As the consciousness of humanity expands, new spiritual energies become available for use in service. These energies follow a cyclic pattern, as does all else in nature. One such cycle has its impact on human consciousness between December 21 and 28, every seven years. Groups all around the world observe this time as the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers - and celebrate the work of all who selflessly serve others without distinction of race, class or creed.

Since the last Festival week held in 2005, dynamic change continues to sweep through the world. Growing numbers of men and women of goodwill have focused the voice of an increasingly informed public into a more effective instrument for change. The new group of world servers are therefore interpreters, fostering the growth of goodwill and understanding. They have a leavening effect in human consciousness and provide a point of balance between humanity and the incoming forces of reconstruction. Despite the harrowing challenges that still confront humanity, the vision upheld by those who can see through the outer turmoil is lighting the way forward.

This week of group impact is a time to meditate and radiate the power of love and goodwill throughout the network of the new group of world servers and into the minds and hearts of the whole human race. It also provides a special opportunity to become involved in the work of this group of servers. We therefore invite your participation in publicising this festival week, and sounding out a strong and clear note of goodwill to answer the urgent need for the adoption of spiritual values.

Following on from the Festival Week seven years ago, we have seen great political, social and economic upheavals, manifesting in initiatives such as the Occupy Movement, the “Arab Spring”, and the continued focus, with varying success, on the importance of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Together they are making a significant impact on awareness of social issues and matters of spiritual principle. We have also seen how challenging it is for nations and communities to express these values and to reform the structures which will serve the common good. While self-interest or national interest is uppermost, there can be no "social harmony", no security or unity, no freedom or well-being. Perhaps the next seven years will see "the sacrifice of selfishness" coming into its own as people of goodwill recognise the need for sharing and the contribution of all parts of society towards the growth and prosperity of the whole. The word sacrifice means "to make whole", and the group’s work is therefore closely linked to the strengthening of the bridge between the higher and lower kingdoms of nature.

As the fate of all peoples and nations is determined by the values that govern their decisions, let us do what we can in our own lives to support those who are working to implement these values in society. We can "strengthen the hands of the new group of world servers" in meditation, particularly during the week between December 21 and 28. Please use the reply slip to request materials available for use and distribution.

Over the Festival Week, the Lucis Trust, the parent body of World Goodwill, will hold meetings in London, Geneva and New York around this theme of “bridging”, starting with a meeting on Saturday 22 December 2012. We hope you can join us at one of these meetings, or link up with us in meditation. Please email or write for a copy of the programme details and information on other meetings we are planning for the Festival Week. These can also be viewed on our website at We are also producing a video to help publicise this significant week and providing a space for co-workers on our website to share with us their own planned celebrations. We would be most interested to learn of any plans you may have for this week but wherever you are and whatever you are doing, what is important is the preparation in consciousness for this week of cyclic opportunity.

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