The Cycle of Conferences

World Goodwill’s Cycle of Conferences project is a worldwide meditation group that joins together in a visualisation to help spiritually enlighten the atmosphere on which world conferences vital to humanity’s spiritual progress depend. Participants are able to link to our download page which provides access to a visualisation form as well as commentaries and other literature of interest.

A weblog of news and quality journalism on the current projects can be seen at Participants are emailed on important news/developments and advised of upcoming conferences.

Currently the Cycle of Conferences group is focusing on two main projects.

Earth Stewardship: With the growing concern about climate change, pollution and plundering of the earth’s resources, this visualisation empowers the work of those who are evoking humanity’s responsibility for the earth.

The Middle East Peace Process: Peace in the Middle East is a fundamental prerequisite for peace throughout the world at this critical juncture in human history. This visualisation is focusing especially on The Geneva Accord, a joint Israeli-Palestinian effort that suggests a detailed model for a peace agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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