Greek goodwill unit of service initiative in support of the G20 Summit

In support of the Cycle of Conferences initiative which put a focus on the recent G20 summit held in London in early April 2009, a number of local goodwill units of service organized a workshop at a central hotel in the city of Athens, to reflect and meditate on the spiritual significance of money in the context of the current global economic events.

There were three main speakers, all of them goodwill co-workers who had some specific experience on the economy, and each of them presented some aspects of the wide range of issues involved in finance and money, focusing especially on themes like finance and authority, money and power and death, the economy and loving distribution.

After the talks there was an interesting and meaningful exchange of ideas, opinions, experiences and information within the context of the thought form of the session. The participants at the workshop concluded their meeting with the Cycle of Conferences G20 visualisation, ending in voicing the Great Invocation.

The whole session was recorded and the most interesting parts of the talks and discussions are about to be printed and distributed via email to Greek co-workers enlisted in the internet web addresses, which are at the disposal of participating units of service in that country.

The event was announced through the internet, using the addresses mentioned above, and the attendance reached the number of 65 people.

For more information on the Cycle of Conferences project, please go to the following link: