The Principle of Sharing is being addressed as Lebanon accepts Syrian refugees


At a press conference held earlier this month, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the President of the World Bank, Jim Young Kim, responded to a question on the economic crisis, a hit of $7 billion, faced by Lebanon since it has generously accepted refugees from Syria.  Although Lebanon has reached it's borrowing limit with the World Bank, "every bit of flexibility" will be exercised to move additional resources quickly.


Other partners are being called in to help expand the assistance programme. Mr. Ban said that the International Support Group for Lebanon was one tof the most important and successful events held on the sidelines of this year's General Assembly.  


It is expected that the number of refugees will reach 1 million by the end of the year.  Lebanon is seen as willingly putting itself in a position, through accepting the refugees, that is not economically, socially or politically sustainable.


The principle of sharing is a particularly tricky concept in view of the habit of ownership which we have all so firmly established. When it is understood by men and women of vision all over the world that the goal of right sharing is a major step toward right human relations, the needs of each nation, based upon its own internal resources and the requirements of its people, will be worked out in relation to the whole.


We, perhaps, can see this happening at the UN as it addresses the actions  of right sharing by Lebanon and the call to action in working out and supporting sustainable solutions.


Ban Ki-moon is quoted as saying that the response of any crisis, "should focus beyond fighting the fire; it should contain a regional approach; and the international community should come together in a constructive way. Peace is not sustainable without development and vice versa."


The nature of this work, demonstrating world goodwill at the UN, may be our best hope for a united and peaceful world.


"Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth"