New York Headquarters Reading Room

866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 482
New York, New York 10017
Telephone: (212) 292-0707

Email: [email protected]


The Lucis Trust Reading Room is available to all interested in this special service. It contains a complete selection of the books of Alice A. Bailey, as well as a very small collection of books on the occult, philosophy, religion, astrology, and other related subjects. The reading room is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except holidays). The Alice Bailey books may also be borrowed through the mail in either paperback or audiobook format.

Rules for Borrowing:

An Application form must be filled out and submitted by mail (or electronically) before books can be borrowed.

Two books may be borrowed at a time and kept for four weeks. The due date stamped in the back of each book represents the regular four week loan period, plus one week to allow for mailing to you. When returning materials, place them in the mail on or before the stamped due date. (We will expect them here one week later.) Books and audiobooks may be renewed for two additional weeks on hearing from you by mail, phone or e-mail. (Borrowers renewing by mail are not sent an acknowledgement of the renewal.)

Borrowed materials should not be lent to others.

All other books in the reading room are strictly for reference and will not be lent out.

All the Alice Bailey books are also available in audiobook format. Only one title may be borrowed at a time.  Hard copy books and audiobooks cannot be borrowed at the same time.

Although we have never instituted a system of monetary fines for overdue materials, we appreciate very much your adherence to due dates. We depend on your responsible care of these often fragile books, and their return so others may use them too. We will contact you in the case of excessively overdue materials, but much prefer your voluntary cooperation.

Borrowing by Mail:

Books and tapes are sent only within the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. We do not mail to military or diplomatic addresses or any overseas addresses.

Please use the Book Request form whenever possible when requesting books or CD’s.  This form can be downloaded and emailed to [email protected].

How to Return Books and Materials by Mail:

The due date stamped in the back of the books is the date that the books should be placed in the mail for return to the reading room.

Wrapping: For the protection of the books, save all of the original wrapping for returning.  If you must use other wrapping, be sure the books are well protected (see wrapping suggestions on back of Book Request form.) Packages are subjected to very rough treatment in the mail. CAREFUL WRAPPING GREATLY EXTENDS THE LIFE OF BOOKS.

Postage: Books or CDs sent within the United States and Puerto Rico (although not Canada) may be sent by Library Book Rate, an inexpensive rate used by mail-order libraries. Be sure to mark the package "LIBRARY BOOKS" or "LIBRARY TAPES". Use regular postage stamps (not air mail) of the same value as the postage on the original package sent to you.

The form for your next book or CD request can be included inside your return package at no additional cost.


If you are eligible and wish us to mail your books  "FREE FOR THE BLIND", please let us know.

All of the Alice Bailey books are available in Braille through the mail from:

The Theosophical Book Association for the Blind
Krotona 54
Ojai, CA 93023


Reading Room Book Donations:

Donations of books to the reading room are welcome. However, prior to sending any books, please give us a list of the ones you wish to donate, indicating whether they are hardcover or paperback, and we will then let you know which books would be suitable for our collection. We have very limited shelf space for new titles.