Co-worker’s initiatives

Those particularly interested in working with World Goodwill may like to know that a number of groups and individuals decided to cooperate with the theme of the 2007 Seminar, Evoking the Soul of the Nations. Greek co-workers created an online group to discuss the theme, shared documents both past and present, and among other issues, reflected on the possible rays of Greece, with a general consensus that the Soul ray might be the fourth, and the Personality might be the third ray. A group that regularly meets once a week in South Africa discussed the theme, and there was a definite interest and focus on the soul of South Africa, including some reflection on the conditioning astrological signs. It was noted that: “The opposite of apartheid (separateness) is Unity. There was agreement that winning the Rugby World Cup had united the country for a short but tangible period… This sense of earned respect is something we as a nation will need to focus on if we are to evoke the Soul of this multi-cultural and emerging Nation… For the nation to heal it is imperative that each fragment should become whole… Clearly diversity within a larger unity already exists and must be encouraged. In this sense, synthesis does not dismiss but incorporates the many colourful and richly diverse cultures into the whole.” The newly formed Living Sanctuary for Esoteric Studies in Tucson, Arizona held a retreat on November 11, 2007, holding in solution both the annual Keynote and topics of the seminar. And we know that other groups, such as Denver Goodwill Service Group, supported the work subjectively through thought and meditation.

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