January/February 2006


Affixing Blame — Editorial

In difficult times, when things seem to be muddled if not taking a decisively wrong track, the line of least resistance for many thinking, observant people is to assess the situation as best they can, identify the probable causes, and assign the blame for them. Yet, this kind of dualistic thinking, which seeks to separate the "evil-doers" from the "righteous" or, at least, from the innocent, has the potential to only deepen existing cleavages and prevent people from discovering the common ground they can share.

Salvation From Our Thoughtforms — Djwhal Khul

Service in the New Age — Alice Bailey

One of the main objectives, perhaps the main objective, of all training given upon the Path of Discipleship is service. To enter upon any discipline of the lower nature with the prime objective of self-development and of self-liberation may be of a real value temporarily, but unless the motive eventually shifts away from the personal and the specific to the general and the universal, the goal will not be reached; unless the need of the group begins to loom larger than one’s own need, that discipline will ultimately defeat itself.

Zodiacal Structure in The Great Invocation — Clarence Harvey

The zodiacal key to the structure of the Great Invocation opens up the possibility of enriching our understanding of the significance and application of this mantram of the Christ, which, as we are constantly reminded by the Tibetan, belongs to all humanity.

Transcending Sensation: Practical Suggestions for Achieving the Higher Motivation — A Student

Applying the principle that energy follows thought, and that thought precedes form, strive always to ask, in any situation, what is the cause on the higher planes of any registered sensual emanations… Using the mind to rise above, strive to resist the urge to give in to, or go with, sensations that appeal to the personality and therefore distract the consciousness from the thoughts of the soul.

Creating Unity Through Arts and Culture — Kerry Woodward

Art has this very special capacity to bring truth and beauty together so that we experience them as one and the same thing; artists express the impersonal personally. And not only artists have this privilege, we too, as creators of our own lives, can become channels, the more unimpeded the better, for the true, the beautiful and the good to be manifested.

Implementing the Plan of Light — Gordon Davidson

The Ashram of Synthesis is the portion of the Hierarchy that has been charged with formulating the plans and projects, communicating them to disciples in the world, and providing the energetic support for their successful development. By aligning with this Ashram, groups are aligning with the planning and implementation centre for the externalisation.

Change—Why Must We? — The Center for Purposeful Living

In the earlier stages of the personality's effort at expanding consciousness, it is for the self-centredness of personal liberation (spiritual ambition). Yet, the bigger purpose is that of cooperating with evolution itself, which has little or nothing to do with us personally, except that we do have the choice to assist the process, or resist the inevitable.

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