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Welcome to In the Tracks of Hercules



Transforming this Hero into a Spiritual Trail-blazer for our time



A celebration in art, music, sculpture, poetry, prose, and film of

The Labours of Hercules


Over the past two years many artists, musicians and writers have been inspired by the Hercules myth into creating and submitting something special for an event held in London at the beginning of December 2005.


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The performance included:


Sidera Herculana, music composed by Kerry Woodward, choreographed by Konstantin Pavlidis and performed by Unstructured Light



Gemini performed by Opera on the Run


Talk & Poetry

speakers included: Nico Thelman, Yannis Pittis and selected poets



Roberto Becheri's string quartet Hercules in the Starry Sky

played by the Alea Quartet


Tom Marlow's The Slaying of the Nemean Lion,

played by the Temple Jazz Trio.


Improvisations for voice and guitar

performed by Sebastian Prats


The Labours of Hercules - a symphonic-electronic composition by Juan Carlos Garcia. Click here to order the CD


The art exhibition included:

Paintings by Angela Lemaire, Anders Liden and Idaherma Williams

Films by Brigitte Indchal and Eugenia Gortchakova,

Sculptures by Eva Bayley and Leonard Simpson.


The event continues with regular updates

of art and writing on this website.








The dramatic myth of the ancient Son of God, Hercules, is well known for its tales of great bravery and physical prowess. But behind the myth is another story - the depiction of the soul's journey through trials and tests to spiritual liberation and service to humanity.

It is a tale of courage and spiritual strength, of humour, human failings and extraordinary wisdom. He is the incarnate, but imperfect Son of God, who disciplines his lower nature, desiring to rise above it and so reveal the emergence of divinity.

Throughout his trials, Hercules discovers that personality methods only make problems worse. The true solutions come by drawing upon the higher power and wisdom of the soul, the true Teacher, with its unique light, different perspectives and methods.

The message is universal. Each of us has to undergo a similar journey to the same goal, through struggle and conflict, experiment and failure. But eventually we all will find joy and liberation.


A Group Hercules

In the world today we can see a group expression of the Hercules myth. The world servers who make up this "group Hercules" are active in every field of human endeavour - the arts and sciences, politics, economics and religion - through all of which the Love and Wisdom of the higher self can be expressed. With their intuitive understanding this group Hercules is leading humanity out of the maze of glamour and illusion with a dynamic vision of a better future.




An Astrology of the Soul

In her book The Labours of Hercules Alice Bailey presents a unique astrological perspective on the myth by linking each labour to one of the signs of the Zodiac. She traces Hercules' story as he begins to come under the influence of his solar ruler, and not just of his planetary or personality ruler - this is the real inner battle between the lower and higher forces of our nature. In fact, each zodiacal sign has three supporting constellations, representing the personality, soul and spirit aspects of Hercules, which makes for fascinating study.

Each sign presents different aspects of human nature and provides opportunities for overcoming lower tendencies and obstacles. In this way we learn through trial and error to determine our own destiny. The stars condition, but do not control, one who has awakened to the call of the higher nature.


For a summary of each labour, please click on Labours or on its corresponding astrological sign on the left.