service of humanity.