Fall 2012 - New Group of World Servers Festival

October 2012

The Law of Cycles underlies all the processes of nature and its study leads man out of the world of objective effects into that of subjective causes. A. A. Bailey

Dear friend,

In the 1940's a team of oceanographers led by Walter Munk successfully tracked the seven thousand mile journey of an ocean wave from its stormy birth off the coast of Antarctica to its eventual demise on the shores of Alaska two weeks later. While this remarkable feat demonstrates the power of the human mind to observe and analyse nature's behaviour, it also raises the philosophical question of what, exactly, is an ocean wave? Rather than an object it is more a process, for the water the wave is composed of is changing all the time -- water itself doesn't move from one end of the world to the other -- it simply rises and falls as an intangible force uses it as a medium to travel through. When its journey is complete and the ocean wave breaks down on a distant shore, this mysterious power moves on into other forms of expression, for as we know, energy only changes form, it cannot be destroyed.

As an ocean wave is more a process than a 'thing' -- its birth, life and death forming an energy cycle -- no less so is a human being; in this case the intangible force being the soul, which lives and moves through the medium of flesh and bone, holding it in shape until its journey's end, when the form likewise breaks down and the soul moves on to pastures new.

All the processes of nature, including these two diverse examples, are governed by the Law of Cycles. Humanity itself is influenced by myriad unseen cycles working through it and evolving it in accordance with the Divine Plan. At present we are witnessing a dramatic culmination of several cycles at the same time and the birth of new ones, chief amongst which is the ending of the Piscean age and the birth of the Aquarian. Like the ocean wave that finally breaks down on the shore, chaos and confusion reign as the form of our current civilisation breaks down, and a new one emerges that is more capable of expressing the energies of the Aquarian cycle.

During this transition period, a bridge is being built between the old and the new cycle by all who love and serve humanity. It is composed of the new principles and qualities that can offer humanity safe passage from the crystallised Piscean forces that have run their course and are now shattering to devastating effect all over the world. The Lucis Trust, through its associated service activities, has been helping to build and strengthen this bridge -- the keynote we have been working with throughout this spiritual year succinctly expressing this fact: "Let the 'bridge of souls and servers' link the subjective and objective worlds, thus aiding the Christ in his work." This work is now moving towards the peakof another significant cycle -- the seven yearly cycle of the new group of world servers which occurs December 21-28. When this cycle coincides with the full moon of Capricorn, as it does this time around, the principles and qualities that can be touched in meditation are greatly amplified.

We are therefore approaching a time of great opportunity, and a program of events for our service work during this festival week is enclosed. It begins with a Symposium in New York, Geneva and London on Saturday 22nd December, which we hope many of you will be able to attend. We also look forward to our united subjective service through the use of the attached meditation : "Strengthening the Hands of the New Group of World Servers". Information on this week and a place for groups and individuals to share their plans for this period can be accessed on the Lucis Trust website at the following link: www.festivalweek.org. A video is also being produced for the festival week, and will be posted on the website and sent via email later in the year, so please look out for this and forward it to anyone you think might be interested.

The festival week coincides with the ending of another cycle -- that of the Mayan calendar -- about which speculation has been rife. While too much emphasis on this subject deflects spiritual energy away from what is truly important, it nevertheless emphasises again humanity's age long tendency to observe and analyse cycles in order to make forecasts about the future. To return to the oceanographer Walter Munk, he was initially commissioned to study the life cycle of ocean storms and weather patterns in order to forecast ideal landing conditions for the allied troops in North Africa during the Second World War. The science of forecasting how energy gathering in one part of the world will express itself over time and distance has developed rapidly since that time and is now quite extraordinary considering the number of variables involved.

Spiritual forecasting involves an infinitely greater number of variables and is therefore far more difficult. However, the Ageless Wisdom teachings of Alice Bailey explain the nature and quality of specific energies that are held "in solution" on the inner planes by great spiritual Lives, and the effects they are intended to have as they descend on earth. As surely as the ocean wave travels the globe to release its energy on a distant shore, the light, love and power of the Divine Plan will be, and is being released on earth. Our service work is to meditate upon the spiritual information given out, evoking and guiding the energies of the Plan into right expression on the outer planes.

Every cycle has its purpose to work out -- even the ocean waves are guided by the devas of the waters, fulfilling their mysterious cycles and serving nature's evolutionary plan. As far as the cycle of the new group of world servers is concerned, the purpose to be worked out is encapsulated in one of the keynotes associated with the Aquarian age: "Water of Life am I, poured forth for thirsty men". Their task is to meet human need on all levels and to bring about right relationships so that the light and love of the Plan can circulate throughout all the peoples of the world.

This is the spiritual forecast that we all hope and pray for and the Triangles network remains one of the most effective ways of helping to fulfil this task of the new group of world servers. Triangles is a means of working rhythmically and ritualistically with the Knowers of the race, who "work slowly and with deliberation, free from any sense of speed, towards Their objective, but…do have a time limit. This is based upon the Law of Cycles. It concerns the operation of certain periods of opportunity which necessarily have their term. During these times of opportunity, forces, influences, and energies are temporarily at work, and of these the Masters seek to make use." More information on this planetary service can be found on the Lucis Trust website at www.triangles.org

As the festival week approaches, may the potency of our group work rise accordingly in service of
"the purpose which the Masters know and serve".

In lighted companionship,

Headquarters Group