Londra, 25 - 26 Maggio 2013


Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th

1:15 - 5:30 p.m.

Charing Cross Hotel,

Keynote: Let the group transfigure life in terms of accomplishment

Saturday, May 25th

Morning session, Arcane School students only

10.30 am Meditation for students in “Weavers in the Light” only
11.15 am Opening Address, Discussion and Group Meditation

Afternoon Session, everyone welcome

1.15 pm Talk: Genius of Life – Headquarters Group
“The root meaning of Genius is “Deity of generation and birth”, and this later broadened out into “attendant spirit”. To touch the divinity within is to tap an immense generating power – a creative force that brings ideas to birth in the physical world. The true genius is an agent of enlightenment. Each of us has this genius latent within, for it is our true self – all we have to do is learn to be ourselves more potently – to externalise our real selves. Genius is really a mastery of the science of relationships, first and foremost with ourselves.
  Visualisation: Lead us from Chaos to Beauty
  Panel: Speaking our Mind – the Occult Power of Speech
The disciple who seeks to enter within the Portals of Initiation cannot do so until he has learnt the power of speech and the power of silence…Until a man comprehends the significance of the spoken word, and until he utilises the silence of the high places for the bringing about of desired effects on one plane or another, he cannot be admitted into those realms wherein every sound and every word spoken produces powerful results in matter of some kind.
  Group discussion
3.00 pm Tea
3.45pm J.S Bach: The Artful Redeemer – Mario Eugster
Concert Pianist, Organist and Music Therapist, Mario Eugster, will be playing music by Bach and exploring his musical philosophy. Bach considered himself a ‘musical scientist’ who wrote works of ‘musical science’ and was preoccupied with the relationship between logic and religion, nature, science and God.
  Spiritual Evolution through Urban Design Sarah Koshy
Sarah Koshy is an Urban Designer, Project Manager and Architect. Having grown up in Africa and having lived and worked in Australia, the Middle East, the UK and India, Sarah brings an international perspective to her life and work.
5.15 pm Group Meditation
5.30 pm Close

Sunday, May 26th

10.30 am Secretarial Workshop for Arcane School secretaries and secretaries-in-training only. (To be held at the Library, Lucis Trust office, 3 Whitehall Court, London SW1A).
12.00 pm Break for Lunch

Afternoon Session, everyone welcome

1.15pm Panel: Ceremony and Ritual in the Daily Routine
  Group Discussion

The Search for Gold – Daniel Hersheson

"The golden eye of Taurus points the way to those who likewise see. That which is gold will some day, too, respond, passing from East to West in that dire time when the urge to gather gold shall rule the lower half (i.e., the personality aspect of men and of nations—A.A.B.). The search for gold, the search for golden light divine, directs the Bull of Life, the Bull of Form. These two must meet; and meeting, clash. Thus vanishes the gold...." Daniel Hersheson is the Chief Financial Officer of the IBM Technology Services Business in Switzerland and Austria

  Group Meditation
3.00 pm Tea
3.45pm The Upward Life – Janet Derwent
The many psychological causes of disease that are arising in our times are a symptom of humanity’s “downward gaze” and consequent lack of alignment with all the various forces that are currently entering the planet. The restoration of harmony and balance can be facilitated through a heart and mind focused upwards, away from the personality towards the soul and a vision of the Plan for humanity. Janet is the Director of Sundial House.
4.15pm The Soul and its Mechanism, Revisited – Dr. Lee Blackburn
Alice Bailey’s book the Soul and its Mechanism published in the 1930’s outlined the method by which the soul and the personality vehicles interact and function together. Since that time many corroborations of this have come via medical science as well as further revelations as to how the soul works through the glandular and nervous system making man what he is on the physical plane. Lee Blackburn, who works in a busy NHS emergency department, will discuss a range of discoveries in recent medical science in this context.
  Closing remarks and Group meditation
5.30pm Close

World Invocation Day is on Friday 24th May 2013.The Christ Festival meeting is at 6.30 p.m. on Friday, 24th May at the conference venue, Betjeman Room, Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand, London.



Group Training for New Age discipleship is provided by the Arcane School. The principles of the Ageless Wisdom are represented through esoteric mediation, study and service as a way of life. For further information write to Arcane School.